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  1. Hey! Got some questions for the Dev team! Augments: Weapon augments: Both Nightwave and the Kela/Index weapon augments added new and unique mechanics to some older weapons, has the team ever thought about going back to older augments and changing them from simple stat boosts to something more unique? Warframe augments: Currently, there are some augments people would consider "mandatory" for frames (Such as Despoil and Fatal Teleport). Has there been any consideration into putting overused augments as baseline changes to abilities? In addition, any chance we can get dynamic augments text to show how they're affected by ability mods? Conclave augments: There are multiple unique augments that are hidden behind the conclave mode (Such as Rumbled and Prism guard), any plans on bringing some conclave augments to the PvE environment? Companions: Precept changes: Currently, every companion has 1-2 innate precept abilities, as well as sentinels needing a precept to attack, which removes 2-3 total mod spaces, making the already strict companions even stricter. Has the team considered making precepts baseline with a companion, having them rank up akin to warframe abilities? New companions: We know a knew vampire kavat is in the works, but are there any more planned? Such as a new sentinel/kubrow/moa? In addition, will there be another way of aiming for specific breeds instead of trading DNA between players? Weapon compatibility: At current, a sentinel/moa weapon will conflict with ours if they are sharing the same mods, is there any plans to address or remove this system?
  2. Got some questions for the team! Sentinel weapons and mod confliction: Mods that are placed on both our weapons and a sentinels conflict with one another; this system limits our ability to make specific builds (either due to lack of specific mods or the inability to get more of them, in the case of log in reward mods). Will this be addressed any time soon? Any plans to look over sentinel weaponry, such as buffs or unique mechanics? Companions and their limited mod space: Fortuna released a whole slue of mods for our companions, to the 60/60 elemental mods, as well as the set mods. This has made it rather difficult to make space for mods, especially for kavats, is there anything in the works to dampen this issue, such has making precepts part of the base companion instead of mods, or moddable claws? Moas': Akin to the other four companion types, will Moas get their own set mods? In addition, just like modual weapons (zaw's and kitguns) will moas get their own unique set of Arcanes? We know more legs are coming for moas, but is there any plans for more heads as well? Conservation: Any plans on adding the conservation animals as companions or companion skins in the future? Any chance of an upgradable traq rifle? Either in the form of different types or mods? Syndicates: Syndicates haven't received any new forms of content (outside of Warframe mods) since Capture scenes were added to them back in Update 22.14. Is there anything in the works for them, outside of augments? Such as new syndicate weapons or cosmetics. Speaking of syndicate cosmetics, syndicate standing is still only earned through their respective sigils, heavily limiting the use of both our fashion as well as which sigils we can use. Any plans to change this system?
  3. Some questions for the dev team! Fortuna and PoE Standing limit and economy: There has been a rather large discussion on the Fortuna forums related to the standing limit in both open worlds, what are the teams thoughts on this? We know you guys don't want us blowing through the content day one, but is there any internal discussions going on about the topic you can share? In addition to the above, will PoE get the same economy adjustments Fortuna got? Such as fishing/mining resources appears in loot containers or fish not needing bait to spawn? Modular equipment: Another hot topic is how modular items are handled, any thoughts on the topic or changes you are able to share? Kubrow/Kavat/Sentinal modding space: Fortuna added a whole slue of new mods for our companions; all 3 got new 2 new set items and our furry friends got 4 new dual stat mods, in addition to vacuum. This has made it harder to fit a multitude of mods onto them, hampering their effectiveness in one way or another. What are the teams thoughts on the matter and are there any plans to look at the issue? Additionally, will sentinal weapon mods conflicting with our warframes weapons mods be addressed? Unreleated/mixed questions: Any news on the Titania and Nyx reworks you can share? More info on Pets 2.0? Any plans to let Umbra and Moa pets roam the orbiter? New content for The Helminth in the works? Will Legs get more Legs as time goes on?
  4. Got some questions for the dev team! Companions 2.0: It's been quite some time since we last heard anything about the companion update, any news you can give us on it? Specifically, will mods conflicting between warframe weapons and sentinels weapons be looked at, as well as changes any changes to companion health/damage decay? Warframe Reworks: Last we heard, both Nyx and Vauban were in the process of getting a rework, any update on those two? Additionally, has the team thought about doing another small pass on frames akin to the workshop we got earlier this year? Cetus and PoE: Despite Fortuna launching this year, will both Cetus and PoE get any content other than the shared content between the two (bounties available in the open world for example)? Specifically, any news on the new eidolon or if Naka and Master Teasonai will receive new content? Syndicates: The last form of content the syndicates have received were captura tiles and warframe augments. Will any new forms of content be added to them, such as new syndicate weapons or landing craft decorations? Additionally, will the way we earn standing with them (using their sigils) be looked at? Helminth: The Helminth was introduced all the way back at the end of 2016 and yet there has been no new content related to it, is there any planned content coming for him and the cyst mechanic, and if so is there anything you can spoil? Thanks for taking the time to read my questionries, can't wait for this dev stream ❤️.
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