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  1. Thank you! This fixed the issue mentioned in this archived post:
  2. ^This aspect hurts the most. I rarely log in to the forums anymore, because I feel that it doesn't matter. Also the recaptcha with uBlock makes it really annoying to access sometimes compared to very easily accessible reddit, which often gets way more attention from DE than their own forums concerning feedback.
  3. After playing awhile now with the new Melee Phase 2 I gotta say it feels so much better and fluid across the board. I feel that I can actually use other melee now than Polearms to get fluid and unrestricted melee gameplay and the range changes are good all in all. But I gotta say that it will take some time to actually learn away from using my trusty polearm Zaw 😄 , just because it is in all of my loadouts by default. There is one thing with Heavy Melee Attacks that has been frustrating me and disturbing the fluidity for melee. I cannot use Heavy Melee attack when I have a gun in hand. There even is a completely separate keybind for Heavy Melee, but it doesn't do anything unless you are specifically already in melee mode. This has literally gotten me killed several times over and it feels really wrong to attack one unnecessary melee swing just to get access to Heavy Attacks. I think that the reason why I'm not using "Lifted" status pretty much at all is due to this. When I jump high up into the air, shoot couple of times and try to slam down while still having combo counter to get the Lifted Status out, I just can't. I must use melee first and it causes a regular Slam Attack instead. It also causes serious confusion during combat if you have any weapons utilizing secondary fire, like Fulmin. Mostly it feels good to have Heavy Attack and Secondary Fire binded to the same key, but with Fulmin I constantly change the fire mode accidentally. This breaks the flow really badly. I've been using these binds: Fire Weapon ::: Mouse 1 Secondary Fire ::: Mouse 4 (Thumb button, front) ::: [Unbound] Melee Attack ::: E Heavy Melee Attack ::: Mouse 5 (Thumb button, back) ::: Mouse 4 (Thumb button, front) Melee with Fire Weapon Input ::: ON So when I'm going crazy with melee I use secondary fire to use heavy attacks and mouse 1 for normal melee, but if I'm parkouring I want to be able to quickly slam down with heavy attacks using Mouse 5, but this is not currently possible. TL;DR Heavy Attack should be accessible instantly regardless of item/weapon in hand.
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