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  1. Getting some funky distortion when firing the Shedu at certain snowy areas. Might actually be a range issue, the same areas are fine with being shot when I'm standing next to them.
  2. Umbral Forma having a drop location means I might actually use the ones I earn from Nightwave.
  3. Chromatic Blade is a Warframe Augment, not a melee mod.
  4. I use Shift to sprint, but Shift is also the Blink button now, so I have to stop using the Afterburners in order to Blink. It should be a keybind so I can slap Blink on Alt or something.
  5. But the converting player already receives the ephemera... unless that's being changed also?
  6. Why are you doing so poorly so suddenly?
  7. Then why avoid the murmurs that stabbing the bloody Lich would give?
  8. Why are people playing Lich missions to avoid the lich?
  9. Attempting to kill the Lich gives murmurs too.
  10. "I advise you to not complain when other people don't participate in the biggest reason to play these particular missions". Yeah okay.
  11. Why should everyone else miss out on the murmur progress and possibly having their own lich spawn, just because you don't want to lose a bit of XP?
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