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  1. Let me get this straight, players who need nitain or auras, or new players who need basically everything in the NW credit shop won't be able to get anything at all for some weeks of downtime until the new season starts, and THEN some more time until they do enough acts to get to the first tier that gives credits? And this is supposed to be better than old alerts? Why would you make the new player experience worse?
  2. Happy first birthday bug! Mag Pneuma deluxe skin has been bugged for a year! yaay
  3. So I farmed the Korrudo blueprint, got it, crafted it, equipped it and happily went to try it out....and since quick melee doesn't exist anymore, I realized the Brutal Tide stance combos are absolutely terrible. I press melee once, my frame shoots forward missing my intended target. I press melee two times, my frame is locked in place dancing capoeira for 30 minutes 😆 That's enough time for a heavy to shoot most frames to death. If the first enemy I'm targeting dies, I'm stuck dancing anyway, doing no damage to anyone, waiting for the dance performance to end so I can reposition to attack another enemy. I tried to cancel with roll, crouch, nothing. How are my fellow players dealing with this stance? Are new stance combo movements still coming with melee 3.0? Please say yes
  4. Fishing appears completely broken in both landscapes.
  5. Same...I guess Plains Rangers have issued a fishing ban?
  6. Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.2. Still here with us. Soon we'll be celebrating this bug's first birthday! are you guys coming to the party?
  7. I had this solo and in groups. Corpus enemies move at a comically high speed, and Grineer ones go incredibly slowly and often get stuck in level geometry.
  8. I did the 60 minutes kuva challenge and at least for me and my team, it wasn't hard. But it also was the LEAST fun I ever had in WF, second to that April's Fool 100 minute lvl 100 infested alert some years back... It felt like a chore, and the non-NW mission rewards were awful...getting a Stretch or Serration as rotation reward at like minute 35 or 40 in the Kuva Fortress felt...not so rewarding. The total kuva I got was 7800, that also made me realize what a bad source of kuva the survival is. It felt odd that we get 1000 points for spraying one glyph, but one hour of survival only gives 5000? Maybe 40 minutes could have been enough? Many daily and 3k acts are more open ended, and can be achieved in multiple mission types of our choosing. That's great! Some elite acts are way more specific and don't leave much freedom..."kill/cap a hydrolyst", there's only one way to do that. "Do a kuva survival of more than 60 minutes without using life support pillars" that's as specific as a riven challenge, not even sorties are so limiting. I would like to see more freedom of choice on how to gain standing. Yes, we can skip some acts, but you can never know what's in the future weeks, or if you will be able to play in the future, and what if you end up skipping too many? We can never recover missed points, and that's also quite a big problem. Any new player or old returning player that starts in the middle or end of a Nightwave season won't get enough progress, no matter how much time they are willing to spend playing. And I think you said that alerts needed to go because they forced players to play when they didn't want to? Maybe there could be weeklies that don't expire for 2 weeks or a month or something similar? For a system that will be the new basic activity in Warframe for new and old players alike, it feels way too constraining... If I ever missed an alert, I was a little disappointed but I could always get another in the future, without losing anything...
  9. After taking a look at the second week of acts, I can say I like the idea of Nightwave. And I really, really hate some of these acts. Why? Because if I don't want/am unable to do some acts, I can't choose to get the same amount of points from another act. I just miss those points, and it's a time limited series, so I will never be able to recover. Some of the acts are great because they let us choose how to do them. Being forced to do a kuva survival for 60 minutes without using LS is way too specific. And also boring. I never do one hour runs, I simply don't enjoy playing one single mission for more than 20-30 minutes. Why can't I switch it with another weekly act that I might actually enjoy playing? This feels like a job, having to do stuff you don't want to so you can get resources. I don't know what other elite acts the future weeks will hold, so I might end up missing on a lot of points. Warframe is a game of grind, but until now, it never forced us to do specific missions in a constrained time window outside of events. And honestly, I always thought events were terrible, everyone who couldn't participate was forever cut out from the lore and gameplay. Most of the story of WF happened in past events that aren't repeatable... And now we get a system that is the new base for the game and will run forever. And it's always a time limited, once-in-your-lifetime event too. So all new players will always miss content. And if you don't play CONSTANTLY, every single week, even other players will miss content, since you can't recover by playing more the next week. I used to look at games with battle passes and seasons and scoff, thinking "I play Warframe that has none of that garbage". I want Nightwave to stay: I like the idea of overall game tasks that give you rewards. But some of its mechanics are bad, because it conflates old alert rewards with a seasonal time limited event that is supposed to be a basic game system, with specific tasks that you can't choose, and you can't even recover points if you play later. Way too much bad mixed with the good.
  10. So I went and read every post in this thread (whew) and I think I came to a conclusion: the Nightwave series tiered rewards would be a really nice system to get new content... IF the Wolf cred shop wasn't anchored to it. Veteran players can just do every act and fast and get the nice unique Wolf stuff....but the new players are going to struggle HARD to get the old alert rewards. Maybe there could be another way to earn Wolf credits that is not tied to specific tasks and specific tiers? So a new player could just play what missions they can/want and buy the things they need without being limited to one thing every couple weeks? Right now there's Wolf Creds only at tiers 3-6-12-20-24, so it's not even one old alert reward every week... Is a Dark Dagger blueprint really worth all that work? You could make the potatoes cost way more in this case, to balance the easier access to Wolf dollars? When I heard DE describe Nightwave on the dev stream, I honestly thought it was an amazing idea, because I imagined players could actually farm for wolf credits on OUR terms and times and then buy what we needed in the shop, like any other syndicate. Sure, things would cost more points, but I imagined we could just grind missions as we pleased and be able to afford anything we wanted. If an alt helmet took 10 minutes in an alert before, now it could take 20 or 30 minutes of play in any mission you chose to play and at any time you chose to play at. Instead it's a small fixed amount locked behind fixed acts and fixed tiers. How is this better than alerts really? TLDR: Nightwave series is a good addition to the game BUT Wolf cred shop for old alert loot is bad. My proposal: uncouple Wolf creds from main progression or at least give alternative ways to gain them that aren't locked down hard?
  11. The idea of Nightwave is good, but it needs a fair amount of tweaking. To add to all the other issues already mentioned, I see another problem: auras are now locked behind weeks of act grinding for new players. Veterans will say: the only good one is Corrosive Projection anyway!... WRONG. When you're a new player, ALL auras are good. Why? Random auras with the polarity of your unformad frame aura slot will give new players extra drain points they desperately need at the start. The aura effect might be useless, the points aren't. Thanks to Wolf credits being a very low fixed amount at fixed tiers, new players won't be able to get many random auras for free anymore, and the very beginning of the game just got a little harder. If you add that they also won't be getting free weapon blueprints from alerts anymore, or free alt helmets or even that lone orokin cell or neurodes that seems so hard to get when you're low MR.... starting a new account now doesn't sound fun. I am very glad I started playing Warframe years before Nightwave. If I started now, I'm not so sure I would keep playing. You can buy ONE wolf cred reward after a week of doing all the daily and weekly acts...and that's assuming a new player can do them. Doing a tridolon at MR3 when you don't even have an operator? Or even a sortie? Getting 5 ayatans in one week? How are new players supposed to do any of that? Wolf credits tiers are only 6 out of 30, so it's not even one reward every week...
  12. First impression on paper, it's gonna be good. Current alert system is bad anyway. Also Nora Night sounds like an interesting character and I love lore.
  13. Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11...yep, still there. I guess it's not a meme that no one plays Mag...
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