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  1. Why do Channeling Mods have an Efficiency downside?

    I like your idea about a Channeling tab on weapons. This change certainly wouldn't be enough to bring Channeling in line with Crit or Status.What it would do is make it viable to use Channeling builds for general play, and like I said above, adjusting, or in this case removing, mod values on a handful of mods shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.
  2. Not sure if this belongs here, the Art Feedback section, or in General Feedback, but basically just title. Just give us the same tools we have for adjusting Sigils, without the 'Alpha' slider, and maybe a 'Size' slider in lieu of 'Width,' and 'Height.' I feel like it's just a matter of time until this get implemented. As the number of Warframes grow, anytime they want to design and add a new Armour Set or Syandana, they'll have to spend more and more time checking how it fits on them. If they gave us the tools to manipulate them ourselves, they could just give new sets a quick once over to make sure nothing is extremely out of place, and then ship it. Thoughts?
  3. Puncture 3.0 problem (devstream 101)

    I like OP's idea about weakspots, here's a couple of mine Function similarly to Corrosive in that it lowers enemies armour value. Would only like to see this in-addition to something else. To differentiate from Corrosive, maybe it's a one time flat percentage? Wouldn't scale well like that... Maybe works like Corrosive but only for IPS? A shot that procs Puncture bypasses Shields? Or maybe a Puncture proc lets IPS damage bypass shields for it's duration? Again, would only like to see this in addition to something else. Under a Puncture proc, all shots for it's duration that hit the same target Punch through it? Similar to OPs, maybe easier to implement, under a Puncture proc, all shots for it's duration that hit the same target gain an additional 20% additive Crit Chance. This would be applied after all other calculations, so unaffected by Point Strike or what have you.
  4. Mods like Enduring Strike +60% Status Chance -40% Channeling Efficiency or Focused Defense +20% Armour -140% Channeling Efficiency Most of you are aware, but for those who aren't, do note that the bonuses from these mods only apply while Channeling Isn't the energy required already a penalty to channeling? Considering we can only improve our channeling efficiency by 120%(excluding Rivens) which requires two mod slots, a further -% seems really steep. Why then do these mods and others have not only such a high penalty but a penalty in the first place? Building any weapon for Channeling pretty much mandates Pressure Point Fury Reflex Coil Focus Energy Unless you don't like using your Warframe Abilities, you pretty much need these four. That's not even considering weapons where Reach is desirable. On top of those 4(5) mods, you'll more than likely be running Killing Blow and/or Corrupt Charge since the Channeling Multiplier isn't enough on it's own to make Channeling worth it. So now we're at 5(7!) mods required to even make Channeling halfway efficient and viable. It still isn't even close to the potential of weapons built for Crit or Status, and you're telling me that to make use the majority of the Channeling build mods, I have to sacrifice all the efficiency I just got? I'm obviously not talking about using Life Strike to heal yourself. I'm talking about building a weapon around the idea of basically always having Channeling active. I'm also aware that some of the Channeling mods, well specifically Life Strike since there really aren't that many of them, might be broken without any penalty. Most of them however, should have their penalties removed entirely, and the few(one?) that might be too OP without it should have theirs reduced. I'm also aware channeling needs an official rework. In my opinion, a complete overhaul/reevaluation of every melee weapons' Channeling stats would be the bare-minimum of what could constitute a rework. The Multipliers need go up, I think base Energy Cost should come down, and both should vary from weapon to weapon, not the 5 base Energy Cost and 1.5x Multiplier that's on +95% of the weapons in the game. I'm not asking for that because it's been beaten to death, and probably still isn't coming for a long time, if ever. These changes won't make it competitive with Status, Crit, or even raw-DPS, but they would make it more viable, and enjoyable, for general play, and it would probably take all of 10 minutes to accomplish. Thoughts?
  5. Left D-pad binding replaced with switch weapons.

    I use right and left on the D-pad as hotkeys for items from my gear wheel, but I have to reset the left one every time I launch a mission, because it starts changing weapons instead of pulling out the gear in the slot I assigned it to. However it will still say its bound properly in the controller customization menu. The only way to fix it is to change the binding to something else, save the configuration, and then change it back. This has happened pretty consistently since around when Rivens were introduced if memory serves.
  6. Warframe Builder

    Problem was my autofill was putting my email in, and sign in wouldn't accept that instead of usernames. Didn't realize the field said username/wouldn't accept either.
  7. Warframe Builder

    Can't sign in. Registered, and was signed in after registry, but the next time I went to sign in, it said my info was incorrect. Reset password and it said the copy and pasted password from the reset email was incorrect.
  8. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Faction: Tenno Description: Chain Sword pure and simple. Ideally accepts Sword Stances, but uses Whip attacks on Slide attack, Charged Attack, and Alt Fire. Could just accept both stance types similar to Dark Split Sword though. Small blades connect/link together to form a longsword. During whip attacks, they separate, connected by a chain which runs through the weapon. High slash on whip attacks, with a split of slash and puncture for swords. No hilt, rather lengths of the whip wrap around the hands and up the arms. Perhaps bandages/cloth between the chain and "skin" of the Warframe. Inspiration drawn from Ivy(Soul Caliber), Threaded Staff(Bloodborne), and Prince of Persia:The Two Thrones.
  9. Made an account. To make my first post. To +1 this topic cause I love Nekros but his Prime is super unenjoyable to play atm.