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  1. Wuklone always defaults to using primary weapon when playing as a client and I can't make him use a secondary
  2. You're right, being straightforward doesn't make anything outdated. In fact I don't even know why you bring that up, there's no correlation Ripline is either single-target CC that roots you in place and has a long casting time, or a parkour ability that should've been removed along with Super Jump. Paralysis is an ability that scales with shields on a warframe that has next to no shields. Hysteria is mess of contradicting design decisions. It's a melee ability that punishes you for turning it off if there are enemies within melee range. It's an ability that heals you when you can't take damage, and damages you when you turn it off and become vulnerable again. Also the combos are awkward but that hopefully will be addressed with the melee rework. Valkyr is a bunch of mechanics that were new and experimental at the time of her release and they never went back to polish them. Neat, finishers can one-shot enemies. Just like with every other melee weapon.
  3. The real Valkyr killer is her outdated kit
  4. She talks for whomever you're supporting during an invasion. She talks for Konzu when you're doing bounties for him. But this is ridiculous
  5. Make the passive recharge every X minutes instead of being static 3 charges.
  6. Volt Speed infuriates me. The sound it makes and the fact that it makes my warframe look like they're having a seizure and the fact that the only way to opt-out of it is a backflip which takes several inputs. On top of that it's mostly spammed by people running maiming strike which is my #1 most hated thing in the game.
  7. Energy resets, but ammo? Nahhhh Good thing they didn't forget to make HP reset.
  8. What did you guys expect when they said the ephemera is going to be achievement-based What do you even expect from achievements in a friggin shooter Nightwave challenges look exactly the same as Warframe's non-Mastery-related achievements
  9. Hey guys, remember when DE said they don't like lootcaves and changes several missions and warframe abilities to discourage farming the same mission over and over again?
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