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  1. Hi, I did finally get the Athodai and Hydroid Prime ~28h apart from each other, but... I've yet to release Lemnas Staff Skin or Necramech Statue, even though I clearly got them displayed for me ingame and here's proof screenshots for it: Lemnas Staff Skin dropping... Necramech Statue dropping... And I even stayed for a while after Here comes another BUT... The screenshot above, where red text shown on top of screen with quote "Bye for now!" was about just before when the 'forced dance part' occured. And as you can see I was already doing the 'Pendalum Narta' dance... I NEVER saw the 'forced' dance party across the relay as my game literally crashed to desktop out of the blue automatically opening me this website: https://www.warframe.com/en/memory and I believe that the crash had something to do with the dance emote being the same what I was already using. SO I think that I might have missed out on the Relay-drops, because I never "completed the mission" by leaving the Relay instance normally - so the Lemnas Skin and Necramech Statue were considered 'lost' by mission failure as my game crashed. Should I still wait if the items might someday appear in my inbox? Or should I contact support?
  2. If you own and have mastered the Sentinel/Moa Weapons Cryotra, Helstrum, Tazicor or Vulcax and then buy their blueprints - the ownership of the item is not recognized within the foundry. And here below is a screenshot of my arsenal weapon selection that I indeed have the weapons shown on the above Foundry counterpart. So status for "Mastered" works, but not with "owned". A really niche and minor issue, but caught my eye today.
  3. Phenomenal TennoCon 2020!! Astounding brilliance! All of it, Live Event production value, how genuine your interactions are with the community, the artstyle, THE LORE, the gameplay aspects and depth of it all... Year after year you continue to impress me! I feel proud to be a Founder! 💗 Thank you, DE!
  4. This indeed. I honestly love it, but I've kept ALL normal frames AND their extra blueprints for this exact type of possibility for YEARS. Like 4 months ago I started building all components just in case. And today I was able to just hit like 80% of the normal frames into the 72h build phase instantly aftern TennoCon. And YES I do have some Simaris ones building too, as I've been slowly clearing his store in a way that I have everything crafted +1 extra, in case we ever need them (for ephemeras etc.). And then bought extra bps so when I hit that "Hide owned" I'm left with items that I truly do not have, so finding new items on the store listings becomes easier. This has been one of my endgame stuffs.
  5. If you want to cast multiple Magnetize bubbles using the Magnetized Discharge augment, you cannot do so if your camera even slightly is inside a previously casted bubble. This can be easily reproduced. Setup two groups of enemies (A and B) far enough from each other so the Magnetize wont pull them together. Cast augmented Magnetize to group A Now stand outside the Bubble A and look at Enemy Group B in such a way that your Camera is just 1 pixel within the Bubble A, but it's practically invisible to you. Cast augmented Magnetize to group B Notice how Bubble A gets recast/popped instead of creating a new bubble to group B? This is because the ability casting is calculated from the camera, instead of the warframe. This same issue has been in the game with most of the abilities and weapon fire pretty much always. It is quite annoying feature, and I hope it gets fixed. You can reproduce the same bug with Loki Decoy. Just stand next to a wall while your aim reticle is aiming past it. Cast Decoy. Decoy spawns BEHIND you where your camera is, as the wall "blocks" the casting LOS. Instead of where your aim reticle is actually pointing to. Edit: Here's a video with great demonstration how your Kavat and a Wall can make your ability cast behind you.
  6. I don't know why this took so long to understand for me. I always though it had something to do with being a client as the bug always happened when I wasn't a host. But now I finally can reproduce it. preset: Bind a 'Energy Restore' to your gear wheel and hotkey it to "T" on your keyboard. Control test: While playing as a warframe, press SHIFT+W to sprint. While sprinting press "T" to drop an 'Energy Restore'. This works. Bug test: Now press "5" to cast into 'Operator'. Now while sprinting SHIFT+W try to drop an Energy Restore with the hotkey "T". Nothing happens. None of the consumables work, scanner wont cast. This bug literally gets me killed quite often or makes gameplay fluidity to totally break. It feels as if my keyboard would be broken, but it is not, since the same actions work perfectly while using a warframe.
