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  1. Well, I just played an exterminate as Loki Prime with a silenced Corinth, never got spotted, never alerted the enemies, and got ZERO stealth multiplier the entire mission. That ain't right
  2. stealth has been broken since October and still no mention of it in patch notes that I can see all my silenced weapons are basically useless so much for the ninja part
  3. I used to do Adaro on Sedna as Loki for maximum Simaris standing. Sometimes you could hit your cap in a single go, with unalerted enemies dropping 200+ standing each time. Now it seems if I drop out of invisibility for more than one second, even if I'm standing in the #*!%ing ceiling, I'm instantly spotted by everyone and their grandmother. A problem that's been ongoing for months at this point. I had noticed that you no longer get stealth multipliers from kills with silent weapons unless they're a bow or you're specifically using the 'stealth attack' prompt in melee... And even they're not guaranteed.
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