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  1. DE did it again. Hiding so much information from the UI and made it less clear than before.
  2. I encountered a bug that the Ropalolyst stop attacking after destroying the first tower. It just hovering around the other tower and we can't charge the tower at all.
  3. The new relic system UI is a step back...Especially the reward phrase, it wasn't a broken UI at all. Why changed it?
  4. Why the abilities & melee being disabled for no reason is still a thing after this bug is reported for so long??
  5. Same. Infinite falling reset while standing still on the ground
  6. If the buyers think the price is reasonable and affordable for them then they will buy, if not, they won't. Just that simple. These items/mods ain't required to progress through the game so it all depends on the desire of the buyer. And i don't think there will ever have a "professional source of statistics" to price a riven mod because almost every riven mods are different than each other. I am not saying these prices are reasonable but it is also subjective to say. Auction house may provides more choices but i don't think it can solve the riven mod's "overpriced problem". Tradeable items in warframe are mostly prime warframes and prime weapons. They don't work like the equipment in other games. In most of the other games, once you level up to a certain level you can change to a better equipment so there will be a clear price stair. However in warframe, its all about mix and match which makes the price stair of item rather blurry than others. If adding a auction house in warframe, we all know that all item prices will have a significant drop since most of them don't have a very strong price base and then auction house will be flooded by many items/sets which no one willing to buy since the supply will be way higher than the demand (thats why there is a ducat system for you to burn the useless and technically not sellable prime item). In a pool of the same item, sellers will tend to sell for a lower price and then platinum becomes less valuable. I don't think DE will destroy their main income in this way.
  7. After completed the objective and on the way to the extract point, a random door will lock for no reason and block all players except the host to go to extract point. The door light is shown as green. This happened 3 times to me with different host today. My ping is not even high (around 70ms). FYI, one of the tile set with this problem is Thon, Ceres. Update: The problem seems happening in other grineer tile set too. Random green light door just locked and block 3 players in Titan, Saturn (MD mission).
  8. Yeah..the UI still bugged sometimes.
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