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  1. Thank you for this. Btw, the "Waiting for Kill code" is the new "Network not Responding"?
  2. I'm pissed too about the corrosive nerf in general, but mods like Sharpened Claws still work for armor strip, for now...
  3. Thanks for the fix How about this? In a Solo Railjack mission, i'm be unable to use Operator Amp, Dash, Zenurik School and my health was reduced to 100. Any plans for the proto-weapons skins? Also, can we get the Quantum Badge, from Tethra's Doom, as a operation reward or a tactical alert just like the Rift Sigil?
  4. Thanks DE... you guys screw up Corrosive Damage... Conclave? What's that? Is that a new game mode? Come on at least give us the Dark Sector skins
  5. Hola, tanto los planos para Detonite, Fieldron y Masa Mutágena son de un solo uso. Es el mismo caso para los Catalizadores, Reactores, Adaptores Exilius, Formas, etc. Si compras 1 plano de cualquiera de estos 3 recursos, sólo podrás usarlo 1 vez. Si quieres construir, suponiendo 5, debes comprar 5 planos. Fieldron Wiki
  6. El proyectil del arcano Contagio de Exodia solo se realizará luego de un salto doble o salta bala y apuntando con tu Melee luego de hacer esto. Contagio de Exodia Wiki Si no apuntas con tu Melee no podrás producir el efecto del arcano.
  7. Selling: Kuva Brakk 60% Heat + Vengeful Flame Ephemera Sold Kuva Drakgoon 25% Toxin + Vengeful Toxin Ephemera Kuva Kraken 31% Heat + Vengeful Flame Ephemera Sold
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