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  1. You and I have something in common then, but here's the issue I have: Melee players are expected to build up power and momentum. We have to get within range and actually deal damage to compete. Meanwhile, Mr. Kuva Zarr doesn't have to do any such thing. On the contrary: Mr. Kuva Zarr's burst damage is consistent and requires absolutely no mechanical skill whatsoever. This is why I look back and ask "Why?".
  2. The stated purpose of the nerf was so that melee weapons could be brought in line with guns. I saw people complaining about "beyblading." Well, I'm seeing quite a lot of people running missions with Lich/Sister guns that nuke the whole screen. If the purpose of the nerf was to equalize weapon types then where's my Nikana that effortlessly slices entire rooms apart with one swing and zero effort? 😨👌
  3. Remember "this is my family now" from the War Within? The Entrati are tied to the Man In The Wall same as us. Remember the Ayatan fixture you have to activate during the War Within? Think about what the Entrati name you when you get the Reputation level 5. There is a lot of metaphor afoot here.
  4. Depends on how you look at it and where you draw the line. Parvos' brother was said to be a fool wielding his power like a brute with a cudgel. If Parvos allowed his brother to die in a foolish pursuit did Parvos kill his brother? If Parvos orchestrated the events that led to his brother's death, did Parvos kill his brother? There are layers of ethical grayness that are open to personal interpretation. Even if he were partially or fully responsible for the death of his sibling: Fratricide is definitely a classic Merchant-Prince-of-Italy move. Remember: Tenno hands are drenched in blood. Our masters, our mentors, and many of our former allies lay dead and we're the ones that killed them. I wouldn't be quick to judge Granum for doing the same.
  5. That was the assumption at the time, but I'm not 100% sure that's the case. During the Sacrifice we see that Ballas, via a Vitruvian, made it very clear to Hunhow how Orokin culture operates. Note that the Vitruvian's contents are unlocked with specialized words and concepts relevant to that culture. In order to carry out her function as an infiltration specialist Natah would have needed extensive knowledge of the Orokin Empire such as caste systems, social structure, and so on. Assuming that Hunhow is ignorant of all that may be a mistake.
  6. There's a deeper rabbit hole of speculation if you'd prefer it: Hunhow refers to Alad V as "Orokin" on at least one occasion. Alad has always been unusually keen in his endeavors and always one step ahead. Based on his scientific acumen and his ability to actually cure himself of Infestation he may be far older and far wiser than anyone realizes. He always seems to have a bottomless wallet and has even managed to go rogue and manage his own fleet even when exiled by the Board. Guy's definitely more than he appears to be.
  7. 1) Alad V is the only known person to deinfest themselves. 2) Hunhow went after him and so did the Acolytes. He escaped the former and we protected him from the latter. 3) There has never been any indication that completed Assassination missions against plot relevant characters are canon.
  8. As I recall the Zarimen was intended to be a "colony" ship making an experimental jump to expand the Empire. The Tenno children were being taught about Tau and even the children knew they were heading there. The quotes regarding this subject are present in the Second Dream and come directly from the Operator. If OP's idea isn't true in a literal sense it is most certainly true in an metaphorical sense.
  9. Warframes predate the Tenno/Warframe union. The earliest were crafted from infested flesh while the Tenno Warframes are printed in a forge. There is a precedent for a third state: "Low Guardians" as referenced in Stalker's codex entry. Stalker is quite clearly a Warframe, but a unique one. It is very likely there were other low Guardians and that the named "unique" Warframes are associated with them. The Dax have Houses as well as some degree of autonomy and authority in Orokin society. They were a warrior-servant caste but not necessarily loyal to any specific Orokin as their duty is to the Kuva. Tenno, on the other hand, may have served as vassals for specific Orokin. During their tenure they may have been granted Prime Warframes as a reward for their service or simply to make them more pleasing for the Orokin to look at.
  10. I'd say it's more that the level system doesn't exist in the scheme of the lore. There's a modding station in the orbiter, weapon mods are mentioned in dialogue, but our modding system is heavily abstracted to interact with how level scaling operates. Stats scaling with levels has always been a big source of ludonarrative dissonance. For example, there's nothing special about a level 120 Lancer's body armor that makes it way better than a level 20's.
  11. It's quite something, isn't it? I recall making posts over the years pining for exactly this type of gameplay: Slower paced tactics and squad based stuff from the perspective of characters who aren't super powered. I never actually expected to see it but here we are. Very exciting.
