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  1. Quick Lavos thoughts: Don't reset the imbued elements after casting. It's too clunky. Let it be essentially a set-and-forget mechanic. Vial Rush: Wouldn't it be nice if the explosion procced the imbued element status effect? Imbued with Magnetic? Cast a radial Pull. Imbued with Blast? Ragdolls ahoy!
  2. I probably killed about eighty Orphixes earlier and had no messages whatsoever. I feel left out. Even Wally doesn't visit me anymore.
  3. It'd be nice if the Glassmaker sword could have a bit of glass too.
  4. They only show up when you're in 'Steel Path mode' - has it been toggled off?
  5. Yep. Enemy ships can pass through the boundary, but the railjack itself crashes into invisible walls.
  6. The only ones that can be used for pets are the Weakened ones.
  7. Better idea would be to just change the horrible plastic textured blade on the Vitrica to the new glass.
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