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  1. 🤣but only for 3 month, definitely going to get nerfed.
  2. What is the point of having disposition under 0.8? The riven stats is so low that a normal mod would have better stats than the riven. Please don't ruin the fun part of the game, people spent so much money and time want to feel the power of their guns, want to have the satisfaction of the huge damage numbers.
  3. 1. carrier, because i have -62.7% max ammo on my strun wraith riven. 2. smeeta, only use for kuva and survival missions. 3. Wyrm, ragdoll from Crowd Dispersion mod is pretty funny.
  4. When you have almost everything in the game, cycling the riven is the only thing you could do, and they discourage you from doing it, you know it's time to uninstall the game and move on to other games.
  5. Currently, I just need to login for another week to get my primed fury, if you change it...just don't change anything pls. The "new" system isn't any better than the current, people still need to login for 600 days to get all those weapons, which is worse than the current one(500 days).
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