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  1. some of these actually did get pleasant changes but augments as a whole still are extremely lackluster and that is mostly because they are not worth the mod slot that can be used for something much more worthwhile or the core ability itself just isnt contributing enough to be modded for in the first place also many of these are battling with much more superior augments obvious solution would be the much requested and also controversial augment slot I personally think maybe the entire modding system should be reworked but that might be bit of an overkill I really do hope DE invests more time in the future for reworking and fixing core abilities and making augments actually worthwhile that augment slot really would help alot but that said I dont think thats a perfect long term solution either for the sake of argument here are couple of examples of simply pointless or not quite worth the investment augments tailwind augment: no scaling in damage, too clumsy to be used for damage, absolutely no point for using at this point the original augment that was replaced awhile ago of pulling in enemies was much more useful if abit niche roar augment: now this is abit double sided since being able to recast roar is actually really handy however heres the thing I think that should be within the core ability itself and not an augment... also thats not even the main purpose of this augment which would be the silly puncture proc and a knockdown its something but its too lackluster for taking up an entire modslot radial javelin augment: not really a horrible augment but the core ability itself is really really bad and also its battling with excaliburs other 3 very useful augments sleight of hand augment:uses ammo,energy and health drops and turns them into non scaling damage and unreliable cc? what a hot load of garbage and those are just to name a few thank you for reading 🙂
  2. so yeah very often Moa AI just kinda dies doesnt move doesnt do anything and will not teleport to your location this bug has persisted since their release! sometimes this happens to kubrows and kavats too and that is very darn annoying and it can ruin missions entirely if your build is focused somewhat on companion synergy please fix asap thank you for reading
  3. I am way more concerned about his AOE ability heat and cold damage? it just feels out of place isnt this guy supposed to be all about speed and kinetic energies? I mean sure I might be wrong once I play it but really cant help thinking that this ability just doesnt fit the frame
  4. dont get me wrong the weapon is lotsa fun and its quite powerful and I wouldnt be complaining if the self damage didnt work the way it does in warframe you can very easily kill yourself in seconds and sometimes outright bam youre dead depending on your build also self damaging with weapons that have that in warframe is pretty much unavoidable hordes of enemies either spawn directly infront,behind or on top of you in fissures, melee enemies always come hug you because thats how melee enemies work, the derpy doors that I swear are programmed to slam in front of you as you try to kill whatever is on the other side just to murder yourself instead not to mention the overall momentum of the game where you are always moving towards the enemy and vice versa this isnt a new issue players frequently complain about self damage how it works and they have been for years now I dont even believe DE is gonna do absolutely anything about it for awhile if at all but I have expressed my feedback on the matter nontheless now how does this all make zhuge worse? its a close to medium range weapon and its projectile based it pretty much is one of the worse types of weapons to include self damage like I said killing yourself is very easy to do with this weapon and that pretty much means I will have to use spesific frames with spesific builds in order to use this weapon without the fear of offing myself with each trigger pull DE please consider taking self damage away from this weapon ty for reading 🙂
  5. and to those things you mentioned I think those are serious nerfs like I said I dont want my speed nerfed in any way recastability is very important maintaining momentum low energy cost allows blind rage to be viable high energy pool allows to cut primed flow from build any of those hampered will ruin speed volt builds I still think speed itself should be buffed and the speed buff itself should be made optional in one form or another everybody wins would it be way more complicated to do from DE:s side? yes absolutely but I dont think thats a bad thing necessarily volt could use help in other abilities too like shock and electric shield so addressing multiple issues in a bigger revisits is not a bad idea
  6. I feel like I need to clarify obviously volt himself would simply able cast speed and well.. be speedy however that is valid point for allies who want to utilize the buff the duration increase could help and what if you take the pickup buff and during the duration of speed other pickup buffs wouldnt require that button prompt? I think then its safe to assume that player wants speed so other speed pickups could become vacuumable
  7. as a speed volt enthusiast I just wanna say whatever DE should do is NOT nerfing the ability in anyway if anything I want my volt to go faster volts default speed is very slow I wish volt would match lokis 1.25 default speed and speed abilitys duration is merely 10 seconds by default I think 20-30 secs would be okay by default I get it some people dont want the buff I think thats a fine complaint there was a very small window of time when DE decided to make volts speed buff optional by making it a pickup buff then they very quickly reversed it for unknown reasons maybe people complained? I still think the pickup thing would be great its clearly visible, easy to avoid and vice versa maybe give it an additional press use to pickup so no accidental pickups would happen at all
  8. Rng is still rng in the entirety of nightwave even after the changes I have seen wolf a whole 2 times in total and Ive already prestiged nightwave this is kinda dumb I mean it takes away the whole lore aspect of nightwave coz again whats the point of telling stories about this BIG BAD WOLF OOOH HES GONNA GET YA!!! if youre not gonna see him? and I know Im unlucky ashell I dont think Im gonna get the hammer parts in quite awhile I do think there should be a way to atleast increase your chances of meeting him more often some way to piss him off or something? just my 2 cents
  9. alright! I think I have enough playtime with hildryn to give my honest thoughts and constructive feedback first things first gongrats! the shields actually hold up pretty well but her main problem is random feeling sudden deaths due to slash procs and toxin procs (and toxin damage type) even with rapid resilience and adaptation mods equipped she can die so quickly that you dont have any time to react and that is big minus :S against infested she is quite useless the kit 1.balefire I really enjoy balefire but its not perfect atleast now I think its bugged for me and it cannot be activated while aegis storm is active the charge mechanic is the thing that is most flawed with this thing the movement speed penalty is weird and is a real hindrance especially because even the tiniest amount of mouse press will make you slow as a turtle please consider cutting the charge time to a half right now its really slow (whats the point of double damage if multiple shots in the same time duration as charge can do more dmg?) the damage and oomph is very very nice but AOE could be just abit more generous 2.shield pillage fantastic ability but against infested doesnt do a damn thing 3.haven so I know this is a support ability and all but I am kinda sad hildryn herself doesnt benefit a whole lot from this ability : / the damage it does doesnt scale either 4.aegis storm great as cc the default range could be better I think the mobility on it tho is clunky and not very mobile I wish I could move faster while in it also the restrictive nature of this ability is strange and not very fun if I cant use my guns atleast let me use arch guns while in it (using an arch gun pretty much means this ability is completely locked out for the duration of use) and the damage ticks again are just puny and dont scale my final thoughts on her is that she is tons of fun but her random deaths due to lack of quick thinking are extremely frustrating some of her kit is very restrictive and at times clunky just a little bit of ironing out and I think shes in league with the best of them thank you for reading
  10. so..... uhm... sorry for sounding like a dum dum but what the hell does this do? in lamens terms? I tried going solo and in a team and the ability still doesnt do damage so uhm am I doing something wrong here or was this "buff" for nothing?
  11. Ember rework? pretty plz? I want my fire princess back! ps:have pablo do it :3
  12. wait... I just noticed melee 3.0 is not included!? NOoOoOoooooo!!
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