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  1. Bon tant que j'y suis: ça devrait être réglé.
  2. That's clearly not my idea of challenging. As for the repetitive aspect... we'd still be doing the same mission over and over again, albeit slower. This game mostly revolves around farming when it comes to progression and item acquisition, the latter requiring rewards from missions. See the problem? The part of the game system you're trying to change is fine in my eyes. Moreover, your suggestion adds more issues and tedium than anything. Warframe might be a bit of many things but it definitely isn't a MOBA. Oh, by the way. *clears throat* Warframe is fast-paced. And that's not a part of a
  3. Je vais poser ça là, je fais que passer. Pour info vu que vous avez tous posté en Français, vous auriez eu plus de chances d'avoir une réponse en postant dans la section francophone du forum. 😅
  4. I miss them too but they had to go, given the state they were in. Now I'm just patiently waiting for DE to reintroduce the concept with updated puzzles/maps, if they ever do that. Not everyone's cup of tea but it sure was fun to me.
  5. 1800+? Are you sure? Unless you mean 1800+ counting before the daily tribute system was a thing. 😅 On topic, MR>daily tribute count. 2000 days is almost 5 years and a half logging daily without missing a single day. It might just be 1-2minutes but it takes some... I wouldn't say dedication. It's more about being stubborn than dedicated. 1754 days in and counting, here. <_<
  6. Hoping there will be three warframes in the next one. Seeing Loki Prime wouldn't hurt new-ish players, for example. More than three prime accesses unvaulted would dilute drop tables if they stick to the current drop location scheme though.
  7. You really should try the ripkas mod. Amongst other things :)
  8. Ennemies affected by molecular prime will explode instead of being dismembered upon death. So yes, Nova does interfere with Nekros' desecrate. Regarding dismemberment, ever heard of the Amalgam Ripkas True Steel mod? You should give it a try. I don't want to sound mean, but all in all there's way too much verbose in your OP if you meant this to be a guide, from the parts I've read. What you quoted doesn't mean what you think it means, I think. Desecrated body parts being counted as a full corpse always works. What they did fix in your quote is the fact that desecrating one
  9. I honestly don't get the overreaction about the MR lock modification. I'm not quite fond of the MR locks in general but I have to admit this one makes sense. Though what's the big difference between 8 and 15?! From what I can see you'll still be in need of most of the resources, and even though you THEORETICALLY had to try more warframes (SO/Adaro/Veil Proxima/name it spam? Hello?) both 8 and 15 are reachable in a matter of weeks. Hell, I see way more people hitting MR20+ than people able to access the Profit Taker because ranking up all the way to the max apparently takes ages. Wait a mi
  10. I've seen it happen just today while famring Protea for a second time for the Helminth update - first time was right after the Deadlock Protocol landed. I did around 10 runs before having to log and it looks like we couldn't interact with golden hands when a certain spawn tile was selected by the game algorithm. Or at least that's what we conjectured.
  11. Chaining railjack missions got me locked on the mission reward screen while transitionning from one to the next. Can't click exit, pressing escape does nothing, /unstuck does nothing (expected since it's not a positionning bug). Not sure what caused it since my squad mate doesn't have it. He's soloing Gian point right now with me staring at my screen. 'thought I'd share this in the mean time.
  12. Quoting the the forums FAQ: "Q: Can I move my Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch account to PC? Can I move my PC account to Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch? A: Warframe accounts can’t be transferred between platforms. There are technical barriers that prevent us from being able to move accounts between console and PC. In the past, we offered account migration between PC and PS4. We later did the same for PC to Xbox One and PC to Nintendo Switch. In those cases, we were able to work with different companies to make account migration available for a limited time in celeb
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