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I am a tall dark handsome guy lol (I wish) anyway, my name is Elvin. Other than my hobbies and interests I shall not reveal too much information. Perhaps you can tell what my personality is like from them :)


My hobbies are:

- Gundam Model building (Master Grades are my main collection)

- Warhammer 40k miniature modelling and painting (Space Marine, Tau Empire, Tyranids, Eldar)

- Watching Anime (mainly mecha ie macross, gundam, full metal panic, Code Geass, Karas)

- Console gaming (gears of war, Halo, castle crashers, metal gear revengence)

- PC gaming (Total war series, Supreme Commander series, Sniper Elite Series)

- Playing the piano, guitar and mandolin

- cycling, skateboarding, badminton

- lego building and MOC

- collecting transformers toys

- photography, playing around with paint shop, goldwave and zbrush

- reading (manga, David Eddings, Joe Dever, CS Lewis and JRR Tokien are some of my favourite authors)


Do drop me a pm if you have similar interests or if you need help in warframe ;)


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