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  1. Are you using Antimatter Absorb? This only happens to me when I use the augment. It's often amusing, I've accidentally killed the rest of the squad before, they are always very puzzled. 🙂
  2. To be clear, I'm against adding this slot, as you say, more power creep and overlap with rivens...but making it harder to obtain solves nothing. DE can't say they want to add challenge and keep doing this stuff. 😞
  3. But those of us that don't need it will still obtain it, so who is this being added for? DE just needs to focus on making things that are fun because challenge in WF is a pipe dream.
  4. I'm taking my first break in 5 years. MH is my favorite franchise and Iceborne is so sastisying to play, plus all my friends that quit WF years ago love MH too. Will wait an see if Empyrean is worth coming back for...
  5. How many universal medallions have you gotten so far? Seems like you'd need to play a ton of disruption to max conclave just from medallions... That said, what's wrong with having an alternative way to earn rep? 🙂 I just don't care if something I "earned" can be bought or given to someone else later... > They could have added frame fighter as a possible way of rep No...frame fighter is not good so making it anything other than a mini-game for laughs would not be good either...
  6. I'd prefer gear wheel configs to the infinite gear wheel we have now. DE is too fond of limited use gear items imo. Only the 90 degree positions are easy to quickly access with a controller. I restrict my item count to avoid the item spiral currently.
  7. I have close to zero interest in flying a big ship around, but there's more to it than that, so maybe there will be something I'll enjoy. *shrugs* My favorite franchise is getting an update on the 6th, so I'm not excited about anything else and I appreciate that WF won't be a distraction for a bit. DE has been working on this stuff for a while, we just need to wait it out a little longer a see if they chose a safe basket for their eggs.
  8. Watch the end of today's PrimeTime. Basically farm umbra essence and use helmith chair to make any waframe a specter like umbra when playing as operator for 24 hours...
  9. So far I've only heard about a 24 hour umbrafying reward for frames; I do hope there's something less operator focused too. I'm happy there will be new disruption locations since it's a fun mode, but my operator is strictly a battery and healer...
  10. I did them a bunch of times when the update first hit to collect the new mods, it was a nice change of pace. There's really no reason to find every one (except for fun), the locked rooms aren't unique.
  11. Nora has clearly hacked Ordis. Kavats don't have fur (they appear to be made of Play-Doh)...you should be fine. 🙂
  12. You can on PS4. It's something like L1 + R3 + direction (don't remember off hand...I don't bother to use it).
  13. Making it possible to blink with a controller seems like one of the things DE would think of...I'm not concerned.
  14. This isn't like void keys though, with void keys the drop you wanted was tied to a reward rotation, ex. C; so you'd only get 3 chances in 60 minutes. Your gate relic would give 12 chances, i.e. way too broken to be considered unless it cost 5000 void traces to refine. 🙂
  15. Catalyst for AW blink change found, it's Taylor; Scott probably saw her playing... Fun PT, excellent fan art as usual.
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