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  1. still need to hunt animals for progression? JFC
  2. so you are sticking with gating content behind conservation?
  3. You having trouble understanding doesn't make my point falsely made.
  4. 1. I regularly play both PoE and Fortuna, didn't fish nor mine...I play bosses, I play bounties. First off fishing and mining at this moment ISN'T mandatory in first two open worlds. You can get all the resources from Tusk Thumper or doing bounties as I did once I've returned to the game. Tusk thumper was introduced later on in game, after I've already quit. So no, having issue with mining and fishing doesn't mean I have problem with open worlds as whole, just means I have problem with locking content behind it. 2. PoE got released, came to PoE, found out I need fish and mine, trie
  5. another "gotcha" post over semantics "aRe rOcKs aNimaLs nOw?" comedy gold. Fishing and mining being mandatory since day 1 doesn't change my initial point. Fishing,mining and animal hunt being a problem doesn't mean I have problem with overall open worlds, I like bounties and I like bosses. And I can name several changes that will fix the issue I have without removing fishing, mining and conversations... "Your only issue is with animals? I thought mining and fishing made you quit?" Fish are also animals. Which also doesn't change my initial point. Whats up with people with t
  6. In what way? If conservation is even worse than those two things combined how does it change my point? It doesn't change... no matter how many "gotcha" posts over semantics you make it still doesn't change to my point. Simple: Fishing and mining made me stop playing WF, conversations is even worse which will also turn me away from WF. End of point. Also where did you came to conclusion I have bigger issue with open world when my only issue is animals? Fish are animals too you know? Doesn't even matter how petty you think that is, I play WF because it's looter shooter not
  7. Conservation being or not being in first open world doesn't make big difference in my point, smart ass.
  8. no big difference and the point still stands, fishing is also part of animal hunting...Conservation is even worse than fishing and mining combined
  9. if you have fun collecting animals, good for you. Most people don't
  10. Today Im giving my last chance to rank up, I hate collecting animals, fishing and mining. I've quit WF when first open world map came just because of mining fishing an animal hunt. Came back couple of months ago and now animal hunting is mandatory in order to progress. Thanks but no thanks, plenty of other games that don't force me to have another job inside a game.
  11. just because someone doesn't post on forum doesn't mean he/she enjoys the content, plenty of people stopped playing the game because of this without any posts on forums.
  12. the hotfix changes nothing...play pokemon or pay money I'd rather farm something 10 hours of main gameplay than play some forced mmorpg level 1 S#&$ while being rank 25
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