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  1. You need to wait. First, DE will send you a message to your in-game inbox saying "you clan emblem is aproved.....", then you must wait for the next update for your emblem to appear in-game.
  2. Si, sube a rango 9, me avisas dentro del juego (o agregas) y te la regalo.
  3. Hola, primero que nada deberás contactar a Soporte para que te puedan dar una respuesta a tu restricción. Segundo, los descuentos para platinum están ligados a la cuenta, solo puede ser usado por el usuario que lo obtuvo y no pueden ser transferibles via intercambio a otro jugador. ¿Has leído alguna vez el texto que aparece cada vez que entras al chat de comercio? Dice bien claro: "Solamente intercambiar por componentes" y, para tu mala suerte, los cupones de descuento no lo son. Como te dije primero, contacta a soporte solo ellos pueden ayudarte con esto. Suerte.
  4. Yes. As Gabranth says, you can use the Achievement Manager, but you can get a VAC ban for that. A simple solution for this would be if you created another account, go through Earth to Cetus and just be semi-afk on the Plains, that would unlock the achievement on Steam.
  5. Thanks for the hotfix. Some questions: Please allow us to use Necramechs in normal missions. Is there a way Sentinels can get Health / Shield / Armor Link like Kubrow/Kavats? Also, why Vome / Fass Residue are still unafected by boosteres / Charm
  6. Why the Vome and Fass residue are still not affected by Resources Boosters??? Come on...
  7. So, we need arcanes to trigger arcanes, that's lame. That on the the tittle was totally a clickbait. Instead of giving us more and more ranks, why you just don't make endless from the beginning? Another point, Nightwave offers are just.. meh, there are good stuff for new players, but why you can't give us some stuff like Umbra - Aura Forma for, who knows, 200 creds or something like that? That would make Nightwave, at least, some "enjoable" to do
  8. Niceeee, finally that sweet Nova Mithra would be on my hands. Wait, does anyone play Conclave?
  9. Yeah that's what i saying, right now, op's missing 1 weapon is like some people who actually needs the Athodai from Tennocon. Just 1 new Necramech or something else and profit.
  10. Nope. As a mastery rank 30 player i can tell you something, you need EVERYTHING, weapons / wf / centinels / pets / missions, including all Deimos stuff maxed to get the mr 30 test right now if you aren't a Founder. The other way is just wait for the new Necramech and some new incoming stuff (soon™, i guess).
  11. These are noggles Just decoration for your ship or clan dojo.
  12. Yeah, doing solo survivals / ext, ..., it's really lame for leveling companions. You have some few options to lvl up your companions. Doing Railjack missions Joining public squads on some popular defenses missions like Helene / Hydron, Sanctuary Onslaught/ Elite and let people kill enemies so you can benefit from shared affinity. Spy missions. Good luck!
  13. If you don't want to do Kuva Lich missions, then first to all don't kill the Kuva Larvling, you can't "accidentally" kill him, DE put the mechanic of hold X to mercy him. If you can't handle kuva lich missions, then ask for help to your friends, clanmates or even recruitment chat.
  14. It's so funny how if a deimos enemy procs gas damage you practically die instantly, but if your own weapon procs gas it's so lame and weak. "unintended" suuuuuuure
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