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  1. I have the same issue Whenever I'm in pubs or friends only, just as you said, they just disappear and drop nothing, they don't even fall from the world EDIT: when I posted this comment, I hadn't tried hosting solo. I just tried it and it's confirmed, if you do that, spores will drop, but in any other mode they won't
  2. what you addressed in this comment are nerfs, you got that point, but what I'm saying is that in the other comment you posted you called it "balancing" when they're straight up nerfs, you're basically asking them to ruin our fun. If you think Warframe, as a PvE game, needs this kinds of """""""""""""""""balances""""""""""""""""" (again, nerfs) then you got some issues imo
  3. if you're saying this should be "balanced" (nerfed) then I can only assume that my knowledge in this game is way greater than yours, so I can also assume that my builds are better.
  4. well My bad then, but even so, since I came back to this game I've realized that MR doesn't mean a lot anymore, back in my time, getting to MR 20 was a HUGE deal... now anyone can get to MR 25
  5. how about no it's because people like you we don't get to have fun with the things they release, if you think it's too good, don't use it, easy
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