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  1. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    Paracesis max rank displayed as 30 instead of 40

    please disregard/delete, answer found
  2. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    What Is With These Build Requirments For Garuda?

    I don't have a problem with it, still better than the 2% drop rates for the 2 weapons from onslaught.
  3. (XB1)Andy UFC fan


    Just to be sure, the new challenges are they just achievements or actual challenges (timed achievements) like we used to get for tactical alerts years ago?
  4. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1: The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (LIVE!)

    oh skins, awesome 🙄 😒
  5. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    This happens to me on numerous games, after updates or not. Move to another hard drive or internal, load other games or reinstall, that's the only way I fix it
  6. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    When might the achievement show up on my gamercard? Still shows 83/83 , 2730/2730. I did a hard reset, should I wait to finish the quest until it does?
  7. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6 (+Hotfixes)

    the relic segment still needs to select a relic to see what rewards it has. I thought that's what the hotfix meant but was it for selecting during mission select only?
  8. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    No new achievements is quite disappointing. 😔
  9. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2

    We need to hold the map button for a second to use the new things. Just pressing makes it comes up like the old still.
  10. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2

    Did you go full strength for ember with high energy cost? I was dreading the update after the many complaints about energy running out so fast, but I went to see how bad it is and my build was efficiency/firequake and now uses only 6 energy at 100% from 3 at the start. Not as bad as I expected. Now I must go and see what has happened to chroma :/
  11. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    'Tis The Season!

    I hate PVP, always have and always will. I have no problem getting into a match but don't want to spend 30 minutes just doing nothing. I did it to get the catalyst and I'd like to know what is after the glaxion skin?
  12. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 & PS4 Tactical Alert: Divine Will

    I'm getting lucky this time for once! Got the shotgun mod on runs 4 and 5 and the melee one on 10. Should just be able to trade the extra shotgun one if i don't get one of the other two since they are the same drop rate.
  13. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    XB1 Hallowed Guardian (18.8.2) Status [Live!]

    Please throw in some xbox one challenges with the tactical alert :) I have all 22 challenges for this game.
  14. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    Xb1 & Ps4 Tactical Alert: Emergency Exit

    I was hoping to never see this alert again. It's the worst I've ever experienced with the worst rewards, all I get is 3000 credits and one pack of cores. This time AND the first time We had it.
  15. (XB1)Andy UFC fan

    Xb1 Achievement Contest Winners!

    I like all those choices this time. Looking forward to more gamerscore.