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  1. I wish Hildryn got this many updates back during her release
  2. Non-argument. And you know, I might be in the middle of reloading. Or maybe even better, how about both SHOOT AND USE ABILITY Cause y'know, that's the whole point of one-handed abilities ah so you're saying what DE needs to do with Ice Wave is: Also sitting in a choke point is still meta. It will always be as long as this game has no LoS checks.
  3. You're just calling it "free powercreep" but changing abilities to cause synergy might as well be called a "free powercreep". A buff is a buff. Volt's Shock is much weaker than Discharge, but Discharge's long wind-up that locks your movement might get you killed, meanwhile Shock is a very quick stun that might save you from that one heavy gunner. Sure, most Volt players probably don't use it because you can just sit in a corner and kill things through walls, but it does have this tiny advantage in this particular scenario. On the other hand Ice Wave doesn't do anything that Av
  4. I'm not asking for them to be top tier. But if an ability is not worth using, then what's the point of it existing in the first place? Weak but spammable abilities have a purpose, but there's a handful of abilities that are just a waste of time
  5. There's plenty abilities that are good enough to build around, and come with augments that add a new functionality that can also be build around. And there's also abilities which don't achieve much unless you take that augment mod. Sure there are some things that people say should be baseline, while you could argue they're legitimate trade-offs, but some abilities just aren't worth using without that augment. Let's increase build diversity by erasing augment-less builds from existence!
  6. All players would sit in the same spot while a nuker blows everything up, trinity restores energy, nekros desecrates, and mag pulls all the loot for entire team. Everyone just presses a single button throughout the entire thing, nothing else is necessary.
  7. Balance isn't just players vs AI enemies. It's gear vs other gear. It's gear vs how much effort you need to put into acquiring said gear. It's new player vs veteran player. It really isn't all about "enemies die too fast".
  8. I'm about to get more power strength on Hildryn Also I think I'll put larva on Zephyr so that I can reliably hold enemies inside of a tornado and get its damage bonuses, instead of having them randomly get flung across the map.
  9. One of the issues with power in Warframe is that up until Steel Path came out there was basically no purpose in actually getting as strong as the game lets you. You got your 5 forma Bramma and what are you going to do with it? Take a few mods off of it and watch it one-shot everything anyway? Wait for two hours in survival? The thing that Steel Path brings into the game is that now there's a place where your super powerful weapons are actually mandatory, thus giving them an actual purpose. Balancing weapons around Steel Path doesn't really make much sense to me. It's Steel Path that
  10. Most augment mods are straight up upgrades, making "Do I want an augment mod or more power duration/range/whatever" a thing. The lack of augment mods is the only thing that's keeping augment-less builds relevant. Unless all mods are changed to make them sidegrades rather than upgrades, augment slots will result in making augment-less builds completely irrelevant, thus reducing build diversity.
  11. But this literally is "do more of the same for new rewards". It's not even new content that takes months to finish. It's new content that takes months to get your hands on and play with.
  12. The only kuva melee weapon we got so far is a hammer
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