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  1. Now the event is dead for me... well, the New war got Old to quickly. You didnt need to send Limbo to hell, just make Healing habilities work on the scanners or dont have any scan to protect at all, just make it a survival challenge with lots of enemies, much like Arbitrations, It would be MUCH more fun than staying in place waiting a counter. Well I got the weapons, the Room, The decorations, that forma is a joke, and now I finished my Arcane Nulifier. Time to play the game. And til next year when you make a Warframe that can breeze this event much like Acolytes this days.(PS: Send Misery again, he was fun to play with)
  2. I got some questions. Any news about Third Orb Mother? Kubrows and Kavat will have their claws as weapons? If Yes, what about our Forma invested to put Mods like Damage and Crit chance, crit dmg? Why not a Consumable to revive sentinels? I dont think it will break the game balance but losing your Vacuum is really bad at High lvl missions. Archwings will be reworked to work like zaws? A "Core part" for mastery and the other parts with uses?(Atack, Defense, Utility, Ultimate?) Archwing missions will be reworked to better fit the enviroment? I think theyre cool but we can add Warframe and Archwing missions like in Uranus. Railjack will have more mission types to better award materials? Im tired to play in earth proxima for titanium. Mag's Vortex of bullets augment? New intro mission? Old events playable? Nightwave news? :) Im really anxious sorry. Will be waiting, byeee.
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