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  1. VentiGlondi

    wisp: this seriously needs to stop

    Play Titania
  2. VentiGlondi


    People saying that pve games don't need to be balanced
  3. VentiGlondi

    Dual Daggers

    iirc they acknowledged that dual daggers suck
  4. VentiGlondi

    Why do Excavators not scale?

    If you're going to argue that sorties are supposed to be harder, remember that defence replaces the crypod with a guy that can be revived and is affected by healing abilities
  5. VentiGlondi

    Who’s the most attractive looking boss ever??

  6. VentiGlondi

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    Maiming strike still existing
  7. Yes, two new warframes is impressive news for sure.
  8. They could be compensating for the Wukong/Nezha release Also that would be kind of funny considering Nezha is the complete opposite of Hildren Warframes aren't exactly known for having accurate proportions. Have you seen Atlas? Nekros? Octavia?
  9. VentiGlondi

    Has a riven ever tried to drive you insane? :P

    Yes - I unveiled it and it was a Seer mod
  10. VentiGlondi

    DE now has Serious Competition

    If Destiny wants to step it up, they need to change the way they handle content updates
  11. VentiGlondi

    can we get a good man butt

    He's a pile of infested flesh shaped like a person
  12. VentiGlondi

    can we get a good man butt

    They got Liger to design deluxe skins
  13. VentiGlondi

    Mesa's Ballistic Battery need a rework

    Make it deal the stored damage in an AoE if you score a headshot with the charged bullet
  14. VentiGlondi

    DE, we are BEGGING you for a T-pose emote

    Also add fortnite dances while you're at it.
  15. I explained the thought process behind taking raids away, as requested The issues OP listed have nothing do to with it