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  1. For me as well the biggest reason using polearms in the first place even before the range was a huge factor; was the uninterrupted movement and fluidity of gameplay. And this was achieved exactly by the quickmelee 'stance' as descriped by others as well, specifically 'Shimmering Blight'. Otherwise as I've been testing the new melee system, it feel really really phenomenal with the melee slam system and instant switching. But when I'm using my polearm 'normally' I'm contantly standing still every 4m of movement because of the button smash EEE combo via Shimmbering Blight and it really breaks the flow and control of the battlefield. I know I could adopt a new playstyle after a while, but I still have a simple suggestion that might actually remedy this; Swap the current EEE-combo from Shimmering Blight with the Quick Melee combo that doesn't interrupt the movement. Thank you.
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