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  1. well i think there are more grineers than tennos so they might produce stuff faster than we can destroy?? 😉
  2. Just hop onto someone else's railjack and enjoy the ride 🙂 thats what I have been doing thus far 😄. You get to upgrade your intrinsics and become a valuable crew member as well.
  3. After playing the RJ for a good week of so. General feel is I like it (maybe because I play flight sims and Zone of the enders a lot). However, as i played those said games alot, I feel that RJ can do with some tweeking: - Tail Gunner for player who might be in the forge, that way, he can shoot as well rather than meditate in the forge when there are no crewships and all guns are manned. - Revisit archwing mechanics; enemy cutters are much more powerful than a forma'ed archwing and its weapons. This definitely needs to be rebalanced unless we are getting fighter class archwing to dog fight them in future? Assign the current archwing to normal space and give us bigger and meaner archwing for these DEEP space missions? arch melee able to deflect bullets would be nice as well. - HIjackable enemy cutters?: as archwing are usless against enemy fighters, give us an option to hijack them and use them against the enemy? - More invulnerable time when disembarking: it seems like it is the norm now to die when exiting the railjack in the middle of a space battle. it could do with a invulnerable cooldown time so players can get their bearings instead of the homing projectiles hitting us and killing us immediately (like Normandy landings) - Flares and AWACS: to counter these homing projectiles, it is best we are provided with flares also, a HUD with a directional warning where the projectile is coming from as well as being locked on would be helpful to archwing or railjack pilots to give priority to incoming dangers and act accordingly. Mark incoming missiles so gunners can shoot them down before they hit as well? - Collision: I was expecting quite a huge explosion when I hijacked 3 crewships and parked them together and blew one up. It would be a nice feature if it were to mimic GTA where nearby vehicles are damaged and blow up together or a chain reaction happens. It would be epic if I can ram a crewship into another crewship to destroy them together 😄 - mining in space using same mechanics as PoE and Orb Vallis - speaks for itself really 😄, If Cephalon Cy contacts Ostrons to strip and salvage the enemy's gear, Why can't we do it ourselves first 😄 ? - Alien lifeforms something for you guys to consider. - Economy - This definitely need looking at as the costs to build and repair salvaged equipment is quite high, Right now, I am concentrating on joining other player's missions to "farm" required resources and salvaged equipment rather than flying my own railjack. And with new resources farmed being used in the forge, it is quite difficult to amass the amount required. How about using normal resources gathered ie (polymer, gallium etc) for building forge related items? - Space Only Map? - what i meant by this is to combine/integrate the normal archwing maps into this Empyrean mode as it make more sense being able to access them from here as they are all Space missions right? - Mark items in space resources are difficult to identify amidst all the space debris and asteroids. perhaps you could make them glow brighter or of a different colour entirely? Suggest not marking them like the intact sentient cores as that would make the HUD overly cluttered with white waypoints. Makeing resources glow brighter in a colour which stands out would be a better option. - Share all gathered resources and items - currently, only items in space are shared across the players but not picked up ones when inside bases. Do you expect all members in the team to go into the base together to kill the grineer boss to get the 2 new weapons? or is this a trick to make it harder to obtain 😉 - Medical bay - As tenno casualty is quite high and often dying whilst in archwing mode, having a "tractor beam" or "beaming" system where pilots can point and retrieve them into the railjack for reviving would be great as there is no way one can revive a team mate without dying themselves much less reach them in time in 10 seconds if they are far away. OR, have the dying player activate the omni himself. Reason being, in normal mode, one can continue to shoot when bleeding out. Why is the tenno unconscious when bleeding out in space? shouldnt it be able to continue to shoot at enemies while bleeding out? if thats the case, cant the player choose to activate the omni so he gets teleported back to the RJ safely for reviving? (this has a star trek vibe to it i think lol) - Camera angle - In games like Ace Combat, (which I played quite a lot) there is an over the shoulder camera angle which allows players to see what is coming from behind and take appropriate measure to get out of the enemies' sights, prevent being locked on. This could be useful for us as well as I am able to see whats around me and to take evasive actions if required. - Mechanics improvement "Signing Out"- if no one has realized yet, the Empyrean's code is largely based on Plains and Orb Vallis. If it isnt too difficult, can you implement an option to leave the squad after the mission as currently, one has to stay on the squad until the RJ docks to be able to preserve their SWAG obtained during the mission. There is no "leave squad" option like on PoE and Orb Vallis where you can head back to the Door/Lift if you do not want to continue doing missions with the rest of the squad you are currently in and will be at the mercy of the "captain" of the ship and held hostage on the RJ if he does a Marathon Veil Proxima run. (Or is the solution "Use your own RailJack then so you can get back whenever you want"? The problem with that is my RJ is crap and will not last 2 mins as I do not have the resources to upgrade the best guns and equipment which is why i am joining others in public sessions to farm for said resources) I will update and edit this post as it comes to my mind
  4. Here's a thought...... Forge uses resources from normal warframe missions ie (polymer bundles, gallium, morphics etc etc etc). New resources in space for railjack upgrading requirements. This gives veteran players some respect as it allows us to use the resources we accumulated over the years and it is not wasted time spent playing the game while waiting for new content.
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