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  1. Going solo solved it, I hadn't even thought about it, I didn't think it could be the problem but yeah thank you so much krc473.
  2. Ok, its worse than i expected, nothing works, not even swapping oull, i took some screenshots.. same thing, firts mod hit, lich gets stuck there.
  3. He appears, I hit him and nothing happens. He bugs on the place and does not disappear until extraction, preventing other liches from appearing. It's impossible for me to finish him. This bug makes ending a lich extremely difficult and a very long and tedious process.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/YpaOxEj Third mod is Fass, but tried it 2 times and i cant kill my lich, first is netra and second is lohk as you can see, ofc im using oull because i dont have netra. Failed 2 times to kill my lich because this bug...
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