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  1. The difference is likely those other games were legitimately fun and that's what drove your playing. Many seemingly play WF just to collect everything to increase MR as the actual game play has atrophied. MR30 should be the end but I doubt it will be, DE will do something odd to push those collectors to keep collecting. * Recently hit the MR999 level cap in Iceborne because I really enjoy playing, I think a couple words/phrases like "thank-you" were added to use on my guild card. Was I satisfied with this, yup. Do I still play, yup, off to do Teo event now. :)
  2. Have to disagree, the game is either super easy or super annoying it depends on what you bring. Neither extreme is very appealing which is why I don't play much these days. Solo vaults with my favorite frame and "fun" weapons = annoying. Solo vaults w/Octavia = snoozeville. etc. Ugh, old thread... :(
  3. Doh, shows how little I pay attention to NW, thanks for the correction. Still, seems like people should be able to keep playing and getting stuff. Ideally we'd go directly into an intermission or the next season before people hit a wall, right...isn't that how these battle pass things are supposed to work? I guess I don't see the issue with adding more prestige ranks.
  4. Isn't a potato 75 credits, and each prestige rank 15 credits? That's 5 weeks for a potato...that doesn't seem like giving everything away for free to me, I used to get more than that from alerts, invasions, and devstreams. How many folks will reach rank 60 anyway, be happy they want to keep playing and let 'em keep going (I drop NW like a hot potato when I hit 30)...
  5. That would be fine if the content itself was enjoyable enough to keep coming back to. It's not (for me), so that just leaves the new toys and wanting to get it over with. I didn't bother with the weapons, I have enough weapons that cry out for something interesting to point at... So how is this supposed to work? Hmmm, think I'll go challenge my pal Garv to a kill contest today for some sweet tokens because that never gets old. Ooh, I feel like wandering around this afternoon with my trusty spear, tranq, and laser, then I'll see what tokens I can get for my haul, good times.
  6. I mentioned not liking the current lich system because I would like to see it revisited. If there was any balance in WF the lich system you propose (which I guess is close to Steve's original idea) could be a lot of fun. Sorry to come off as a wet blanket, I've mostly given up on the core game play loop being satisfying, which is required I think for a protracted lich engagement. Instead we get gimmicks to counter how broken we are which just makes the content annoying if you don't want to use the broken things.
  7. Sounds interesting on paper, but how do you pad this out for weeks (you did say weeks)? I assume there's a wait wall for the lich to respawn after being killed? This is a casual game, 3 tiers and a tier a day keeps the lich away seems like sufficient commitment w/o having to alienate folks that don't play 24/7. I have zero interest in the current lich system btw.
  8. I can only imagine the tedious and annoying time gated horror that would have been. Do you honestly think that would have turned out fun for anyone?
  9. I've gotten 2 floating in vaults and 1 from a hometime stream. I'd build Xaku with my oodles of bps if I could get 2 more but just can't force myself to do these vaults anymore, it's so tedious, repetitive, and annoying with the overtuned gas procs. Maybe these will be easier to aquire someday (like actually drop from the boring T2 bounties), but whatever, right now the tedium greatly exceeds my desire for the new shiny things. Going to go farm sealed feystones from my least favorite Elder dragon now, which is still a billion times more fun and engaging than bounties.
  10. Reminds me of the horrible Ur-Dragon from Dragon's Dogma (one of my favorite games)...no thanks.
  11. "Yes, there are bounties, if you have the interest." Wait around bait station Wait around researcher Wait around purifier Wait around pimple 3x Wait around Grineer Wait around excavator 2x * And my personal favorite (because no waiting), a variation on find the caches, pop 3 pimples to open a cache that's often buried in an infested blob so the hardest part is finding the open prompt... Pretty painless token farm, but hardly compelling game play...
  12. Yup, samey content that is hardly worth playing. I thought maybe the isolation vault puzzles would be fun to figure out, but these are locked behind more tedious wait walls. Interestingly enough, while inside the vaults DE has finally figured out how to spawn enemies, because it's non-stop and you can't get a moments peace to have a look around.
  13. ^ This is great. :) I was just happy to be done. My goals for Deimos were rank 5 and 1 fox pet. I really want to know who is going to farm 300 grandma tokens for those captura scenes, lol. Could have at least added them to the rank up punishment pool.
  14. I've encountered plenty of fishing bugs, including frequent times when I can't fish at all because the spear kills the fish.
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