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  1. Aren't auctionned items are put in escrow for the duration of the auction, in let's say WoW ? Or even IRL? Yes they are. Is the money you bid on an auction like WoW or Ebay escrowed? Yes it is, again. I'm not saying they should do it. It would be against the ToS, I'm only saying it's a limitation they have as a third party that is making the whole auction system not that much of an auction. Edit : Here the definition of an item being in escrow if we don't have the same definition. That's straight up google btw. DEFINITION of In Escrow In escrow is a temporary condition of an item such as money or a piece of property that has been transferred to a third party with the intentions of delivery to a grantee as part of a binding agreement.
  2. The fact that it is passing through a 3rd party is why the auction will never work. They can't put in escrow the plats or the rivens which make it impossible to actually be sure that the system will be enforced (I mean it's easy to overbid just to make someone cough the cash up). The absence of timer is also an issue since an auction that goes forever isn't really an auction. And another issue is the fact that people can pay for a boost in reputation and they made a reputation lock available if wanted. I'm not even sure that this kind of thing is even allowed with the Warframe ToS but that's a story for another time
  3. Probably has something with the fact that DE isn't keen with longer runs (e.g. Trade bans for 6h + runs ). Not being able to test the kind of builds that sustain level 9999 is a way to make it harder for players to be on point with the kind of strategy that allow such gameplay :P
  4. You should Play what you Enjoy and not worry about the complainers
  5. Petit bémol de ma part, je n'ai jamais dit que les admins du wiki FR ne faisait pas leur possible/ ou était des personnes antipathique. Je ne fais que le parallèle que malgré ce qu'ils font, le wiki anglophone est plus détaillé, mis a jour plus rapidement et est clairement une source d'information plus sérieuse et complète. Mais en aucun cas, le staff du wiki FR est un mauvais staff, c'est simplement que le wiki anglophone est une meilleure source d'information.
  6. Tout d'abord, si un joueur te manque de respect tu peux simplement l'ignorer et ce sera réglé, ou si vraiment tu as vraiment envie de le faire tu peux le report si c'est exagéré. Pour ce qui est de connaître l'anglais, c'est un skill nécessaire dans la vie de tout les jours, même en France et même au Québec. De vouloir a tout pris ignorer l'anglais est absurde a mes yeux. Il y a une sérieuse différences entre le Wiki anglophone et le wiki FR parce que le dernier est mis a jour beaucoup moins fréquemment et beaucoup moins pointilleusement.
  7. Probably because it's not a profitable business model. People that want to Play on both Platform need to either play or pay, which in the first case, makes the game active and the latter finance the game. If someone goes from a Platform to another he doesnt need to go through the whole process of Play or Pay and thus isn't profitable for the company
  8. The main issue is that it's part of the community that wants "harder" content while another part of the community likes the game in a casually Slash through everything manner. As gaming in general is aiming toward Casual gaming, DE did a business choice to mainly appeal towards a more casual playerbase (and it's great). As someone else said earlier on the thread, infinite scaling isn't the solution to make the game harder. Mechanics and cooperation necessity would be the way to go to make the game harder (i.e. kuva guardian needing a special move to no longer be invulnerable/ Nox being vulnerable to headshot and proccing toxin damage on death) That's part of where DE impressed me with the release of disruption as it is a great gamemode in terms of cooperation (at least it was scorewise in the Operation : Hostile Mergers) but they still gave us infinite HP punchingbag which again is not a good way to make harder content imo. As of now, there is no content that makes any build/frame mandatory but if there's ever some real endgame content, it's obvious that there would be some meta and that's not because some frame are stronger/better than others, but more that certain frames are doing what's needed out of certain mission (taking for example raids back when they were still Alive)
  9. Probably wont happen because console certification Makes it so PC version is a beta test to get rid of most bug so that the certification on console goes more smoothly. As Much as I dont mind it being that way, it would effectively be great to have the same Quality Control that console builds has.
  10. Yeah I'm pretty Much in the same situation, but I'm away for the next 2 weeks so it's a non issue either way 😛
  11. As Much as I agree with you, it's only an intermission to stop the mob crying for nitain
  12. Hey! As an endurance player, I like seeing other playing displaying an interest in endurance! There is the Endurance Run Discord that could interest you : https://discord.gg/pAdKtRW Or you could also apply to join Quasars which is a clan with a lot of players that like endurance !
  13. And some months ago, everyone was all about #WeAllLiftTogether a proof of support toward each other and now there are players trying to drag down on the dirt the achievement of other players. I find that really sad. Congrats to the squad tho they really outdid themselves.
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