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  1. what are you guys talking about? Hydroid is awesome in my opinion, one of the most fast paced and fun warframes Ive played really versatile with modding too I dont have any problems with him as he is:S
  2. Whoa why the mass rage? I think theres nothing wrong bringing this up no matter how many times DE would have dropped a tombstone on it I like the Idea of choosing my frames gender too maybe with a small change to male/female name counterparts also you could take this to the next level and give them different stats but yes yes I know thats a completely new hassle to tackle with now even though DE has said they are not gonna give you the option to gender swap this is still a frequently asked feature and I dont think theres nothing wrong with that who knows there just might be a time when DE h
  3. I think you might be missing my point if you are taking your time and ignoring the main obejctive while other players are waiting for you youre not playing as a team if youre equipped with max speed mods and just rushing your way to objective and not waiting for the other players youre not playing as a team in both cases you should play as a solo I personally think everyone should always try to play as a team I had a very interesting experience playing mobile defense and I got carried away with the killing which obviously was my own fault one of the players called out to me saying "he
  4. this is something that I just dont get if wanna rush so badly why dont you just play solo? its not like youre gonna play as a team anyway
  5. single daggers feel very unsatisfactory at this point S: way too slow for my taste I hope De would look into reworking them
  6. host migration does seem to be the challenge here but I do like the idea vets dont like when newbies wanna exctract early and newbies dont like when vets wanna hit 30+minutes so "in and out system" with continuous player seeking if there are any spots open and anyone can exit at anytime does sound in theory atleast very convenient but when it comes down to it making this happen can be a technical nightmare or maybe even impossibility due to the p2p nature but who knows lets hope the devs come up with something
  7. tetra..... words cannot describe the loathe I have for this weapon why did I potato it? I really thought I could "fix it" but naaah this weapon remains beyond horrible
  8. with solid build I dont have any problems go for viral that works for me
  9. hmmm I was thinking something abit more "cinematic" maybe the quest system will evolve into what Im talking about right now but right now theres not alot to reference about I thought mirage quest was really cool but ended up craving more but I know what youre getting at
  10. Im sure everyone who plays warframe generally is interested about the lore the tenno have had amnesia quite sometime now which Ive always believed is an excellent hook to tell a story flashbacks, datalogs or something similar found during missions theres so many unanswered questions who is the stalker and why is he assassinating tenno? what happened in the old war? what exactly happened to the orokin? what are the "sentients" and Im sure Im missing a ton but theres just few to mention and I atleast am Dying for more cinematic missions like similar to the tutorial mission I think "episodi
  11. really?! is there source or official document on this? Id be interested to see it edit:nevermind DErebecca just confirmed this "Excal Prime simply won't be returning. Proto Armor will probably come back on our next anniversary. Rebecca" shame about the excal prime for non-founders :/ but still its pretty cool that DE is atleast considering releasing the proto armor at anniversary
  12. can someone shine some clarity on this? why cant couldnt they re-release it?
  13. Im a founder and I dont see why other people shouldnt get their hands on excalibur prime Im actually pretty sure excalibur prime will eventually get in to the void (maybe in some anniversary or something) however I actually dig the wraith Idea to an extend wraith skins for frames? YES PLEASE
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