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  1. You're right, it's not worth wasting any energy on. No question Limbo is rediculous, but If DE is ok with the current state of things, not much a player can do other than try to find whatever fun they can playing solo, in pre-made groups, or in other games... Eh, I don't think anyone really minds what you choose to use when playing solo. I too bored myself silly doing thermia fractures solo with a once squishy caster frame that can now achieve 90% damage reduction...
  2. Sounds super boring, why even bother; play something fun instead. People are really fine with this level of non-engagement in the next "big" event? It's thermia fractures 2.0, very disappointing. We have highly mobile Warframes but we're always standing around waiting out some timer. I'll get the Nova skin (can't take that plat with you when you stop playing), do a couple rounds with her, and if it's as dull as it seems to be, go back to playing something else.
  3. I don't mind time events if they reoccur at reasonable intervals...events in Warframe rarely do...
  4. I disagree that it has potential (p2p says hi) and what was delivered seems very similar to what was shown at TennoCon...2 squads doing their own thing with some nebulous connection and no real interaction...
  5. I really only used it for disruption, seems like that won't be affected...
  6. Nice, wasn't aware this was changed, guess I won't completely ignore Scarlet Spear now. The "active location timer" sure sounds anti-fun. If I log on and can't participate for another hour I'm logging off and playing something else that day (hopefully I'm just misunderstanding).
  7. ^ This is what I think as well...and the "event" will be mind-numbing too. Would love to be proven wrong. 🙂
  8. A ground team wasn't required to complete the "space team" mission (in the Tennocon demo anyway), it allegedly just made things easier. ...so maybe a space team isn't required to complete the ground team mission either, problem solved! I can dream can't I? 🙂
  9. I think you're completely missing the point of the games as a service model... Warframe will be out of beta when the servers shut down...
  10. As a counterpoint, willingness to make what I feel were much needed and long overdue changes has renewed my faith in DE. Regarding wiping the slate clean every couple of years...good? Change keeps things fresh... That said, I don't have strong feeling on anything in WF anymore, Railjack game play doesn't appeal to me, and since this is now a focus, mine will mostly be elsewhere. 🙂
  11. I'm curious to see how "affordable" the shop's arcanes will be and whether the shop currency can be obtained by playing "ground" team... Pretty happy with the entire set of changes on paper anyway...will be interesting to see what pc players discover...
  12. 5x3 shouldn't be a thing. Eidolon hunting should be available at any time and encounters should take longer than 2 minutes IMO.
  13. Realist... Probably won't work reliably when you aren't the host anyway, just like Nova often ignores her own wormholes unless she stands around for a few seconds before trying to use them. 🙂 I would love an update to the wormhole visuals though...even if you can't see through it...
  14. It's not harmless, it's not good for the health of the game. You mentioned Monster Hunter (which is also one of my favorites, been playing since PS2). How long do you think that franchise would have lasted if using "bombs" to activate heroics gave you such a huge attack bonus you could one-shot Fatalis...oh and your still basically immortal even with reduced health, fun right? I commend you for finding a method to hunt Eidolons so efficiently, but DE needs to nip this sort of thing in the bud more quickly in the future. Speed runs in MH are usually impressive for the skill shown by the player, speed Eidolon hunting usually involves an impressive amount of cheese.
  15. ^ This. I fully support the changes DE is trying to make. I think they will be good for the future health of the game. My interest in Warframe may be renewed depending on how things end up.
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