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  1. this is not news the game has been too easy without much requirement for any thought for years too many times I notice myself going on autopilot so why have I kept on playing this game for 7 years? I love the story, I love the concept and theres soo much potential for this to be an awesome skill based shooter but that potential is just never met Ive had hope but lately the term "warframe and chill" has really become a thing I thought I could adapt to it and just let go of my fantasy playing a super fast paced skill based ninja shooter but then Doom Eternal came out a game that made my heart race with each enemy encounter and DEMANDED my attenttion span to be absolutely focused after that game I tried playing not just warframe but many other shooters and they just feel really boring compared to what I just experienced in Doom eternal warframe being maybe the worst offender now we have the event scarlet spear with really nice rewards but.... I am not having a good time I feel like Im just spending my time farming points rather being in a war with the sentients everyone is cheesing the absolute hell outta the mode and its just not demanding any of my thought process at all the worst part is that my feedback is not relevant (been posting feedback on the lack of difficulty for years) the community has already embraced the powercreep and wouldnt have it any other way me who since the beginning who just wanted to see awesome skill based shooter come to life this is how I feel I have no place anymore , I am not welcome ,the game is not for me and it doesnt even try to cater to me I do hope that I am wrong I really want to enjoy this game but for now I maybe have to just let go and keep an extended break and see how the game evolves during the year
  2. yes after playing for a awhile this is what I concluded aswell I hope they take a look at it right now its actually better to have smaller shield so it can recharge to full faster
  3. somethings weird... sometimes the shieldgate doesnt work and I just get burst damaged anyway might be a bug? but overall shields do feel more resilient the default recharge rate however... shoulda been updated
  4. this is without a doubt THE update Ive been waiting for years! very very excited! however! theres still quite a few things that are not addressed right now people are worried about changes to arcanes mainly say arcane energize energy economy is still bit strange in warframe and getting energy is one of the top priorities when it comes to gameplay after all if you dont have energy youre having less fun thats why these "nerfs" to arcane energize seem bit scary so why is it that arcane energize is so overshadowing the popularity of other arcanes? simple really these orbs are only 25 worth of energy it used to make sense in warframe 2014 but seriously nowadays that is a very tiny amount of energy with our current energy pools going up to 450-850 with primed flow so I think the values should be boosted drastically lets say 75 energy on pickup by default? and with that maybe also buff or re-think energy system entirely (I know its alot! Im not expecting miracles! just putting the thought out there) and that leads to another orb pickup that should also get an update health orbs are also only worth of 25 health per pickup that is TINY and barely helps at all I think these also should be buffed to atleast 100-150 health per pickup also! I know this is way bigger fish to hunt but I wonder is there any chance to take a deeper look at the modding system? one of the biggest problems still existing in warframe is "mandatory mods" that just doesnt leave you with alot of customizing options this is throughout problem from warframes to weapons to companions one of the biggest grievances I always have when modding warframes is "I wish I could use these mods that increase my parkour,sprint and mobility but I cant fit them because strenght,survivability,energy economy and range is more important" ever given thought to making mobility its own moddable section? I mean its not like it would make warframes op just more mobile and fun really also what about that augment slot? also our shooting mechanics and combat mobility have stayed mostly the same since the very beginning I wish maybe in the future DE would take a look at possibly new dodging/rolling mechanics (like shooting and reloading while dodging) reload trick similar to gears of war series? I think it would fit right in! risk reward system possible fast reloads for fast fingers but penalty for screwing it up lastly! True Universal Vacuum we all have wet dreams about that miraculous hoover that would just simply work without taking any mod space, regardless whether you have a companion or not now with all that said Im super happy to hear all these changes are FINALLY happening after years of waiting around I cant wait to see the new update cheers!
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