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  1. Items that are in the end of EoM list that should be at the beginning: Corrupted Holokey Almost half of all Prime items are at the end of the list, mostly 'part's while blueprints are mostly sorted correctly War Hilt Some Railjack armaments(components) blueprints Riven Slivers Detonite injector (built one dropped from rare containers) Requiem Ultimatum Items that are inbetween important items at start, but belong further down the list Aucrux Capacitors (railjack resource) applies to other higher end railjack resources aswell Void Traces should be super early in the list, currently they are after Rare Mods, which might place them too deep in the list for quick glance during endurance runs. Steel Essence should be higher up. (Actually I have two screenshots where in one it is the last item in the list, and in the other it is next to Oxium after rare mods. So it's inconsistent). Should be near Void Traces at the start.
  2. That's weird because it works for me. I've bound Tactical Menu to '§/½' key, the one left to '1' on keyboard, below ESC. And I literally just went and tested it out on Gunner and Pilot seats and it works from there as it should. You should check if there is something weird going on with your Railjack binds. RJ has its separate keybind settings way in the end of Options/Controls pane, in the section where you have the separate mouse sensitivities for your railjack. 'Railjack->Customize Key Bindings'. Even if they are as they should, make an arbitrary change and save the settings if there is some weird corruption in your settings files that causes the game to revert to defaults in certain situations.
  3. The bug did happen prior to Command Intrinsics too (even in Solo), but it is possible I've used specters in those instances. Try to spawn a specter into railjack (order it to hold position within RJ) if you see a Pulse Turbine and see if that breaks it consistently.
  4. Fluidity. The first thing that descripes Warframe gameplay. Fast and precise controls allowing advanced maneuvers that add complexity quickly. So I'd like to suggest additions to UI usability in Railjack. Especially in Tactical Menu and Pilot seat. Here's a mockup for Tactical Menu Currently when Tactical Menu is open, you can only use your mouse to access things and keyboard is totally unused. What if the Tactical abilities were useable with 123 just like the Railjack abilities are on the pilot seat. Shared Warframe Tactical abilities would be bound to QWER. If you have the 'Teleport to other player' Intrinsic unlocked - SHIFT+E would teleport you to 3rd player on the list, which is my AI crewmate Strategist Torikiza in this case. Often if a crewmate is down you might want to teleport to them really quickly within a POI and very often the majority of the time to transition is taken by finding your cursor on the screen and actually hitting the right super small button. Slowly I've learned which one of the icons is the teleport, but it would be convienient if it was merely a keybind. Then you could customize the different static teleport locations within railjack how you want, but I selected CSATB solely based on the starting letters of the points. Having these quick access binds would be similar to using Cipher with Y rather than waiting to find your cursor to press the item you want on the screen. For the Pilot I'd like to see this: Press 4 to make a cool transition to Forward Artillery seat. Something like a backwards dash combined with a backflip over the navigation console. This is actually something I do currently :D This is just a small usability suggestion that would significantly enhance the user experience for these screens. Thank you!
  5. Happened again. Solo, via Dojo. Voidstorm in Saturn Vand Cluster. 3rd or 4th concecutive mission. U30.0.1 Pulse turbine. Support ticket #2475008 which includes EE.log and F6 screenshot with metadatas.
  6. Minimap goes missing after using Tactical map or entering any POI TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Options/Interface -> 'Prefer Overlay Map: ON' doesn't work => This function breaks in Railjack missions all the time. It revert to OFF state with every camera/UI transition. And everytime it does you are left with blank/no minimap. You can easily fix it by spamming 'M' to switch between minimap modes, but you are forced to do this 10-20 times a mission. VISUAL: Minimap goes missing completely EXPECTED RESULT: Minimap ALWAYS visible as Overlay Map - Overlay state should NEVER change within a mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Minimap goes missing after you use Tactical Menu REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%. Have Overlay Minimap ON. Activate Tactical Menu - close tactical menu. Now there is no minimap at all. You have to press M to have it in the corner and M again to have it in Overlay. Same issue when entering any POI/Crewship etc.
  7. Void Storms relic efficiency : Make them use endless logic per POI Similar to Disruption/Excavation Fissures. Currently Void Storms are one big bounty-esque missions with several phases. 1 to 3 POIs, Capital Ship (Corpus Proximas) and the Railjack portion. For all of that you get to crack ONE relic. What if POIs and Capital Ship were to be considered a separate relic cracking? Or everytime you get 10 reactants your relic gets cracked and you select a new one? Having the max relics per mission be the amount of POIs the mission spawned with. I understand that it would be really hard to implement well to separate different POIs from each other especially in hyper focused groups where all POIs are being completed simultaneously. BUT at least the Capital Ships are completely separated from Railjack portion forcing everyone into the ship. So why not at least have that have a separate relic selection screen to allow at least 2 relics to be cracked within a single 'mission'. One relic for Railjack portion and another relic for the Capital Ship mission. On the topic of relic cracking I have to mention that this would work great while Solo, which I've ran mostly thusfar. Public groups seem to be really awful for Voidstorm runs. Reactants are simply not spawning at all within POIs or Crewships (at least if you're visiting them as a client, don't know about host cos I seemingly can never host a mission myself - which kills public runs for me). 'Drop in / Drop out' for public missions Railjack missions need after mission prompt similar to Defense missions where each player votes for Extract/Continue. Those who choose to leave will be returned to Dojo/Relay and those who continue - do. Or some form of mechanic to part from the group at will without disrupting the group composition. You could even have a personal Liset departure if you want to go back to dojo while others continue. I want to force to be a Host when I start a public mission In normal missions I usually don't mind joining other groups randomly on public as the games work without gamebreaking issues. But with Railjack (and openworlds) it seems that 95% of other people hosting is super laggy even when I have below 70ms ping to them. It seems super rare that public host has a decent enough computer to host openworld maps for 4 players. Like switching to operator can take literally 5 to 10 seconds and I'm not exaggerating. So at least have a consideration to add more parameters to the selection algorithm who is the best host - not just how the connection seems with 1 player. Or implement a ingame stress test which tests the PC and ISP connectivity. Wreckage Capacity After every single Railjack instance I go past my 30 wreckage capacity. Yesterday I had 68/30. Scrapping wreckage gets old pretty fast. If I enter Railjack mission from Liset and get prompted to scrap some items before mission the actual 'Scrap' confirmation button is greyed out so I am forced to go to Dojo to do it.
  8. U28.0.4. Node: Pluto/Oceanum Mission: Cephalon Suda / Sabotage / Corpus Ship Remaster I was exploring the new tileset and learning rare item spawns with Syncidate medallions when I found this item spawn, which is clearly not where it's supposed to be. The location also has sort of a map hole, where the visible wall doesn't line up with the playerClip so you can just walk inside the wall 1m deep, which made this bug reporting easier as we can clearly see that this is not just a secret room. Metadata for above screenshot overseeing the Syndicate medallion. /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Corpus/CorpusShipCoreSabotage/MLFmDqgUzAMBxBsZGGCSETFPhFMSBHQIAAAwIQBAEKQ.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusShip/IntGunBattery P: 398, 623, 297 H:167 Log: 14866.070 Overview of the tile in next screenshot. If you need more metadata with F6 screenshots via support or short video, just ask.
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