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  1. That's weird because it works for me. I've bound Tactical Menu to '§/½' key, the one left to '1' on keyboard, below ESC. And I literally just went and tested it out on Gunner and Pilot seats and it works from there as it should. You should check if there is something weird going on with your Railjack binds. RJ has its separate keybind settings way in the end of Options/Controls pane, in the section where you have the separate mouse sensitivities for your railjack. 'Railjack->Customize Key Bindings'. Even if they are as they should, make an arbitrary change and save the settings if
  2. The bug did happen prior to Command Intrinsics too (even in Solo), but it is possible I've used specters in those instances. Try to spawn a specter into railjack (order it to hold position within RJ) if you see a Pulse Turbine and see if that breaks it consistently.
  3. Fluidity. The first thing that descripes Warframe gameplay. Fast and precise controls allowing advanced maneuvers that add complexity quickly. So I'd like to suggest additions to UI usability in Railjack. Especially in Tactical Menu and Pilot seat. Here's a mockup for Tactical Menu Currently when Tactical Menu is open, you can only use your mouse to access things and keyboard is totally unused. What if the Tactical abilities were useable with 123 just like the Railjack abilities are on the pilot seat. Shared Warframe Tactical abilities would be bound to QWER.
  4. Happened again. Solo, via Dojo. Voidstorm in Saturn Vand Cluster. 3rd or 4th concecutive mission. U30.0.1 Pulse turbine. Support ticket #2475008 which includes EE.log and F6 screenshot with metadatas.
  5. Minimap goes missing after using Tactical map or entering any POI TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Options/Interface -> 'Prefer Overlay Map: ON' doesn't work => This function breaks in Railjack missions all the time. It revert to OFF state with every camera/UI transition. And everytime it does you are left with blank/no minimap. You can easily fix it by spamming 'M' to switch between minimap modes, but you are forced to do this 10-20 times a mission. VISUAL: Minimap goes missing completely EXPECTED RESULT: Minimap ALWAYS visible as Overlay Map
  6. Void Storms relic efficiency : Make them use endless logic per POI Similar to Disruption/Excavation Fissures. Currently Void Storms are one big bounty-esque missions with several phases. 1 to 3 POIs, Capital Ship (Corpus Proximas) and the Railjack portion. For all of that you get to crack ONE relic. What if POIs and Capital Ship were to be considered a separate relic cracking? Or everytime you get 10 reactants your relic gets cracked and you select a new one? Having the max relics per mission be the amount of POIs the mission spawned with. I understand that it would be real
  7. I've had this bug happen a lot in the past while playing solo and it never happens with first mission you run. It only happens when the Pulse Turbine spawns a second time in consecutive missions. Pulse Turbine is the only POI that does that (at least for me). This bug never happens if you return to Liset after each Railjack mission. For me it has felt like an error in updating asset status when reusing POIs from previous missions to reduce loading times between missions. This only applies if the game session is built in a way that the POI assets stay in memory for future missions to make
  8. Same, duplicate Howl emote and Emissary suit not giving NW creds
  9. Welp, I have 53 Repaired Wreckage. Because why not. Better to use the drops to full potential rather than scrapping them, since I've had the resources to do it. 2 of each different Armament AND House variant, so I can have any possible combination of 2 Armaments equipped. ALL OF THEM at maxed % values via Valence Fusion. Reactors and Engines are all maxed out similarly with their corresponding buff-variants. Vidar and Lavan Shield Arrays are the only ones that are not fully maxed, as they are missing like 1 valence fusion each from being maxed, but are practically maxed. Th
  10. First I want to thank you for the update details and courage to make such a huge undertaking for a better overall experience. The video format was a great addition to compliment the text version of dev workshop! I do have questions on some particulars though: = Early Adaptors Reimbursement = Do I get to keep my Components/Armaments as they are (except for the Reactors ofc), which I have 53 of, or do I need to recraft them? As I have all the different weapons/engines/shields/reactors valence fusioned to max % two times over, as I want to have all possible combinations availa
  11. I do enjoy all the optimization fixes everytime and they are NEVER pointless. You're still making the code better even if it seems unnecessary - it shows the love toward your work. Making something better just 'because you can' - is the foundation of innovation and learning. Always keep making minute things better if you see there's a possibility for it. They add up in the long run. Thanks for the update!
  12. If I see the minimap correct for this particular case, there is an open glass-grate on the bigger hallway 20m away from this location. This grate on the floor leads to a service corridor below floor and gives access to a room your items is spawned at.
  13. Hey, Several months ago I had a conversation about this bug with support on the zendesk, where they suggested I should disable "AMD's Radeon Boost" from the GPU Drivers. I did not have that feature enabled, BUT I did have "Radeon Anti-Lag" and "Surface Format Optimization" enabled. Disabling both of those seemingly fixed the issue as I have not encountered the bug since. So if you're running AMD GPU, go to 'Radeon Software' settings -> Graphics and disable the extra features there and see which one fixes it.
  14. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong subsection of the Forum, but I think this has something to do with game engine itself so... Ever since Heart of Deimos update I've been having this really weird rendering glitch with the game where I randomly get a 'Green rectangular dot' on top of the game. Here's a really heavily zoomed in printscreen-screenshot. I'm mentioning PrintScreen specifically, BECAUSE using the ingame F6 does NOT show the green dot, which is REALLY WEIRD and has made me pretty concerned in various ways, as if the dot is a overlay of sorts. Here's a comparison be
  15. U28.0.4. Node: Pluto/Oceanum Mission: Cephalon Suda / Sabotage / Corpus Ship Remaster I was exploring the new tileset and learning rare item spawns with Syncidate medallions when I found this item spawn, which is clearly not where it's supposed to be. The location also has sort of a map hole, where the visible wall doesn't line up with the playerClip so you can just walk inside the wall 1m deep, which made this bug reporting easier as we can clearly see that this is not just a secret room. Metadata for above screenshot overseeing the Syndicate medallion. /Lotus/Lev
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