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  1. It's an animation for the love of god. It makes people's complaining about it look like gigantic f***ing babies. Oh boo hoo a frame is doing a peace sign woop dee doo. Next your gonna say "WaRfRaMe Is GrImDaRk" even though it's not and people ignore all the non grimdark stuff we had for years for their double standards
  2. Always funny seeing people losing their minds over something that freaking small.
  3. I really hope the larkspur isn't the first Prime archgun, i kinda hate it
  4. Ever since we could use arch guns in any mission i keep hoping for prime imperator or phaedra but nothing. We have a prime archwing but no prime arch weapon?
  5. My biggest problem is rando Railjack are just poorly modded. So many people with paper boats of ships in the vei, i swore one mission i did half ny time was in the tac menu auto repairing the randies ship cause every other 10 sec it was hullbreached. Thinking it should be a health requirement to get into railjack proximas instead of intrinsics
  6. It's pretty good helps nab things i find too expensive, and lately they been helping me clear out color palettes is don't have The only thing xbox doesn't have that pc does is a few exclusive skins and the founder stuff. And mods and primes aren't really that expensive, and pc prices are around equal for what i glance over at warframe market. It's easy to play the game and not spend a dime you just need to know where to farm and devote time to it Plenty of people on xbox, alot people do solo to clear planets or stick with friends, if you need help use recruiting chat How?! We're literally getting a same day update as pc this 8th.
  7. You could always use the flares from cetus to extend the range, funnfact they also extend trins bless range
  8. Yeah but there's not much we can do outside of nerfing damage to balance them out. Ammo reduction isn't much help cause of mutation mods.
  9. I can never get into explosive weapons. I have guns that easily out performs most of them. And some times i think people whonused aoe just don't think, like kill everything in a fissure before it gets corrupted and no one have any reactant and we're at extract already. I think self damage shouldn't of been completely wiped but just be like 25% of damage so there's risk but it's not a 1 hit kill risk. Just to make people actually aim at groups of enemies
  10. Oh great they didn't update it either, still the worst mission in the game but everyone excuses that crap bounty cause formas. Makes me think no one would ever complain about stuff if we dangle a built forma in front of them. Really don't like ghoul saw being in plague star as it doesn't fit and makes it so badly limited to aquire opposed to putting it into ghoul bounties
  11. I thought they said it can be used with any frame tho? Got to double check the stream
  12. The arms are werid, gonna have to wait for an ingame preview to judge further
  13. I built extra struts for when ever we get another event, love another one to show
  14. Only need forma badly 2 times in my years of playing, first was when i was bored and waiting for the gauss update and thought I'll give myself a project. I'll build and forma out every weapon in the game, i realised that i should of prep more but had an okay stock and when i ran out i farmed fissures in between guns crafting for bps and rushed the will plat made from stuff i got getting the formas. And 2nd was the sisters update since it came sooner than expected and didn't have enough to cover all of it since new job that requires you to get up at 4am messes with your sleep schedule so didn't have free time to get forma bps at the time.
  15. With your remaining frames harrow is going to pain cause his defection drop is very random, ash and Oberon im not sure how hard they are aquire in RJ missions, protea just bring the xoris and makes sure to wait for treasurer yo spawn so you dont run out of coins, gauss is fine if you do decent disruption runs i did like 10 and outs and got him fine in 4 runs, Grendel now augments should still work and also use specters and on call crew.
  16. With plague stars return will it be updated to not be as repetitive as previous runs? Such different missions objectives. And why is the ghoul saw being put in plague star and not the ghoul purge?
  17. Kinda don't want a content drought like before war within again so im hoping we'll get some small bits of things to tide us over. Im hoping at least more tenet weapons and something to help getting canidates/larvlings to spawn with the thing you want instead of spinning the wheel for an hour
  18. So he just went life of rio, and it seems odd for a reveiwer to not give examples to his review of a video game where explaining why things are bad is kinda important for the review to get the points across. Kinda can't be vague about things otherwise makes look dishonest or possibly malicious
  19. Feel like next update will be nidus prime anyway, only 2 things i know that would be coming before are holokey changes and maybe revenant deluxe
  20. Oh my thread got merged Sentient weapon, and DE stated the weapons will be some older weapons and daikyu is from 2015 so it's prime (heh pun) candidate for getting a prime version this round.
  21. I have strong reason to believe Nidus prime is coming with prime daikyu. Now what made think he's coming with daikyu is his design Mainly his golden arm. Now why would this mean daikyu? Well this relates that the daikyu is a Yumi bow a type of bow used in Kyudo a type of archer sport where its very common that archer have their right arm covered and there left side exposed nidus prime now resembles this aesthetic very well minus the robes and all the prime weapons recently have reflected the desgin of the prime frame they came with so maybe in thelis case nidus prime is reflecting the primary of this up coming prime access . Do think I'm on to something? Or reaching a bit? What weapons do you think nidus is coming with?
  22. Big problem with the infested is the lack of enemy variety. I was excited when i saw the thrasher and undying flyers since the infested don't get much attention but them being restricted to one mission is dumb. Thrashers would help the problem of 50 some ancients in long survs and undying flyers have a neat mechanic. It's werid that there's such a lack of infested units considering they're basically the flood it should be easy to create new unique units. Hell I'll pitch a few ideas i came up with for new units. A armor crab the latches to your back to do constant damage and you bullet jump to knock it off a infested roller, a tall four legged jellyfish creature with sniper on top of it a infested racnoid. Deimos has some great infested units to fight and they're all varied but it just presents the glaring issue of normal star chart infested being too copy paste, there's alot of infested unit technically but in reality we fight 5 units slightly different color from each other and maybe a boiler or brood mother shows up amd aren't seen for another five minutes
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