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  1. vauban feedback he definitely feels way more fun to play buuut I honestly think this could be immensely improved first of all why vaubans stats werent changed at all? he is still ridiculously squishy for someone who doesnt specialize in dmg and looks so beefy but infact is super vulnerable also one major problem is throughout the entire kit casting animations take wayyyy too long natural talent is now absolutely mandatory in my experience and thats never a good thing I think the new throwing animations are super cool but please consider speeding them up significantly Tesla nervos: I do like em but they are bit on the slow side travelling to targets and theres no reason for all of them to stick to single target also maybe they could do aoe effect instead of single target for more effective cc? also why only 4 max? for the charge time I personally think 6 would be more fair Minelayer_ oh boy.. this is most controversial one -tether coils are fantastic I like em alot but I think the amount of enemies tethered should be increasable with pwr strenght and default cap should be 4 instead of 2 -the flechette orb is as useless as I thought it would be very low flat puncture dmg with no utility this needs to be buffed or changed entirely -overdriver is very simple but good no major complaints here maybe it could increase your defenses too? -vectorpad this one doesnt make any sense you lay it down and you go weeeeee for a second and thats it it feels really pointless, I cant think of anything how to use this effectively this I definitely feel like this should be changed entirely how about a deployable shield? Photon strike I think this is so awesome to use but honestly the dmg could be higher also the delay between deployment and actual shot is really long could it be faster? also again the throw animations are really really long.. Bastille the biggest problem here is the throwing animations lenght otherwise I think its fantastic maybe increase the default range abit? I sincerely do hope vauban receives aftercare with his rework ty for reading 🙂
  2. wow just wow Ive been playing nonstop since the U26 launch and Ive been having a blast with the new melee being absolutely positive that everyone would welcome it I cant believe how theres so much hate for the new system that in my experience is so much better in every way oh well atleast I am having fun sometimes I swear this community is playing entirely different game than I am
  3. so this is a first impressions on the kuva lich system feedback! I have yet to experience everything therefore I will retain my final judgement on it theres alot of things I absolutely adore about it and somethings that leave me puzzled to say the least I really really like it how the kuva lich makes any nodes it invades a high tier mission this is something Ive wanted for a looong time more content with actually challenging enemies that are more or less in line with my power level that said.... heres something what makes me extremely puzzled the mission is now lvl60 (kuva lich lvl1) up to lvl 100+ (kuva lich lvl 5) but my rewards are exacly the same as the actual low level mission node this is really frustrating dont get me wrong here I love love love the fact I get to play actually challenging missions but why are the drops and the rewards sooo lame? this also reflects on the stuff kuva lich steals right now I just dont....care... the stuff I was getting is worthless to me so Im not exacly getting angry and trying to hurry with my lich hunts this I believe is something that should be urgently looked into for reference (these values are just something I thought would be valuable to me Im not suggesting these should be the rewards) if I get 90 endo for my reward and lich steals one third of it Im not exacly rattled at all but say that was 2000 endo and lich stole 1800 of it now I would definitely wanna hunt it I also think the requiem mods could be explained better how they function finally I wanna say that I think this system is a fantastic addition to warframe but quite honestly it still feels unfinished I hope you guys at DE keep working hard and refine this system on the weeks,months and years to come thank you for reading 🙂
  4. with the mere scale of this update it really doesnt surprise me it was delayed I am hyped for this update! keep up the good work!
  5. losing all you energy on embers new 2 is way too harsh but otherwise Im suuuuper excited her new kit looks amazing and I cant wait to try it as for booben the new speed pad thingy seems pointless so maybe consider taking that out? or atleast streamline it to be more useful also the nail bomb is concerning if its just flat nonscaling dmg could it scale off from your primary or something? all the other stuff was just oof yes plz
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