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  1. Tnx for that 7 people playing Conclave rn Tnx, really tnx. No, Im not Happy '-'
  2. Can we please have and upgrade of rewards? 50 per 5 minutes ir absurd
  3. Still no Baruuk Mandala in the Market, or with some Bundle with only the cosmetics?
  4. I really dont like RNG on characters, sounds bad, why not a chargeble passive that makes you gain buffs and preventes lethal dmg as long as you play with him? Like using abilities or doing damage. Wukong now IS immortal, we are losing this Immortality to have extra revives basically. The kit is actually good, just change the passive to look more rewarding playing this warframe. So, any changes to Atlas? maybe a buff to his passive armor?
  5. Welp I still want improvements for Kubrows and Kavats Also a pet that can gather plants in earth and other planets, maybe a mod for one of the sentinels much like the awful Oxylus. Any news in this category would made me happy :3
  6. We still can kill condrocs? I hate them
  7. Well Why instead of an event boss fight you dont put the thermia excavation and Exploiter Orb option in Eudico room?
  8. I wanna know more about Vauban and Wukong Rework
  9. Tnx Danielle where I can find the new Wallpaper here in the forums?
  10. Oh my Im seeing a Garuda Buff, Khora and Revenant still waiting on the fridge btw
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