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  1. But this literally is "do more of the same for new rewards". It's not even new content that takes months to finish. It's new content that takes months to get your hands on and play with.
  2. The only kuva melee weapon we got so far is a hammer
  3. There's nothing stopping them from making chrysalis abilities weaker than the original
  4. It's almost as if the currency slog is more than enough.
  5. Eris's claustrophobic design doesn't belong in Warframe. Firstly it doesn't let you make proper use of the game's movement system, and secondly there's too many enemies for such a small space.
  6. Warframe is a game where people try to grind their way through the gameplay to get the rewards as soon as possible. Devs try to combat this by making the grind long, in fear of players getting their rewards and leaving. One might think devs are to blame for this, because their game is not fun enough to make people focus on gameplay, and people focus on the shinies instead, but even if DE made the best gamemode ever, would people cease to just cheese through it?
  7. Hello, yes, please someone on the dev team equip a secondary weapon as Wisp and see what happens when you sprint. Fix it, yes, thanks.
  8. Wisp still can't hold her secondary weapons properly when sprinting
  9. The feeling of classic warframe, where Trinity makes entire team invulnerable for a minute.
  10. I'm just going to use Hildryn to remove all the 3x armor and 3x shields
  11. I am glad that the rewards are just cosmetic things and not some new weapons that would make people demand hard hard mode.
  12. I'd rather go for lady Rhino with big guns and quadriceps
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