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  1. yeah, it was fun, interesting and great to play around with. Kinda wish I hadn't wasted all that forma on the Xoris now.
  2. I only have one small problem with protea after the tweaking. basically for her shield grenades, I don't think she should toss out 3, or 4, but just 1, that spins, and when you pass threw it you get one, and running through it refreshes the duration. The shield spawn one last as long as protea's duration and getting a refresh brings you to the top of the duration, so more like Wisp's mote but it has a time limit rather than infinitely sitting there. Maybe shifting her shrapnel grenades to scale, but I like how they currently feel, though it may need more testing.
  3. So after playing with Protea I think she needs, a little umpfh, she just needs a few buffs. I think I have a few ideas for it. Passive is fine. Gernade Fan - The Shrapnel grenade feels, weak, petty. The crowd control is great, but Gara is much better for area of denial, and the damage is, not so great. I have two ideas for it. (For the held grenade, I think you should throw out one rotating orb that anyone who gets within range can pick up, she throws out 3, Pubs come in groups of 4 plus companions can pick up an orb, just have one that circles with a large range that anyone close by can get like Wisp's motes, and the duration doesn't kick in till they move away, like Wisp's motes. Remains based on duration as is.) 1) Shrapnel grenade should scale with enemy level much like Vauban's Flechette orb. 2) Keep the slash proc the same, but every second the grenade emits an AoE blast proc that scales to enemy level and knocks enemies down. the first idea for the fix would probably take less effort to implement and feel much better with use, my idea for the second one isn't to change how the grenade deals damage, but make it feel better for overall damage and for better area of denial, keeping them in the radius of the cutting shrapnel. Blaze Artillery - Could use some tweaking, I got two ideas but I think they should both be added to Blaze Artillery. So first, I think the first turret should not be held to the time limit. It should have infinite duration until it shoot's it's clip. The other Blaze Artillery are held to the duration. At the 4th cast of it the first turret gets a time limit as the new one becomes the primary (Also it fits in with her passive). I think it should do this so you always got something to rely on, to fall back to, Plus with their fire rate they can burn the clip pretty quick, it would be good for something rounding the corner or if your digging in. My second idea for Blaze Artillery is... I'd like the damage to scale, and ontop of that, with the scaling, I think we as players should be able to mod it, like an Exalted Weapon, or let it feed off our main guns. To give us more control over how the Blaze Artillery behaves. While the Turret is nice I feel like it lacks overall power or control and forces people to build for Duration to get any sort of real use out of it. Dispensary - Is fine, no complaints. Temporal Anchor - Overall it's fine, my only suggestion is, maybe the big detonation is where Protea is standing and maybe smaller chain detonation at each of her recorded 'ghost' points, like a chain of destruction leading back to where she started? Hope this helps!
  4. Passive: Critical Failure - Doubles the bleedout time. While in a bleedout state weapons deal double damage (Able to use primary and secondary weapons). Hitting an enemy self-revives by 5%, killing an enemy self revives 15% Ability 1: Power Sink - Draw all resources within (range%) (You gather the resources drawn in at a lesser rate than on offer due to converting them to buffs) Drawing in: Ammo - Multishot % per ammo Health orb - Armor % per orb Energy - Power Strength % Resources - Increases ability duration per resource gathered. Endo - Increases Sprint speed Mods - Increases base weapon damage Ability 2: Null Wave - The broken warframe erupts with unstable void energy in an expanding cone outwards. Enemies hit by the cone have a small random debuff effect (Including: knock down, Weapon jam, radiation proc,or parazon opening. Debuffs do not stack but refresh if hit again, debuff randomly applied) . Exilus enemies hit by it have a chance to loose Exilus status, has a chance to disrupt nullifyer bubbles. Ability 3: Sacrifice (Cycle ability) - The broken warframe cuts exposed tubes to leak the chosen fluid on the floor trailing behind it and pooling when stopped. Allies who move into the puddles will gain that resource that the Broken warframe is sacrificing, Enemies who move through the fluid will get a debuff, and the broken warframe gets a slight replenishing debuff. While the ability is active the Broken warframe is constantly loosing the chosen resource, it can be stopped by cycling, tappng 3, or loosing all of said resource. If the resource is health and the ability causes a downed state double the duration ontop of the passive. Health (Red fluid) - Broken warframe trails red fluid behind him and is loosing health constantly, restoring health to allies. Enemies who step into it will get a red glow/sheen to them and will drop health orbs on death. All of broken warframes attacks have a small % of lifesteal. Energy (Blue fluid) - Broken Warframe trails blue liquid behind him and is loosing energy constantly giving allies an energy per second buff by standing in it. Enemies who move through it glow with a blue sheen and drop an energy orb on death. Broken warframe gets a small 10 energy per kill. Shields (White/purple fluid) - Broken warframe trails a white/purple puddle behind him and is constantly loosing shields, Allies standing in it have increased shield recharge and can get overshields by standing in it. Enemies who stand in it glow white/purple and drop omni-ammo upon death. Broken warframe has a chance to gain shields instead of decrease on hit. Ability 4: Combat Adaptation - The broken warframe overloads the systems and emits a field (Much like mags bullet attract) that draws fire within range. When hit by a status effect it does not proc, but is banked, each successive proc of elemental or primary type increases the bank, the broken warframe takes more damage from the banked types of damage the higher the percentage. The Broken Warframe deals increased weapon damage and has overall higher status chance with every elemental proc, and higher crit chance for primary damage types (primary damage types being slash, impact and puncture.) If the Broken warframe goes down while Combat Adaptation is active, the Broken warframe explodes in a range % for double what was banked, applying all banked procs on enemies, halves the down state time, but every enemy killed in the blast gives the broken warframe 10% revive total.
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