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  1. Thank you! Please show the active races on the map before adding this act!
  2. It sounded like you needed to complete everything from the current week to get access to the incomplete challenges from previous weeks?
  3. The changes did seem good, and it did appear like DE listened. Hopefully the new Disruption game mode is fun for the vets and endurance players (and they add more stuff like this, raids return, etc.)...because folks shouldn't be looking to the alert system replacement to satisfy their need to "endgame" activities...
  4. The changes for season 2 from the devstream sounded like a step in the right direction. Co-workers were distracting me so I couldn't fully concentrate on stream however...did I hear correctly that the "with friends/clannies" challenges will remain but will additionally allow alliances? Ugh...
  5. Okay, you have a legitimate point there. :)
  6. This, I just don't want to see stuff that can't be completed, same deal with removing solar rails remnants. I remember not liking how this event was scored, playing solo I only did enough to get the weapon...
  7. Yup, whenever I've brought something other than the Arca I've regretted it. Why aim when you can make a whole group of enemies explode by pointing vaguely in the direction of the drone? The drones also don't animate smoothly when there's a bit of lag making non-AoE weapons annoying. What I think people wanted, normal missions where enemies start at level 80-100. Instead we get drones, longer rotations, and now some weird revive mechanic. Ugh.
  8. I like Thumpers, enemies with breakable parts that are still affected by abilities like slow, etc. fantastic. The problem, they can't handle the terrain and it's ruins the feeling that you are fighting a heavy tank and just makes WF look bad. This isn't new, Terralyst and Orbs exhibit the same problem, but it's really exaggerated on Thumpers. I've seen Thumpers climb trees, walk in the air, go completely under the ground, and teleport. There's almost no point in the fight where at least one leg isn't in the air. This while playing solo too. I don't know how games like HZD make their enemies work so well, but at least choosing better spawn locations and clearing some space for these guys is worth considering. I'd like to see more enemies like Thumpers in the future providing the terrain issue can be addressed. Anyway, thanks for Thumpers, one of the more enjoyable recent additions.
  9. I've done 4 day cycles, about 1 Doma every 6 mins or so. No bp yet, but it's okay, I'll get it eventually. Waiting for day and flying around to find them isn't fun though, also enough with the rain DE.
  10. (PS4)Elvenbane


    Loc pins are great, but wouldn't it be better to ask DE to start marking the active races for everyone?
  11. I found the post below pretty enlightening. If console tennogen has to be bought outright by negotiating with the creators for release on each console, a curated list of the "better" selling PC items makes sense. Not getting everything is disappointing but understandable...and I'd rather be able to buy a subset with plat than everything with $, shrugs.
  12. A whole month to pretend NW doesn't exist, sheer bliss.
  13. The old launcher was awful, you had to mark a spot on the ground and wait. Now you can jump in the air and deploy the launcher, so much more fun, finally works how I wanted from the day 1. As for ciphers, building them is fine, if you only needed one you may as well get rid of the puzzles entirely and I don't think that's a good idea.
  14. When will the increase occur. Still poorly done regardless...please don't do future NW bosses this way. Around how? As an assassin with a super low chance to appear...or as a node boss that can actually be farmed for his hammer. Yeah, no...I have to run missions I wouldn't normally for a chance of encountering him, if the Wolf is the hunter he's not very good at it.
  15. I have these slotted as well, Nova doesn't have enough health/armor to make them work very well in my experience. Not the point really either, I want to use Helios, I like having a reliable turret/scanner/vacuum/enemy&loot radar over my shoulder and not some fur for brains bouncing off walls 2 rooms away doing who knows what and providing random buffs.
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