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  1. I didn't particularly enjoy this fight, mostly because I started to chew my tongue after the second death.And I do not have a riven for any of the equipment I used.
  2. Well it took a few deaths, but modding for Gas seems to help considerably.
  3. I'm obviously doing something wrong, nowhere near the same damage output and if anything hits me, I die.
  4. Having just attempted it, I'd like to know the loadout and mods.
  5. This bullheaded and unwarranted Xoris change has already had some of my clan members quit the game over the direction they perceive DE is taking the game. DE, I implore you to consider; infinite combo counter is not the source of the high damage, and it's disingenuous and disrepectful to suggest otherwise.
  6. Did we watch the same video? All the Xoris did was remove a few moments of tedium poking an enemy with your melee weapon.
  7. My thought is that most of the augments are just QoL additions that really should be baked into the base abilities.
  8. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  9. Hopefully it'll be gone for any other season, lest we see a repeat of this.
  10. Oh come on, how am I going to get a 12th Relief for the rear design now?
  11. There was one day between the previous intermission and the next act, at least so says the Wiki.
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