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  1. Hi there! Im ValDaniel and today i want to show you a riven i just unveiled. I was about to transtume it with other bad rivens but i said Hey! lets give it a try. I knew before that Phantasma was a stat monster but when i tried it with this riven i was in shock. I dont know what porcentage of use this weapon have but i want to show you how such an underrated weapon can be monstrosity. I had a lot of fun testing it and watching my enemies burn with 100-130 heat procs with 55k damage proc with just a single 11 rounds mag SHOOTING AT THEIR FOOTS! Imagine using this weapon vs lvl 1000 enemies and using 3-4 clips haha million proc! Facts in the video: -No mods-arcanes on wisp (imagine this monster with damage arcanes hehe) -No pet... Djinn bug at right-corne well... -Naramon school, remember madurai have the elemental damage modifier. -Lvl 140 heavy corrupteds-Shooting at their foots, while other guys need good weapons with godly rivens + head shoots and entire magazines to kill something with little bleed procs 😛 -Heat is stronger than bleed if u can deal lot of procs like phantasma can. Heat scales dmg with every single proc if you multiply that with the 100-130 you can do with a single magazine you know. -The riven is just perfect, status is a must for +++procs, heat damage makes heat procs more than the other stats, damage improves heat damage. Harmless negative. Here we go! i made you see the game from another perspective... sadly i only see players focusing so much over CC+CD stuff worth 5-10k and i wanted to bring you a simple riven with a weapon nobody cares about 😛 I hope i pushed you to TRY THIS WEAPON! REMEMBER that you can have fun from very little things. Now, let me exterminate all that grineer with my new flamethrower MUAHAHAHAHHA. You can pm ingame if u want the riven btw 😛
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