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  1. Nice. This is the sort of thing I was hoping for. I won't get getting this game at launch (bought a Switch for MH Rise)...but I'll be keeping an eye on it as I did find parts of the demo enjoyable.
  2. Outriders was enjoyable enough for a day playing with a friend (cross-play indeed works, random multiplayer seems broken). The character creator is meh, the story/acting is funny/bad, the menus are clunky, and cover shooters aren't really my thing, but the powers made it fun enough and it did run nicely on the PS5. Other than the initial story bits, the game is really lacking any sort of alien planet vibe, it's just rooms of humans in rubble leading to a human w/powers. The full game is going to need a lot more variety to get me to buy it.
  3. Same, plan to try it on PS5 (I think the demo is out today?) Demo is supposed to support cross-play, so I'm hoping I can convince PC and PS4 friends to try it as well... Hopefully it's fun, it is possible to play more than 1 game after all... The Anthem demo was enough to convince me not to get it, bugs/crashes/horrible 1st person hub...
  4. This is likely to mitigate causing seizures...and it doesn't negate other players fashion choices. This was included because people spent money on tennogen and the behavior of tennogen with primes was later changed...the toggle restored the previous behavior. Not a compelling argument for a wing/seasonal cosmetic toggle IMO.
  5. Really? That's what I enjoy most about playing with others, seeing their cool or hideous creations is part of the fun.
  6. Fashion frame is very important for this game, not seeing other frames how their operator sees them feels wrong... Would have loved an energy color override though. ;) There's localization, having to add additional checks in the event loop, testing, having to maintain feature, making UI un-wield;y, etc. Options are bad. :)
  7. Definitely, who came up with the idea and when they came up with it might make an interesting story, but it's the end product that matters.
  8. Did you think I was attacking Railjack in my previous post? Don't be so quick to raise your hackles... :) My point regarding "original" vision is that Warframe need not follow it blindly and other criteria are more important in choosing what to focus development resources on now. A favorable return on investment (and all that it implies, improves games, grows player base, etc.) should be one of the most important for the company. I can only decide for myself whether the end product is good/bad/other and whether the service DE provides is worth my time.
  9. So? That doesn't automatically make it a good idea (or a bad one). Also, Railjack likely bears only a passing resemblance to whatever that original concept might have been.
  10. Servers aren't the only alternative to host migrations. Monster Hunter World is p2p and there is no such animal as a host migration, the host can leave without the other players even noticing. This I suspect is more about how the "loot" is handled in Warframe and possibly wanting it to be more secure. In the past it was rare that I lost stuff in a host migration (it did happen), it was more that it was so annoying that it pushed me to always do bounties solo. When modes like ESO and individual extract for endless missions were added despite the game not supporting it very well, that pushe
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