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  1. I took Vauban in to do the mastery rank 28 test. The first thing I did was gather a bunch of mobs. Then I popped his Bastille, zipped to a canister and back, then threw it in the middle of them and I followed. The Bastille was in vortex mode at the time. When the canister hit the bastille, there was a completely unexpected huge explosion. That explosion insta-killed me and threw me off the platform. I respawned laying face down, dead.... and was not allowed to rez. I had to wait the entire time for the timer to run out. Just laid there waiting. In shock. What happened??? 1) I thought we were NOT able to do self-damage? 2) In previous tests, I was able to rez. 3) Since when does a canister of thermia cause a vortex to explode? Since when does ANYTHING cause a vortex to explode? So, is this a bug? (In recounting this tale, it's actually kinda funny! Kinda.) P.S. Devs, if you test this and find there was no explosion, I suppose it is remotely possible that I unknowingly hit the left mouse button at the same time as the middle mouse button to throw the canister, and the explosion was from my Sporelacer secondary... which killed me... oddly. Also, the Bastille acted a little odd and went instantly into vortex mode... no cage.
  2. I just noticed that while playing Excalibur (or Umbra Excal), and using Radial Javelin, that no javelins are spawning, no mobs are being impaled nor immobilized. Instead, they have a 3 second stun. Is this how it's supposed to work now, or is it bugged? Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks.
  3. [FEEDBACK] Hello Devs, I'd like to give you a little feedback on the melee mod nerfs now that I've had a few days to play with them... BESERKER Was it your intention to kill this mod, because I think that's the effect. Do some data mining in a month and see how many melee weapons have Berserker Fury slotted. My guess would be about 1% of the current number of actively used weapons. Because of the new ON KILL requirement, the mod is no longer a viable choice if going up against tough enemies. For example, I went up against some necramechs in Demios Tier 4 bounty and I couldn't get enough hits in with my Galatine Prime to kill it before it killed me. The attack speed boost never kicked in because those are mostly battles against a single enemy and it never died. No way to kill something before I was killed. That relegates the mod to conditions where the player is only fighting against low level minions, and a lot of them. Low level endless missions come to mind as the best place this mod would benefit the player... but in all honesty it's not needed in that situation. I can kill plenty of minions in a Survival mission without needing additional mods such as Beserker Fury. When I mod a weapon, I need mods that will perform against both minions and bosses because I never know what I'll be going up against. If a mod is useless against tough enemies, then... it's basically useless. There was always a bit of a ramp up using Beserker, which was its disadvantage, but the reworked Beserker Fury doesn't really have an advantage. An additional 15% attack speed boost over primed fury isn't an advantage if it never kicks in. It's a disadvantage. Stacking Beserker with other attack speed mods is an interesting idea, but this should be a design choice, meaning, the mod would need to be re-worked with this in mind as its primary purpose. That might actually be something you'd like to consider to make this mod at least useful (personally, I still wouldn't slot it though if it was still ON KILL). Instead of the ON KILL requirement, how about changing it to something that can come into play in all situations? I still think crit is a viable choice, especially if you can't stack it with other attack speed mods (I mean, it would only be a tiny 15% boost over primed fury), but if you really, really don't like tying attack speed to critical hits, then how about tying it to combo multipliers? That would be a much longer ramp up period and it would match the mechanics of Blood Rush and other combo counter mods. Tying attack speed to the combo counter might be too much of a disadvantage though. Might take too long for the speed boost to kick in. We'd need to do some testing. Alternately, a different mechanic you could tie it to could be heavy attacks (although I don't have any idea how useful that would be). Frankly, I think they only thing that needed to be changed was the ability for the mod to stack with other mods. That would indeed make animation-breaking speeds, but a mere +15% wouldn't do that. P.S. I just had another idea that would need testing first, but what about tying Beserker to Orange crits instead of any crit? BLOOD RUSH The nerf is fine, it's still useful but less so... CONDITION OVERLOAD There were quite a few people who started using this mod instead of primed pressure point. If you look at the numbers, it didn't surpass primed pressure point until the 3rd status effect (and even then it wasn't a huge difference)... so there was still a bit of a disadvantage there. I'm not sure it was necessary, but it is still useful after the nerf, so I can live with it. Well, that's it. nothing Earth-shattering, but I do hope you rework the rework of Beserker.
  4. Hi Devs, Can you please allow some other way to acquire the resource Scintillant? After running the Tier 2 bounty in Necralisk 50 times, and with only getting 4 pieces of scintillant, I'm ready to pay platinum for it! I've done isolation vaults 6 times, and nothing from there either. Can you add it to the Daily Specials for Otak or one of the other Entrati family... or Nightwave? Pleeeeeaaaase??? I'm taking a break from Demios and I don't know if I'll ever go back. I'm run down and run out.
  5. Hello everyone! I took a break from Warframe for about 3 years and now I'm back! With my return, I discovered not only a ton of new content added to the game but also an overhaul of the whole damage system. This rendered my old DPS (damage per second) calculator obsolete. I enjoy moving stats around to optimize my weapons (and to see how it affects the weapon's output), and so I've created a new DPS estimator for Damage 3.0 in an Excel spreadsheet. I hope you find it useful or at least enjoyable. I recommend you use this DPS estimator only for optimization, as one piece of the "doing damage" puzzle. Try out a bunch of different mod bonuses and see if you can maximize DPS. Then, if you have it unlocked, go to the Simulacrum and test out different mod variations on actual enemies within the simulator. Don't worry about lowering DPS here. What you're looking for are combinations that take out your enemies quickly and with ease. I recommend practicing on very high level enemies. My go-to enemy for testing is a group of 5 Corrupted Bombards because they are some of the toughest rank-and-file baddies in the game. Consider mods that have or enhance status effects and see how they affect damage dealing. Once I've identified the mods that have the greatest impact, I often go back to the DPS spreadsheet, add those mods, and then optimize for DPS by trying out different variations of mods and mod configurations, while keeping the mods I've previously identified as having the most impact. In most cases, I end up reducing DPS in favor of other mods that actually help me kill faster or take less damage in combat. I guess what I'm trying to say is that maximizing DPS is a good starting point, but usually not where you'll want to end up. This Excel spread sheet has the capability to calculate damage output for both ranged and melee weapons, it has the ability to compare 2 weapons or builds side by side, and calculates for various damage effects from important mods such as Blood Rush and Condition Overload. It also offers useful information such as the proc chance of status effects, probable number of hits needed to apply multiple status effects, and a Weeping Wounds status chance calculator. It's a protected Excel file only to help prevent accidentally deleting formulas, etc. There's no password, so if you'd like to improve it, feel free and please share. There are other tools to calculate DPS that already exist. Notably, the excellent Warframe Builder (warframe-builder.com) and Overframe (overframe.gg). These are graphically-based tools and allow you to drag and drop mods into weapons which might be easier for some. For me, I enjoy the ability to manipulate stats directly and find a spreadsheet fast and easy. Anyway, here's the link to the file. Right click and save... DPS Estimator v3.2 Check back every now and then to see if there is an updated DPS Estimator. [UPDATE: Version 3.2 - added the "charge" attribute for ranged weapons. [UPDATE: Version 3.1 includes changes made to Blood Rush and Condition Overload mods in Warframe Update 30.5]
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