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  1. 1) Operators. Nice eye textures. Awful skin textures. And what's going on with the back of the neck?! (also, I don't have a picture of it, but the new hairstyles don't even connect to the head model on my operator, they float about an in-game inch or two away from the scalp) 2) Excalibur Umbra/Prime combined customisation when? 3) Can we please have the Grineer dogs removed from Adaro/Sedna, or at least have them be properly deafened by Banshee's Silence? Maybe this was intentionally added to trip up people farming it for Focus, but it's so counter-intuitive. Dog units are generally more sentitive to sound, so they should be MORE affected by Silence and unable to alert anyone, breaking the stealth kill multiplier. 4) More appearances from our good friend, the Man In The Wall. I had ideas. Let them appear as a daily login NPC, maybe. Or, let's say we're modding a warframe or weapon in the armoury. Why not have Wally appear in the background for a few seconds as a blink-and-you-miss-it sort of easter egg? Or something that invokes this kind of feeling?
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