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  1. I know people who spent days farming that thing, and they're spewing salt ever since this event started. And this sigil was behind RNG, now it's guaranteed, big difference there. And the last part is just subjective man, you can't be hoping to use that as an argument.
  2. Incoming salt from rift sigil owners (I own one too)
  3. I used to have that issue on my old GPU and disabling DX11 or multi-threaded rendering used to fix it without having to resort to 32-bit. Can you try those when you have the time? I'm genuinely interested.
  4. I've had the same FPS on an iGPU that I've had a year and a half ago. It could be that your fans are old and underperforming mate. Install MSI Afterburner and monitor your CPU and GPU thermal readings.
  5. If your CPU supports it you can install the 64b-it version on that machine, the performance will be a bit worse when you don't have 4gb, of course. But if you can set aside ~15-20gb of storage you can dual-boot the 64 and 32-bit versions and use the 64-bit version for Warframe only.
  6. Core2Duo from ~2007 will still be able to run this lol.
  7. They're not even dropping Vista, let alone 7. That's also false, only 10 has DX12, you can't tell me that something that lacks a feature like that is still the best. Also all the games I play run better on 10 than they do on 7 or 8.1.
  8. I'm pretty sure that no 32-bit laptop has a viable DX9 GPU that can also run Warframe at reasonable framerates. Also, most 775 boards I've seen had both IDE and SATA ports.
  9. Don't get me wrong but 64-bit systems are very cheap right now. Take a look at Wolfdale architecture from 2007, their Core2Duo and Core2Quad should be able to run the game just fine even if you go for DDR2 instead of DDR3. I used to play with a 4GB DDR2 rig with an e7400 myself, the CPU was just fine at the time. I don't know if it could support PoE but I'm sure something like a Q6600 will be perfect and very cheap (~10$ on eBay with free shipping and money-back guarantee).
  10. Considering that 64-bit CPUs like Q6600 cost like 10$ a pop and you can get a full DDR2-4GB rig for probably about 50$ on eBay (or much, much less at your local scrap shop) then I don't think there's much of an overlap, if any. Also if you're running this game then you definitely have peripherals, a monitor and an HDD that you can reuse. Also, I'm not aware of any non-DX10 GPU that can run this game at a reasonable framerate one way or another. If you're playing at 10fps then you should definitely stop for your own health's sake.
  11. Vista was the first Windows OS to support native DX10, anything else is a hack done by a third party that DE is not at all obliged to support.
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