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  1. Credits are simple, you get around 500k per index run if you have a booster, get yourself a good build and test a few runs, once you get the hang of how long you need per run just multiply by 100 and try not to die inside.
  2. My Lanka now fires projectiles that look like they're the size of an Arca Plasmor projectile, when they're like 10 times smaller.
  3. You can also cheese the aim-glide headshot riven challenge with that
  4. Yeah it is right now, All grineer bosses are cloned. Alad is infested (magic). Other Corpus enemies are robots, and there's the poor sergeant who's just a random sergeant that you assassinate.
  5. I honestly think this is to avoid minor spoilers for new players who just stumble on some late-game videos (seeing new stuff will make them inquire about said stuff and might get them accidentally spoiled.)
  6. It's not just one of the definitions, it's the original definition before people decided to identify homosexuals with it, it shifted to its current meaning fairly recently as far as I know.
  7. No, that doesn't happen, I logged in to my old account after about 3 years and it was still active (the account was from closed-beta or something close to that).
  8. If he can't prove that it's his, then support won't tell him anything (because it's personal information and he can be an impostor for all they know). If he remembers the IGN then MAYBE he can ask them to send a reset link to the mail, so that he can find his account if he still has that mail.
  9. Mate TF2 is forever for Team Fortress 2, you can't just reuse the abbreviation.
  10. Those could be doges and cates and cancers.
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