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  1. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Got some questions for the team! Sentinel weapons and mod confliction: Mods that are placed on both our weapons and a sentinels conflict with one another; this system limits our ability to make specific builds (either due to lack of specific mods or the inability to get more of them, in the case of log in reward mods). Will this be addressed any time soon? Any plans to look over sentinel weaponry, such as buffs or unique mechanics? Companions and their limited mod space: Fortuna released a whole slue of mods for our companions, to the 60/60 elemental mods, as well as the set mods. This has made it rather difficult to make space for mods, especially for kavats, is there anything in the works to dampen this issue, such has making precepts part of the base companion instead of mods, or moddable claws? Moas': Akin to the other four companion types, will Moas get their own set mods? In addition, just like modual weapons (zaw's and kitguns) will moas get their own unique set of Arcanes? We know more legs are coming for moas, but is there any plans for more heads as well? Conservation: Any plans on adding the conservation animals as companions or companion skins in the future? Any chance of an upgradable traq rifle? Either in the form of different types or mods? Syndicates: Syndicates haven't received any new forms of content (outside of Warframe mods) since Capture scenes were added to them back in Update 22.14. Is there anything in the works for them, outside of augments? Such as new syndicate weapons or cosmetics. Speaking of syndicate cosmetics, syndicate standing is still only earned through their respective sigils, heavily limiting the use of both our fashion as well as which sigils we can use. Any plans to change this system?
  2. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Some questions for the dev team! Fortuna and PoE Standing limit and economy: There has been a rather large discussion on the Fortuna forums related to the standing limit in both open worlds, what are the teams thoughts on this? We know you guys don't want us blowing through the content day one, but is there any internal discussions going on about the topic you can share? In addition to the above, will PoE get the same economy adjustments Fortuna got? Such as fishing/mining resources appears in loot containers or fish not needing bait to spawn? Modular equipment: Another hot topic is how modular items are handled, any thoughts on the topic or changes you are able to share? Kubrow/Kavat/Sentinal modding space: Fortuna added a whole slue of new mods for our companions; all 3 got new 2 new set items and our furry friends got 4 new dual stat mods, in addition to vacuum. This has made it harder to fit a multitude of mods onto them, hampering their effectiveness in one way or another. What are the teams thoughts on the matter and are there any plans to look at the issue? Additionally, will sentinal weapon mods conflicting with our warframes weapons mods be addressed? Unreleated/mixed questions: Any news on the Titania and Nyx reworks you can share? More info on Pets 2.0? Any plans to let Umbra and Moa pets roam the orbiter? New content for The Helminth in the works? Will Legs get more Legs as time goes on?
  3. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Got some questions for the dev team! Companions 2.0: It's been quite some time since we last heard anything about the companion update, any news you can give us on it? Specifically, will mods conflicting between warframe weapons and sentinels weapons be looked at, as well as changes any changes to companion health/damage decay? Warframe Reworks: Last we heard, both Nyx and Vauban were in the process of getting a rework, any update on those two? Additionally, has the team thought about doing another small pass on frames akin to the workshop we got earlier this year? Cetus and PoE: Despite Fortuna launching this year, will both Cetus and PoE get any content other than the shared content between the two (bounties available in the open world for example)? Specifically, any news on the new eidolon or if Naka and Master Teasonai will receive new content? Syndicates: The last form of content the syndicates have received were captura tiles and warframe augments. Will any new forms of content be added to them, such as new syndicate weapons or landing craft decorations? Additionally, will the way we earn standing with them (using their sigils) be looked at? Helminth: The Helminth was introduced all the way back at the end of 2016 and yet there has been no new content related to it, is there any planned content coming for him and the cyst mechanic, and if so is there anything you can spoil? Thanks for taking the time to read my questionries, can't wait for this dev stream ❤️.
