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  1. Can you share something about the schedule for 2019 in terms of content releases, player events etc.? What are the results of Steve his tweet about what he should be working/focusing on this year?
  2. Are there any plans of going back to PoE and adding more content? Like Zaws (gunblades or throw weapons), Track and Tranq or is PoE finished as is?
  3. "We know the Prime Accessories are garbage, so here's how we're going to make up for it" Her empty back is still missing a syandana and you know it.
  4. - Now that Fortuna is out it feels so much better and more advanced than PoE. Are there any plans to revisit PoE to change or add things? - I really like the hunting feature Fortuna has. Have you guys thought about making small, medium or large animals that have common, rare or unique spawns in the world itself without having to do the mini tracking quest?
  5. It was actually enjoyable for once because you had to put in thought and move differently rather than to hold M1 all the time.
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