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  1. Its being 2 months since release and his Alt Helmet doesnt showed a single time in Nightwave Shop.... CMOM!
  2. I would do this topic today but since is already here lets go. Each frame needs an adjustment and some need more. I did it in mind that I want to do something with each frame. Ash: Ash doesnt need change, he is an A tier Frame and can be used anywhere but since this is a Buff List lets do it with his Shuriken. His Shuriken is great because of the augment of course but without it is pretty meaningless, without taking much I think his Shurikens could be best with a single increase in damage and/ or range. Atlas: Atlas is a great frame but his major weakness is that he has to stop
  3. Guys I really thought about posting this in the feedback area but I know thats not something we can control atm. I just wanna read your thoughts about my ideas and got some of yours too. I got new friends and they really dont wanna play PoE or Orb Vallis, the grind is not worth it and Im thinking that Deimos is done for now, and it launched is less then a month, the grind for Scintilant was really bad but now theres nothing to do with that thing, 3 itens use Scintilant, just 3. Looking back to the other open world areas theres nothing to do with their gems either.
  4. Im not finished in Deimos... yet. But looking back to Cetus and Fortuna, playing with friends that didnt play that Islands in the launch and dont wanna play because theres lots of grinds. The only thing left for me are the Glyphs. I really hate Content Islands, I wish DE will have a form to connect them besides putting resources of every Open World inside a new Warframe. There are some things that I think need to be estabilished, somehow. Cetus> Events, Rewards, Lore, Quests, High Level content. Fortuna> Third Orb Mother, Animals roaming, Some use to the "Capture Base" minigame,
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