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  1. Well you're right. Computers aren't capable of generating genuinely random output. It's called pseudo-random for a reason.
  2. If the enemies can actually kill you, then it is actually harder, because the player ends up being in danger for an extended period of time, resulting in more opportunities to fail. The problem is that if it takes too long to dispatch an enemy, it becomes frustrating. An enemy needs to stay alive long enough to be a threat to the player, but if it's too long then even if it's a challenge it's not an enjoyable one. If the enemies pose no threat while being alive then it's just a slog. That's what it was like fighting level 1000 enemies with Vauban and Trinity back in the old days.
  3. Do you know why CC used to be meta back in like Update 8 or so? It's not because enemies were harder. In fact they used to be weaker back then. It was because the players dealt way less damage giving enemies more time to fight back. So since they had enough time to kill you, the best way to counter that was disabling them. So let's fix this quote Your idea is basically "Let's make CC another damage type"
  4. Literally impossible to keep up the stealth bonus without putting enemies to sleep beforehand, even when completely invisible and silent
  5. I don't have enough mod capacity points for another mod.
  6. The way Gladiator mods work is that they have a set bonus that applies to the player. The actual non-set effects of the mods are applied to Deconstructor itself. So if the mod you want to use isn't a set mod, it will have no effect on your melee weapon.
  7. It's really funny that they even bring up an expensive limited item to talk about balance.
  8. Well, if you can't ignore the hard-mode then that's not really good. Playing on higher difficulty should be a choice, not everyone has the skill to handle it.
  9. I much prefer formaing weapons over formaing warframes.
  10. Let's just go full Sienna Fuegonasus and make Ember explode and die when she overheats.
  11. Ah, so press 2 "Strategic advantages", come on. Even Warframes as convoluted as Limbo are reduced to a simple chain of button presses, and you're trying to bring strategy to Ember's one ability. I beg to differ. It's the second best thing they could've done. The absolute #1 best thing they can still do is removing Banshee's soundquake. Well you see, Equinox is actually encouraged to turn it off sometimes which, as simple as that is, is already double the interactivity of WoF.
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