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  1. This is because you probably don't play like the Tasmanian devil hopped up on sugar. It's the same reason they got stuck on stuff more in that video than my past 7 years (there was a thing with doors that got me fairly often. but it was fixed long ago)...or why they complain about rounding a corner and running smack-dab into a nullifier. Nox units are probably my favorite and one of the best designed units in the game, the complete opposite of a fun killer; but no, they and anything else even the least bit interesting must go, everything must blend uniformly. One of the reasons this
  2. Watch at least the first hour of the video, if you agree with what's presented then we can have an intelligent discussion. If you don't have the time or desire to do so, that's fine, but then there's nothing for us to discuss.
  3. Perfectly reasonable, seems odd to try to disparage my comments regarding a video's content when you are completely ignorant of said content, but whatever.
  4. You clearly didn't watch any of the video. Also, when you play mostly solo you DO have a choice in how you play. My comment was in regard to the video's creator asking DE to make this style of game play easier, which I personally think is the wrong direction, you know opinions.
  5. Watched 40 minutes so far... While lots of decent points have been made they also seem to advocate for the type of gameplay that is so mind-numbing that it's the reason I gave up on Warframe after 7 years. High speed play with spin to win macros, really that's fun? I was always of the opinion that slowing things down to allow more meaningful enemy engagement would be a huge improvement, shrugs.
  6. Needed to complete previous 2 episodes first, so only 2 tries to get to boss since crapolite is capped at 20 for *reasons*. Made wrong choice between blue and yellow blurry things 1st attempt, guessed wrong on things that maybe looked like the tops of Orokin Legem on 2nd. Oh well, a little sad that WF came in like a lion and out like a lamb, it was the first game I installed on my PS4, plenty of good times, just not recently which is why it's staying on the PS4 when it's packed up next month. As for horrible boss fights that have nothing to do with the rest of the game, I hope nothin
  7. Yeah, wasn't that memorable to begin with. Also sounds like I'd need to do the last couple crime scene investigations to do the fight? I stopped after 3 because they weren't enjoyable. Was hoping this might be a fun way to say bye to my favorite frame Nova, sounds like I'd just be annoyed.
  8. I had to look up how to trigger this, I was only planning on maybe getting the cobweb ephemera...
  9. Going to be tough choosing between Iceborne's Fun Fright Fest and this...oh wait, it's not.
  10. Generous is right, thanks DE. Could finally build that Basmu bp from Scarlet Spear.
  11. I can relate, nearly bored myself to death as well; didn't look at the mission or check solo/public and went in solo with a slow Nova.
  12. Ambulus 2.0 for a limited time boss, I like it. :) Please farm 2 sets, I'll buy one!
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