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I am Yuni Hermit. Yes, that Yuni Hermit. I've been a Tenno for nigh on a year and a half now, I came into the fold at just before Nova Prime Access. I bought Nova Prime Access, I bought Trinity Prime, Ash Prime Accesses too, all the way up to the max rank. I even sprung for Volt Prime accessories.


I have almost 2,000 hours on Warframe on Steam, and in the 20's for Mastery Rank, and am swiftly running out of things to do in the game other than forma my stuff and level it back up to perfect gear. I'm always grateful for new weapons and events.


Other than forma-harvesting, Fusion-Core harvesting (to max out prime mods), and Ducat farming for Baro Ki'Teer, all of my time on Warframe is spent helping out friends. New players in particular get some presents and a helping hand to get them going in the game. If you're stuck, need advice, or need a hand, talk to this Sensei, Tenno Cricket.


My favorite part of Warframes is my cosmetics. I have... way too many cosmetic items. All of the in-game 'armor' sets, most of the syandanas (including prime ones), sentinel accessories, Kubrow armor, the works. I have 4 different 'arcane' synandas, and have enjoyed the 8-tenno raids.


Thank you DE, for a good, solid 3 months of my life spent on this game. I've probably spent over $1,000 on you devs, and it's not going to stop if you keep making content for me. You might have eaten my wallet, but at least you entertain me well, eh? Here's to hoping I have years more Tenno fun to come.

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