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  1. Provided it's just newbies and not smurf accounts, maybe it's about the conclave default loadout being messed up. As in, maybe the newbies had no idea of its existance and just hopped into conclave without verifying their loadouts and the game just puts their frame and melee weapon they have as default. If I'm right, maybe it should be reported in the proper section for a fix. That might be more useful than a rant. Can't help on that though. I have no account that hasn't tried conclave at least once and neither have any player that I know of.
  2. Actually, it's: - Volt, Excalibur or Mag - A MK1 Braton or a MK1 Paris - A Lato or a MK1 Kunai - A MK1 Bo or a Skana.
  3. There's no way in-game, only support might help you on this. Connect and file a ticket here, then wait for the answer. It can take weeks though so don't worry if you're not getting an answer right away. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. I - and you if you don't have the booster or witnessed it with someone having it - have no proof that it applies this way, but if it does, then it would be a good idea to farm them. To be tested. Vault runs grant one mod upon completion, and I don't think it uses the same mechanism as ennemy drops so I don't think it would be a good idea to go there
  5. That would be news to me. On topic, I'd say go and farm condition overload and any rare mod you need, be it quick thinking, rare archwing mods, etc. If you meant that you haven't gotten Growing power, then it's normal. The mod drop chance is 100% but growing power isn't the only drop in the mod pool. If you meant that you haven't gotten a single mod to drop after killing the specter, then the official drop list site is inaccurate.
  6. These have a 100% mod drop chance so it would be basically wasting time on the booster.
  7. @(PS4)Zuzu_with_a_Z some mastery locks are a necessity in order to have a sense of progression and not throwing everything at the player at once. However, some just don't make sense and tend to be frustrating. Relays are a good example. Some players can reach pluto fairly quickly, helped or not. I've had some cases where a MR5-6 person who unlocked Pluto couldn't access Baro in time in the planet's relay since they weren't too much on grinding, and found warframes/weapons they were compfortable playing with. This, in my eyes, is a game design issue. About warframe replayability, it's a player's choice. Many of us have alts they play on. Same goes for the MR0 thing. One can't complain about MR locks but providing constructive feedback about it isn't a bad thing as far as I'm aware, no matter the account's MR.
  8. As far as I know, no end date was announced so you should be safe for this week at least. Probably next week even, as I don't see them ending the season brutally without any kind of notification.
  9. Are you sure it was at that time? I thought it disappeared earlier. Either that or I've spent so much time into the game that I my perception of time is altered.
  10. It used to be the case. Not sure why it got removed. 'might be a bug.
  11. I wouldn't advise doing this. As for support delay, it depends on the kind of issue and how's the workload at support. I raised several tickets for different issues. Some took like 3 days to be answered. Some others took 2months-ish so no average/expectable delay I'm afraid.
  12. a. I don't really like this since it would make it more time-consuming for new Teralysts hunters. Back when PoE was introduced, we all started with the mote amp for Terry, and it was even less powerful than it is now. We still managed, even though it took some time. Not to mention that a single warframe with the right gear can take Terry down quite fast. Even though it sounds like taxi'ing newcomers, I'm more than happy to make them skip the grind we had to go through to get decent amps. Remember that cores you drop from Terry are worth more than regular ones. b. Part of your idea, so I'm kind of neutral on this. c. Refer to a. Unecessary gating to me. We do not need more of this. d. There already is one, it's MR5-locked and it's logical since it's theorically what you need to do the War Within. Some Tenno around here can easily prove you that MR doesn't mean anything. You can rush all the way to 27 and still have no idea how to play this game correctly. Edit: as for night regular bounties requiring TWW, you're basically locking out newbies that just reached the plains to play on it. Maybe a line from Onkko/Konzu saying something like "your weapons can't damage this creature, better run away" when someone who hasn't got an amp attacks a Vomvalyst or a Teralyst could do the trick, but certainly not stright up locking the whole bounty list for 50minutes to new players.
  13. Bonjour et bienvenue Tenno. Les migrations de compte sur Warframe ont bien eu lieu à un moment donné, mais elles ne sont pas possible en ce moment. Je ne pense pas non plus qu'on en voie de sitôt. Sur le même sujet: On ne peut pas jouer avec des gens d'une autre plateforme. Mais tu peux level deux comptes séparément, PC et Xbox si tu le souhaites. PS: il y a une section FR sur le forum, vers le bas sur la page principale.
  14. La fameuse puissance du [PH] et l'immunité aux radiations solaires qu'elle confère. Les Francs-sels te remercient pour la trad~.
  15. Archwing launcher MR requirement. Why.
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