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  1. Please no, Give us the arcane helmets ;-; Its not a broken thing and its really a playtesting and fun aquisition
  2. Since our warframes cant enter the Orphix radius, how can we scan the new enemies?
  3. Guys, having them other options to revive is gamplay wise, we as players must manage what situation we need and for what frames, also a maxed Link Health giver ur companion 120% of your frame health, you dont need a tanky frame to get a good number but yea the pets dont have any survival tool except for the Vulpas and that why theyre "broken".
  4. Id like to start this asking [DE]Sheldon... pleaseeeeeeeeee??? The info we know(as I remember) Sunika Kubrow rework overall Quirks to companion Breeding New Acquisition method Dear Sheldon, can you please talk next Devstream about your work on this, Im really frustaded with some mod capacity for my beloved companions, I have a Smeeta and a Sahasa that cannot handle more mods even if I forma all slots. I want more freedom to invest in them, I dont have any problem with the AI, for me, Kubrows are strange as Im a collector and breeded more than 20 different kubrows
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