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  1. Yeah i think it's good to listen to feedback but that doesn't mean listen to every player tho. Since alot people don't have an all too great grasp on game balance as a whole. Since alot playesr don't have an idea of what they want could affect the whole game and even others.
  2. It's a small nerf only 3 mods got touch and slightly bumped down, the only thing that i really have noticed is glaive throw speed and thats it my melees are still killing things fine
  3. Checkn your decorations and the little device you were using during the quest is there called wave rider #1 and you can place it wherever and view the comic
  4. Korrudo is the worst weapon to farm still never seen it drop had to buy it instead
  5. In the diriga is now sitting extremely close to my head instead of the usual sentinel position and it's little frustrating to try to show off fashion frame ingame and the sentinel is blocking my warframes face cause it decides it wants to be a hat
  6. Recently updated has bugged my diriga to be sitting on top of my head and it's annoying and blocking my veiw so i randomly thought what if we can adjust where our sentinels hover around us? Maybe some people want their sentinels above there head our maybe lower to their wast to keep out of view
  7. Ah yes screaming into the void at DE in general discussion. Things never change Barely noticed any changes except the glaive throw on xoris, my melees are performing about the same as i predicted since the """"nerfs"""" are just stats being bump down a little on like 3 mods. The kuva nukor still has its damage so the less chains is a non issue. And too occupied with sisters at moment to see how the guns stack up
  8. Also we need the beacons that were once talked about to let us forced a certain weapons to appear as i have 5 tenet weapons and for 2 hours all my candidates kept showing up with the same 5 weapons I already have and I'm trying to get my arsenal fill out before nabbing copies. Makenthese beacons cost riven slivers and buyable from paladino since that was the initial concept.
  9. Sisters need to drop a resource like when liches drop kuva after any attempt on lich stab, maybe void traces since the sister are void themed/powered?
  10. Type ingame Sisters hound has the mod card that spawn a specter and does not have a limit to how many it can spawn Based on when the hound decides on using the ability Result 25 specters playing pinball with the players and unable to find the sister to fight amoungs all the chaos
  11. Sister bug Chose the vanquished option and the animation didn't play and she just blipped out of existence instead.
  12. It was fine just had issues with grindy not properly popping up to complete the challenge and not understanding the slam kills right away
  13. Like with the kuva liches thread , here's a thread to share pics of everyones newly spawned sisters.
  14. Waiting 2 weeks to buy orokin cells when you can farm 10x the amount in that 2 weeks seems counterproductive and you can get catalyst and reactors from nightwave anythime. Baro always brings a new item every visit, very rarely he doesn't have new items. Hell on console he brought the mulciber armor
  15. It's small, never heard of this since now and it's not going to affect me whatsoever. I don't build exalted weapons that depend on a crutch and exploit i build them to stand on their own.
  16. Huh never knew the mods carried over to other weapons. Also nice seeing people getting mad over something small again.
  17. And you can take imprints of them and stack all the mutagen and antigens on one pet, the result is very sturdy pet and works on tge cats too
  18. Pvp doesn't work in the game, conclave is the radioactive barren wasteland of the game. Nuke the mode move stuff to steel path and nightwave and done. Competitive pvp doesn't work in warframe, pvp is fine for fun silly things like frame fighter. The only effort de should do for pvp is komi and more frame fighter character unlocks
  19. That's very a vague assumption, might as well start looking for amongus shapes in the game
  20. Not seeing a jojo connection, unless it's something from part 6 that have no knowledge from. Gives me a eleven mage vibe
  21. It's an optional cosmetic for fun who cares about lore, limbo can be a sentient, zephyr can be a Japanese looking mecha with english text, excal can look like character from DE previous game and nezha get massive bulge. Let artist behind deluxe skins have freedom in the design, that's what makes the skins appealing
  22. Few aspect of the deluxe skins exist in lore but it's weapon skins and syandanas in the levarian.
  23. So I'm going to throw the wonderful advice of don't like the look of the skin then dont buy it and stick to default or tennogen. Plus because they got this artist to do a revenant skin they let them take a crack at ember and we got better ember deluxe now
  24. Im think it might be centered around modular stuff cause bash sounds like vent kids slang and they specialize in kdrives which are modular. Might be where we get modular archwing created and maybe get special upgrades for amp, kitguns, zaws,kdrives
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