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  1. This image is at least four years old - why do the textures all look so much better than they do now?
  2. Correct; the Prime Details toggle doesn't exist for the Zato skin. Incorrect; the picture I posted is just a photoshopped example I made years ago. I just want it to be real so much.
  3. Isn't it about time to let Excalibur Prime and Umbra share cosmetics? [DE] Steve said it might come in a future patch during the pre-streaming of the Umbra patch. It's been a while since then, so how about it?
  4. This first image was taken a while ago after I decided to change my Operator's hair colour. I'd since started using one of the new hairstyles, but it felt wrong so I went back to this. And here's what I get now; Please DE, what on earth is going on with the hair? It's not just a lighting issue with the transference room either. Edit: While I'm posting this, how about better face textures? Look at those lips. I've started wearing the scarf more and more often just to avoid cutting myself on those jagged pixels.
  5. This is what the Auxiliary slot should be used for, in my opinion.
  6. DE added an auxiliary slot that could be used for this kind of thing, but only two or three Warframes ever actually used it.
  7. A lot of default colours simply don't 100% match any available colour palette.
  8. Does it make a difference if the ephemera is on the warframe or the archwing?
  9. Entering into Shadow mode resets my Field of View. Headache-inducing.
  10. Unless this particular hotfix changed something, I've rebound interact to [E] for many years now and it's always worked for entering and leaving a Railjack position.
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