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  1. While I see what you mean, the difference between a "normal" MR0 player and a MR3 one is too small in terms of play time. In my opinion, game knowledge gaps might even be greater in some case between two players of the same rank, even at low MR. If one's being taught the basics of the game by someone who spent some time on it, they will probably reach Natah or even TSD by the time they hit MR3 while not being carried. Some others will just start struggling at Jupiter and stay there for a couple more MRs. Well at least that's what I've noticed from the many low MR players that I helped/met in PUGs. Anyway, as it was stated before, quest completion or intrinsics progression might be a better way to know if a player is used enough to the game to help, in my opinion. When you're starting, Uranus, Neptune, Lua and TSD aren't really a walk in the park. One can also assume that someone who reached Veil Proxima isn't roaming around with a rank 0 Odonata. 😛
  2. I too, as a MR0 player, second Xandis' suggestion. I was kind of puzzled as to why it is locked in the first place. At first I thought that it was in order to prevent newcomers to join a difficult mission right away, but MR3 is reachable in far less than a week and there's little difference between 0 and 3 in terms of available weapons and time played, if MR tests are taken as they're available. I've worked hard aswell to get a good railjack and my intrinsics leveled, reached the Veil a long time ago as well, so I'd be really grateful if I were allowed to play the event. You know we exist, and were kind enough to add exceptions for us when it was doable and made sense, so I'm hoping you'll consider doing the same once again. As Xandis' said, since raids are gone, it's become harder for us to get arcanes. Wether you do it or not, thank you for the time you spent reading this.
  3. It is not. Aside from that, like everyone said, index, that one disruption node or Seimini (Ceres, 5 waves+extract) if you're really struggling, are the best ways to get creds fast. That and selling your leftover harrow chassis bp, gorgon/strun bps, etc.
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