  7. Thank you for sharing the video, this gives me some sanity back.
  8. Bump. Same issue, for a very long time I thought that Juno Nul/Sap/Slo Combas weren't spawning, as I always found the non-Juno variant replacing them in the new Corpus Ship remaster. I still always check all combas I come across for undocumented fixes. Today while playing Steel Path in Pluto I came across Juno Nul and Sap Combas, scanned both (although both were already green colored for scanner) and I'm still missing them in the codex. Here's a short video proof them clearly spawning in mission. Juno NUL/SAP Combas do spawn And here's a screenshot of codex after that mission
  9. I was playing in Veil, farming for 2 missing Velocity Avionics with Mod booster. I got the Point of Interest where you need to hijack a Crewship and another POI with Shipkiller Platform. I took flight with the hijacked POI Crewship and parked it infront of the Shipkiller, just for giggles to test how fast it kills it. It was dead when I came back outside from Shipkiller to destroy the 1st Radiator. I picked up the Purple Component drop after I had completed the Shipkiller POI and used Omni to return to Railjack. The screenshot above is taken right as I had returned to Railjack. The Screenshot below is to show other drops are in fact MKIII. I only played this single mission in the Veil and returned to Dojo after. So it is not an old drop from previous mission. IIRC this bug was already fixed once several months ago, so it got me off guard. I do not know if the hijacked Crewship spawned as Exo or Kosma variant this time, but I'd assume it had to be Kosma, as they originally were with RJ release even in the Veil missions. I can only find this fix by quick search, which isn't the exact case, but similar issue already fixed in the past.
  10. A common extraction tile in the new Corpus Ship Remaster has a item spawn below the floor that is inaccessible. It is below a proximity activated 'Corpus Display' tower. Metadata, from one of the screenshots: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Corpus/CorpusShipSurvivalRaid/ZMEhCJAjPqDjBAkKFIcQcaJpEf6UoUzKAgAEAABAEAQo.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusShip/Exit02 P: 446, 1196, 282 H:-20 Log: 11336.502 You can see the Ayatan Piv Sculpture highlighted green with prior Scanner usage between Mesa and Minimap overlay. Here's more screenshots... IF this some insanely ellaborate minipuzzle/secret room, please tell me and how to access it?
  11. Nudging the thread for visibility. I just ran into this bug myself, as I got a Riven for the weapon. Yep, Elemental dmg-calculations are just weird. It might be just an UI issue. Just adding High Voltage and no other mods results in double dipping the elemental: Adds Electricity (246) AND combines innate Toxin to Corrosive (8) making total of 664 dmg Then if you add Thermite Rounds it combines the two mods into Radiation dmg of 8 and the numbers are really low making total dmg only 421.
  12. Jupiter/Adrastea Sabotage Caches, official droptable snippet today And here's three separate runs Lich mission normal mission #1 normal mission #2 We can clearly see, while the old 400 is also possible, that in the mission results the caches are 450 and 550 which neither are reflected in the official droptables. This specifically caught my eye, because endo amounts like that are highly uncharacteristic as rotation rewards. *(Those two numbers actually don't even exist at all in the current droptables). This also makes me question the "lucky rng" on the rare mod front for the recent weeks as I've noticed significant increase in rare-item/mod drops that are way off from the official numbers. I do not mind it at all if dropchances have been secretly equalized to be more fair. It's a good thing. I'm just pointing out that I want transparency if it is so, so we can trust the official droptables. Fact is that the droptables did get an update for U28, because GranumVoid/etc was added, yet there seems to be inconsistencies in some portions. It would be cool, if the page displayed the date&time when the last update happened for the droptable, and if there are any changes within small hotfixes, those would be mentioned, even if the droptables weren't immediately updated to reflect that. At least we would know, there's a change. Though I do like the direction that if Endo occupies like 40% of rotation table, it would be split between several different sized packages, like 450/550/600/400 with 10% each to give variance between runs, instead of simple 40% for 400. I wonder if the changes I've noticed have something to do with the upcoming Hard Mode and whispered Reward structure changes / overhaul?
  13. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  14. I have a same/similar "Unknown Error" when selecting any pets after using an "Imprint" function. I haven't incubated any pets for years aside the Vasca Kavat when it was released. So this is a first time in a very long time that I use Imprinting. Now after U28 I wanted to incubate another Kavat. I matured it and wanted to make imprints. Now when I select ANOTHER pet for missions, while the new Kavat is under imprint process for 90mins, I get "Unknown Error" like shown in the OP's screenshot. When I try to select the new Kavat, it says "[name] is busy generating an imprint" which I believe to be the intended function. Maybe the game sees that there is an imprint generation ongoing, queues the errorbox for display, but it is not tied to the pet I select, so it shows the error box, but doesn't return any error codes, so the incubator only displays an "unknown error" instead. So it shouldn't automatically display the errorbox on pet selection if there is a pet generating an imprint, only when you're selecting THE pet that is.
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