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  1. I like the idea of ranking weps to level 40, I don't like that it requires 5 #*!%ing forma to do it that means you have to forma 65 times to fully rank all the new weps, that's a bullS#&$ grind
  2. I'd simply like to point out that the steam version is the one the data is coming from and doesn't account for people who play the standalone version, so your info is a bit skewed
  3. the weapon is good, I just don't like the seer, though it does have that tombfinger effect of launching enemies into orbit if you shoot their feet
  4. it's my lich, if I don't want to fight it just to level it up so it can go away to please you, then there's nothing you can do, ignore it and go on with the mission, they tend to have a hard time following anyway
  5. I got this lovely lady, I was thinking about converting her, but she has the seer, and I really don't want to get laughed out of a mission cause my helper brought the #*!%ing seer.
  6. but, why? if I have a gun that already melts everything in the game pre riven, why would I want to strap some pos secondary fire to it, when I know it'll never get used since the main wep melts everything already rivens were supposed to make less used and under preforming weps more viable, what they actually did was make op weps more op and under performing weps slightly less crap
  7. I figure any power that throws your own damage back, like trinitys link, will be a problem, doesn't matter how much damage you can deal when it's all being redirected back in your face though, I do wonder, if you link to them, and they link to you, who gets the damage? or how about octavia, what kind of crazy beats will the nemesis have I wonder
  8. so, is there gonna be lore as to why his prime has a proper head and his standard doesn't
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