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  1. Selling a very good daikyu riven. Damage +261.3% CD +209.7% Zoom –38% price SOLD plat
  2. it varies from person to person depending how many people submitted at that time. sometimes it takes 4-5 days but usually 3-4 weeks
  3. Thanks DE. Now i’ll be waiting ‘til atavist prime get revaulted in a year(s) from now
  4. I’m glad i didn’t paid $60 back then because i knew they’ll release a cheaper pack later. Definitely gonna buy both accessories pack now
  5. yes, although we came from different countries, at least 3-4 people online daily
  6. To be frank, it’s not that active. Almost all except me are new player that just got into the game. They haven’t get used to the chat and basic gameplay just yet
  7. no worries, all of our members are new to the game. I’m sending the invitation right away. Check you inbox 👍🏻
  8. Legions of Divine Lotus clan, looking to expand our ranks and grow as a clan. We are rank 10 ghost clan with all research (except ignis wraith) done, decent size customized dojo, pretty cool orokin-themed emblem, and an active alliance. The only rules we have are: Be respectful and friendly to others Help those who need it And in order to keep the clan as active as possible, if you are inactive for 14 days you will removed from the clan in-game. There is no commitment required. If you ever wish to leave and/or join another clan, feel free to do so. Currently, we have 1 more open slots, but we may expand to the shadow or storm tier if necessary. Message me on PSN or leave a reply down below. Thank you.
  9. Awesome, my in-game clan is Legions of Divine Lotus. I’m looking forward to join your alliance
  10. hi, i interest to join the alliance, but the things is... my clan is a ghost clan with me as sole member/ warlord. am i still eligible to join?
  11. yep, called it couple month ago to some random user's comment on youtube that the next unvaulted would be another nyx and rhino, as if there are no other primed frames and weapons to be unvaulted. can't wait for another ember and frost unvaulted (again)
  12. WTS Skiajati Croni-acricron (MR 11) Stats: +49.5% atk speed +80.8% crit dmg +78.8% crit chance -34.2% dmg to grineer I’m selling it for -SOLD-. Send me psn message or pm in-game 😉
  13. I love your work @HitsuSan. I just bought the shinigami nikana skin and i already can’t wait to get my hand on the suprema heavy sword skin 😊
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