  4. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    About companions; Is there any general update on the companions 2.0 rework? Last thing I recall us hearing about is that it'll come out in segments instead of all at once. For a specific change, will the current shared modding issue be looked at? Currently, mods cannot be shared between sentinals and a players weapons, will that be changed or addressed at all? About Kit-guns: With the release of Zaws, two major issues came up; power creep, with nearly all Zaws outperforming the vast majority of melee weapons, and over saturation of Rivens, with each strike having its own riven associated with it. With Kit guns, will these issues be addressed before hand? Will the power of Kit guns still be good to being Sortie viable without hurting the rest of the secondary class, and will rivens still be per gun (I suppose in this case, per unique barrel) or will there just be a single Kit gun riven? About Fortunas resources; We already know Fortuna is bringing in a whole slew of new fish and ores/gems, but will our progress from Cetus affect our ability to gather them? Will the fishing spears and mining tool from Cetus allow us to gain Fortunas fish/ores or will a new set be needed to do so? What about the hunting system? Is the rewards for it just standing or will there be resources tied to it? About Cetus/PoE Will Cetus and the Plains still get content after Fortunas launch? Stuff like the new eidolon or grineer mining machine shown awhile ago, as well as content outside those two? Will Master Teasonai get any more content added to him? Currently he's the only Cetus resident that lacks any real importance [Naka being the other outside of Plague star] General; How are the reworks for Nyx and Vauban coming along? Any new syndicate items in the works (outside of augments)? Will the Red Veils leader in Relays be changed to Palladino instead of unnamed red boy? As well as any new content added to Iron Wake? Riven disposition update soon? Thanks for reading, I cannot wait for this dev streaam ❤️
  5. King-K.Rool

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The biggest issue with Revenant is obviously that one ability is really good and the rest are just mediocre or unusable in their current state, mostly due to the fact they all have poor or odd mechanics behind them, so here is my proposal to buffs/changes that I feel could help the doly boy our a bit. Passive: His passive has horrible range so the affect is barely noticed, but I feel its more hampered by the fact that it requires his shields to deplete, due to Revenant having the highest base shields in the game, not to mention his ability to regenerate overshields. Proposal: Have the shockwave separated into 4 segments on the shield; for every 25% of shields he loses he emits a shockwave. The radius would increase by 25% for each burst (so the first proc at 25% shields would be as it is now, the proc at 50% would be 50% stronger etc. If damage goes past that amount it triggers the highest threshold, so a shot that does 51% shields will do the 50% proc instead of the 25%) While still not an amazing passive, this at least allows him to survive longer thanks to the added CC while still sticking with the eidolon theme. Enthrall: Obviously the biggest issue with this ability is that allies end up killing your thralls way to quickly, completely removing the synergy half his kit has with them. Not to mention enemies are horrible at killing other enemies, but thats more so an issue with the game vs Revenant specifically. Additionally, due to a vast majority of the enemies in the game are ranged, they damage pools they leave behind are rarely ever effective due to enemies are never close to thralls pools, outside of the infested. Proposal: Have enemies that are Enthralled become melee while gaining 100% movement speed: This allows them to corner enemies easily, fixing the problem of the damage pools rarely hitting anyone and helping Revenants survivability thanks to them taking aggro, as well as bunches them up for Reave, allowing for better synergy between the two. Enthralled units that die become ghosts, lasting for 50% of their remaining duration: This completely fixes the issue of allies killing the thralls and removing their usefulness. The thralls can still act and do as they will, without the issues of them taking up AI slots or dying to allied aoe abilities. For the damage pools, either have them proc twice (one for main death and one for ghost death) or only on one of them. Mesmer Skin: The ability just gets eaten up too fast by enemies to be made useful in most situation; warframe has you fight against constant hordes of enemies and having a small amount of charges to protect yourself just isnt enough when they're gone nearly right after cast. Proposal: Mesmer Skin has a grace period of 3 seconds where charges aren't consumed but still grant their bonuses: It's simple, its clean, its one of the most request changes i've seen when it comes to Revenant. After hitting X amount of enemies with Reave, restore a charge of Mesmer Skin. Thralls count at two additional hits: Some nice synergy between two of Revenants survival skills; the amount hit would be for every cast not just one, so if the amount needed is 10, hitting 5 one cast and 5 another would restore the charge, and thralls would count at 3 hits each. Reave: Currently this ability is considered an over costed Hydroid 2, offering the same mobility with not very noticeable benefits unless used on thralls, which currently are either too out of the way or die too quickly to make use of this ability out side of moving around in Danse Macabre. Proposal: Reave will now siphon enemy health and shields to Revenant, in addition to restore: Essentially this means that for every enemy hit with Reave, that % or health and shields will be added to his own for a short amount of time; reasoning for this is to give him that bit of survivability while Mesmer Skin is down and also giving the ability a bit more utility by allowing it to reduce enemies health. The 8% reduction is still much weaker than Virals 50% so it shouldnt be too overpowered. Reave will now go in the direction Revenant is aiming: Might just be me, but right now using the ability just feels clunky; it feels i should be able to go airborn with it due to the floaty nature of the affects (clouds and mist and all) but it feels way too grounded in its current state. Danse Macabre: This post is already becoming much longer than I planned for it to be, so for simplicity sake i'll just say Danse Macabre in my opinion is fine but revert the energy drain change that was made.
  6. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Any planned content for The Helminth? Will Focus be getting adjustments? Such as amount gained or new items to spend focus on? Any word on which warframes are getting reworked next? Will the Ostrons see more content coming before Fortuna? Specifically Master Teasonai and Nakak? Was Excalibur Umbra a one time thing or are more Umbra frames planned? Any news on the companion rework? Will Sigor Savah make an appearance any time soon?
