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  1. For your look, I'd say impact or radiation
  2. Did you forget to tone down visuals on Bramma so that they stop crashing people's GPU drivers?
  3. In Warframe it's either that, or watching Saryn cast Spores once and sitting around while enemies die off-screen.
  4. I use my 308% crit chance Furax Wraith to punch them
  5. With the recent addition of an augment mod for Hildryn, I found myself using Aegis Storm more often. I also realized that Aegis Storm makes aiming very annoying, because Hildryn's entire visual design is getting in the way of the crosshair. Considering the new augment focuses on getting precise shots with Balefire, Hildryn needs the ability to aim "down sights" while using Aegis Storm, which should also move the fancy copter effects away from the crosshair. Or maybe make them more see-through, similar to how Mirage's clones work.
  6. Difficulty is generally a challenge that requires skill in order to get through. And I mean player skill, not warframe abilities. Giving enemies more HP generally makes it more difficult through the fact that the threat is present for longer, but there's a limit with how far you should go with that. At some point adding more HP just makes it more tedious rather than more difficult. Also there's the case of making the difficulty fair. Increasing enemy accuracy to 100% isn't real difficulty, because regardless how skilled you are, you WILL get hit.
  7. I did and you ignored it.
  8. Yes it does actually hurt to leave it. Look at it this way: If I use quick melee, I would also like to have access to quick gun. The option makes it that I can select whether I want LMB in QUICK MELEE MODE to be "quick gun" or "keep swinging melee". If I manually equip melee, it means I'm planning on focusing on melee exclusively and I'm not planning on using quick gun. So one would think "fire" is now "swing weapon. But if I decided that I want to keep "quick gun" under "fire" now my LMB is now completely functionless. Why does it bother you that I want LMB to swing my flipping melee weapon when I have it equipped? Here, I made an image so that you can't miss it again No I'm not, you're just being dense.
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