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  1. Te saldrá la opción de aplicar detalles prime (a un warframe prime, valga la redundancia) cuando adquieras skins Tennogen o algunos skins Inmortales, aunque esto creo que sólo funciona con Mesa. Los skins Tennogen en consolas, a diferencia de PC donde se consigue con dinero real a través de Steam, los puedes conseguir fácilmente con Platinum. ¡Suerte!
  2. Del login diario puedes obtener planos de armas que no hayas terminado de subir a nivel 30. Segun la Wiki: Only blueprints for weapons/Warframes that a player does not already have full mastery on can be awarded.
  3. What about the Quantum Badge from Tethra's Doom? Can you put this sweet cosmetic as a Operation reward like the Rift Sigil?
  4. Awesome! I can't wait to see the new alerts system. Thank you very much!
  5. Thanks for the update. PS: That redtext was hilarious 🐈
  6. I'm pretty sure I created my account at the end of March 2013. This is so sad 😢 Finally. Thanks DE!
  7. Over 5 years here and i can't believe this game is still free. Thank you so much DE, thank you for giving us this new and awesome content. You guys are the best!
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