  7. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    Got a looong list of questions for the Dev boys Weapons: On the cusp of the weapon rework, a lot of weapons have become viable and there has been a rather large meta shift (especially when it comes to beams). With this in mind, are there any plans to look at launchers specifically in order to raise their power levels? To be more exact, are there any plans to remove the self damage or launchers as to make them more viable, as in recent memory the only viable launcher was the Tonkor, and the main reason behind that was the small self damage it had (after the self damage was added, ive rarely seen the weapon) While the melee rework is (understandably) a larger process than the gun rework was, is there any way we can get some weapons/stats looked at? Specifically, adding a range stat to the stat screen, as well as having attack speed increase heavy attack charge time. Syndicates & Conclave: Is there any planned content coming for Syndicates outside of augments? Such as syndicate themed weapon skins (akin to the conclaves), operator armor, armor sets etc? Any chance the way we acquire standing be changed? Specifically, tying the percentage increase to the syndicates level instead of the sigils, as to allow us to use any sigil we want instead of the most optimal one. Any plans on replacing the specters available in the syndicates with faction specific ones? For example, replacing the charger with a Red Veil member that joins you in their syndicate missions. With a large majority of the fan base not being fans of the Conclave, are there any plans to allow for its rewards to be available outside of it? Such as weapon skins and syandana being made available in the market? Any discussions on making conclave specific augments available in PvE? Such as Rumbled or Prism Guard? Companions: Is there any updates you can give on the progress of the current pet rework? Has there been any discussion on moving some specters into the pet category? I for one propose Clem being a pet and having the Darvo mission reward Clembiscuits that raise his loyalty. Warframes: Are any of the following frames on the chopping block for a rework: Nezha, Wukong, Titania, Nyx, Vauban. Are there any plans to make over used augments become part of the base kit? For example, Despoil and Pilfering Swarm . Will we ever see warfames gain unique level up stats akin to Nidus? In that same vain, will level up stats be looked at and made unique to each frame?
  8. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Questions of the dev team! Question 1: Any chances of reworking bosses as a whole? Not in the vein of changing their boss fights, more so giving them more character and purpose (outside of frames) such as unique weapons or mod drops (Outside of Vor, Vor/LechKrill, Kela De Thaym) as well as having them taunt us throughout our journey on their respected planet? Question 2: Will we be getting any content related to Helminth any time soon, and is there anything you can tell us? Question 3: Will more items be added to the Cetus vendors (specifically Master Teasonai and Nakka) as well as Quill items? Question 4: Has there been any discussions about allowing conclave only mods to be used within PvE settings? As well as any word on the Lunaro melee weapon? Question 5: Will Mutagen mass rewards from invasions be increased to be equal with the Detonite/Fieldron (3 Mutagen instead of 1-2) Question 6: Any plans on adding more corrupted/nightmares in the near future? Thank you for youre time <3
  9. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Got a few questions for the dev team! So lets talk Helminth for a bit here. Helminth was released with Nidus on December 22nd, 2016 (according to the wiki) and has not seen any changes to his content since the charger remodel and ability to remove cysts. This has little over a year without any changes to our infested friend and I was wondering if there are any plans to have him and the cyst be more involved in some way? Perhaps allowing us to convert kavat dna into an infested Kavat (Im aware the kavats are immune to infestation, but still) as well as with the upcoming Moa pets, allowing us to infect them with a cyst to get their mutalist versions? On the same topic as pets, are there any updates on the companion rework that was mentioned a few dev streams ago? Pets are still in desperate need of a vacuum augment/collar to compete better with the current sentienel lineup, as well as some sentinels need a good rework (lookin at you dethcube). Any plans to update Syndicates at all? New augments are an obvious, but what about possible new weapons or gear? Additionally, allowing us to equip any sigil from a syndicate and make the standing gain increase per syndicate rank (as all the sigils at each rank offer the same amount, but higher ones become more used thanks to their increase) would heavily boost our fashion frame game! Simply allow us to change our primary syndicate akin to how we change our primary focus schools. Lastly, are any of the following frames down the pipeline for reworks, and if so is there any progress that can be shared: Wukong, Nyx, Titania, Vauban, Ne zha. Thank you for your time, I cannot wait for this dev stream and its memetastic exploits!
  10. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #105 Art Showcase!

    Got some questions for the art team! 1. When it comes to designing a Deluxe skin for a frame, what aspects are used? For example, what was the design decision to give Volt a Proto-skin (as the other two Proto skins, being Nemesis Nyx and Proto Excalibur, are based on the game Dark sector, while no design akin to Proto Volts exists from what I can tell) vs something more related to his given characteristics? 2. Is there any chance the art team would be willing to do a re evaluation on some enemy models in order to distinguish them better from others, as well as when their effects? The biggest example of this are the Comba and Scrambus, in which both of their sub units look similar to another (only major difference being their helmets) and there is no indication on the radius of their ability. 3. Any plans for a UI update? Such as allowing us to re scale or move our HUD locations around, or even unique UI and HUD skins?
  11. King-K.Rool

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Got a few questions for the dev crew! Q 1 : Are there any plans to add more reason to revisit old bosses? Currently outside of Warframe parts and Sigils, only a select few bosses have a reason to be fought again (unique mods or weapons), so has there been any discussion on giving older bosses their own unique weapon/mod drops? Q 2:Will the Quills and Ostron syndicates get their own Syndicate weapons and mods? Q 3: Will Master Teasonai and Nakak be given more items in the future/ treated more like the other vendors of Cetus (a larger stock that increases with Ostron level) Q 4: Any update on when we will see more content for Helminth? Very excited for this dev stream, and thanks for making such a great game !