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  1. My fun reactions to stuff: PRIMARIES: Amprex: Makes sense Argonak: Don't know what that is~ Braton: Would have expected it to be higher (because it's just a pretty bad gun) Burston: Fun surprise Buzlok: Don't know what that is~ Cernos: Thought it would've been lower.. Dread: Really thought it would've been lower! (I remember it being a top tier bow) Ferrox: Don't know what that is~ Grakata: Clem. Hema: Guess I got a better riven now... Ignis: Expected Javlok: Don't know what that is~ Lanka: Ehhhhhhhhhh...i don't use this weapon unless it's with a mag or an Eidolon hunt Latron: We don't talk about this... Miter: Lol what? People are using this? I've been trying to build it because I thought it'd be a fun gimmick gun for mag Mutalist Cernos: Definitely thought this would be lower Opticor: Angelic chorus~ Panthera: Eh Paris: This definitely needs more Penta: Ah...this weapon exists... Quanta: Don't know what it is~ Quartakk: Don't know how strong it is~ Rubico: I thought this would be nerfed into the ground. Scourge: Pleasantly surprised... Simulor: Well....guess it's a mid-tier gun now.... Soma: Still don't know how to make this gun as OP as people say it is... Stradavar: Don't know what it is but fun name~ Supra: Expected Tenora: Don't know what it is, but it sounds fancy~ Tiberon: Expected Tonkor: Nothing will save it from the nerf...Q.Q Torid: Don't know what it is~ Vectis: Ehhhhh...I'll begrudgingly accept it? Nah... Veldt: Belt... Zarr: Mmmmmmmm...might need a tiny more Zenith: Don't know what it is~ Zhuge: Like the instrument? SHOTGUNS: I don't care for shotguns except for tigris (which was surprisingly not nerf :P) SECONDARIES: Akbolto: Expected Aklex: Surprised...but also expected Aksomati: No idea what this is~ Akvasto: Hmmmmmm Atomos: Forgot this existed... Azima: I don't feel like people actually use this gun because it's good. I think people use this gun because it's a free reward used in low to mid tier gameplay. Ballistica: Appreciate it Brakk: I have no idea what you are... Bronco: Expected more Castanas: I mean...I can still kill myself with it... Cycron: Never seen it Despair: Don't like it Dual Cestra: Should've put a ring on it Dual Toxocyst: Oh!? i think this can be appreciated. Euphona Prime: Expected but not necessary. Fusilai: I don't know what this is... Gammacor: I mean...I don't have this riven, but my build for this gun rips apart level 100 enemies....so...undeserved...:P Hikou: Surprised! Hystrix: Hysterical? Knell: Thought it was used a lot more.... Kohmak: Don't know what that is~ Kulstar: Surprised Lato: Never used it~ Marelok: Appreciated Pandero: Expected Pox: Forgot this existed Pyrana: Expected Sicarus: Expected Sonicor: Surprised! not sure why though Spira: Best knives??? So surprised Twin Grakatas: Clem. Twin Gremlins: No idea Twin Kohmak: NO IDEA Twin Rogga: Surprised Idea Vasto: Expected~ Viper: Surprised cause this gun sucks Zakti: Have no idea what that is Removal of Sentinel Rivens.... @!#?!
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