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  1. Redeye

    Voix Française

    Duplicate post. 'should've clicked on Edit instead of Quote. Both eyes opened, Redeye. Both.
  2. Redeye

    Voix Française

    L'opening post est vieux de 7 ans, hein... Quant au post au-dessus pour le moins de mauvais goût et complètement hors-sujet, je me risquerai à répondre la chose suivante: Au vu de sa formulation, @Enigma-FR- cette dernière me semble aussi utile au combat que vous menez que le couteau l'est à la purée. Il en va de même pour la comparaison douteuse avec la ségrégation et les années 40 (occupation...?) mais cela n'engage bien évidemment que moi. Cordialement, Des bisous.
  3. Buying prime access packs from warframe's website or weapon bundles from the ingame market bypasses the MR requirement. Buying weapons individually or gifting them won't work if we're talking about individual weapons and not packs. Source: my evil twin's account.
  4. We forum users can't do anything to help you out on this though, aside from telling you that you should file a support ticket (https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us ) and explain the situation.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not going to get the formas myself as I rarely do steel path but I'll forward the info to people that I know who are playing it in case they missed it. 👍
  6. It is, but you do not want to do that. It's something like 0.5~2% drop chance on rotation C's if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Bon tant que j'y suis: ça devrait être réglé.
  8. That's clearly not my idea of challenging. As for the repetitive aspect... we'd still be doing the same mission over and over again, albeit slower. This game mostly revolves around farming when it comes to progression and item acquisition, the latter requiring rewards from missions. See the problem? The part of the game system you're trying to change is fine in my eyes. Moreover, your suggestion adds more issues and tedium than anything. Warframe might be a bit of many things but it definitely isn't a MOBA. Oh, by the way. *clears throat* Warframe is fast-paced. And that's not a part of a
  9. Je vais poser ça là, je fais que passer. Pour info vu que vous avez tous posté en Français, vous auriez eu plus de chances d'avoir une réponse en postant dans la section francophone du forum. 😅
  10. I miss them too but they had to go, given the state they were in. Now I'm just patiently waiting for DE to reintroduce the concept with updated puzzles/maps, if they ever do that. Not everyone's cup of tea but it sure was fun to me.
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