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  1. Clearly doesn't work for me tho. Has happened to me multiple times that after like 3-6 month break I come back and see that I have warframe/weapon in foundry crafted and I remember the reason why I took the break, started crafting the item and then just forgot about it and didn't log into the game for few months. :D
  2. I didn't say instantly, but greatly reduced times, to like 3h instead of 12h, 6h instead of 24h and 24h instead of 72h would be more appropriate and people probably would still rush crafting almost as much as now. Hell even just halved crafting times would be fine. And this so called time gate is just a time in which people are not even logged into the game.
  3. Why after all these years we still have to wait 12h, 24h or even 3d for stuff to finish crafting? It made sense when game was fairly new and there wasn't so much content. Now when we have 70+ warframes, like 500 weapons and bunch of other stuff, and pretty much everything in this game has been changed since it's launch why do we still have this outdated crafting with stupidly long times? It would make more sense that items would require 3h-1d to craft. And no I'm not a new player, I've played this game pretty much since day 1 it was released on steam, this current account I registered in 2014
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