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  1. Clan Name: Legions of Divine LotusClan Tier: GhostClan Platform: Playstation 4Clan Role: Founding Warlord Architect and decorator by sScaryShadows/WarLordScary of the Blood of ShadowDragons Our Dojo Submission Video: Feature Image: Other Images:
  2. Hi, I'm the warlord of Legions of Divine Lotus clan. We're a rank 10 ghost clan seeking other tenno to expand our clan. Currently we're consist of 8 members. Our clan have everything you need including all research weapons (except ignis wraith), dry dock, cool custom emblem and dojo. the requirement to join is simply be kind, be respectful, and willing to contribute to our clan for researching or decorating dojo. Here's some sneak peek of our dojo, but there's a lot more to offer: If you're interest to join, please leave a reply down below or send me a message on my psn. Thank you and see you in-game :).
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