  12. Didn't mean to imply that status CC was exclusive to guns, just that it's a form of CC that just about any gun can have. As far as holding RMB is concerned, that's exactly what I have to do in certain situations to use certain combos. Carrying on with the Blind Justice stuff I was talking about earlier: Holding RMB is necessary to use the more mobile elements of the stance such as Heeding Call. RMB combos can be more or less rapid depending on which stance you're using, but no less useful. Many stances have some form of dash attack that is absolutely invaluable to maintaining momentum as you proceed to move between enemies. As far as more challenging melee enemies: Prosecutors, Kuva Guards, and Shield Enemies already prove to be obstacles to melee play although I admit they're not that hard to deal with. Enemies that can create a radial shockwave like Moas, Heavy Gunners, etc. can also be an impediment if not properly managed. Trouble is that a total AI overhaul is quite an undertaking and can also interfere with their ability to engage other targets. As far as I'm concerned auto-parry can get the axe tomorrow and I won't miss it because it has absolutely no benefit to me. Expanding melee overall and giving enemies better ways to remain interesting? Also fine. Like I said before: What I'm concerned about is all the feedback that is derived from a lack of perspective on the melee playstyle. I wasn't sad to see coptering die back in the day. I won't be sad to see E spam die either assuming they don't completely destroy what makes melee fun to play in the first place in the process.
  13. Low damage? Buddy, it craps status effects everywhere and synergizes with many AoE warframe abilities. It even has a variant weapon that is even stronger. I've seen it used just as effectively in high tier content and in a similar fashion as ye olde Saryn/Atterax cheese. It's easy to notice when you need to compete with such things. 4 more, two of which you make statements that are either inaccurate or completely disregard effects that guns and status types have. Several status types function as forms of CC. Many guns don't need to be reloaded or have magazines so huge it doesn't matter much. But the biggest thing you're wrong about is that "aim" is a gun-related weakness. Do you think I don't have to aim my melee weapon? On the contrary, headshots are totally possible with many melee stances. Furthermore, I'm not just aiming my weapon but I'm also aiming every aspect of my position and approach to the enemy in such a way as to avoid being damaged. Let me note this: Just because I only quoted or responded to a small portion of your post doesn't mean I ignored it. It is for brevity's sake. To address some other points you made: There is no autoparry when I play because I don't even equip guns. I have dedicated melee enabled at all times. If I'm parrying it's because I'm holding down the block button. Again, these are things that people who use E to melee believe but is not necessarily true. That is the root of the problem right there: There is a massive disconnect between melee players and people who want melee nerf and I absolutely do not trust this nerf if this is the feedback they're getting.
  14. For one thing you actually need to close distance and expose yourself to enemy fire to use melee. Tell me, what inherent weakness does the Ignis have? Hard mode: Don't say "range" because that applies to melee even more.
  15. It ain't a war crime if nobody can prosecute you for it. Just ask any major world government. They call it "extrajudicial."
  16. First of all, it's not rebinding: It's a checkbox. Second, why shouldn't I be afraid of losing the way I have fun in a videogame I've been playing for over seven years? If this game shifts too far toward guns and melee becomes nonviable then my method of having fun is gone. You have been demonstrating that you don't understand the nuance of the melee system that already exists. If this is the prevalent way of thinking then DE is going to cater to it. If I don't resist this mindset I'm essentially just letting the best part of this game die.
  17. I'll "talk down to you" as long as you demonstrate a total lack of knowledge. At the highest level I'm flying across the room so fast the AI can't track me and never stopping for long enough to be shot. If you want to play the game in the most boring way possible maybe that's the root of your problem. Some of us prefer to put some elbow grease into the way we play the game.
  18. It's how I derive the most enjoyment out of the game. That's why I'm so concerned about a melee nerf in the first place. If my playstyle gets nerfed into the ground I'm screwed. I'll lose the only game where I can go insanely fast and excel in my own way. I lost the last one when Tribes: Ascend softcapped speed and I'm afraid to lose it again.
  19. You seriously underestimate the usefulness of even blue stance mods. Taking Blind Justice as an example, each combo is useful when approaching various forms of level geometry, compositions of enemies, and must be carefully managed to maintain momentum. Some combos do more damage but their frames are long enough that even Primed Fury won't keep them from arresting your momentum. Do you need to strike quickly at enemies that are several meters away but at a lower elevation due to a ramp or stairwell? Heeding Call will get you there but a bullet jump, spin attack, or any other combo will not. Need to quickly shred a small group of clustered enemies briefly before moving on? Destined Path is your best bet. Couple these two together and they cover a wide range of situations, but they're never doing as much damage as the other two in the set. You have to make decisions about which combos to use, when to use them, and which ones will clear the obstacles in your path. This is especially the case when you're playing high level content and don't have the leisure of tanking aggro from a whole group of enemies. Now couple this with a breakneck pace that propels you at enemies faster than other players can shoot them. Starting to see the complexity? Stop using E to melee. It holds you back. Hold F to use dedicated melee, enable mouse button control of it, and maybe you will understand.
  20. We can hope, but I have doubts. From my perspective mashing E is like trying to play a piano by randomly tapping keys and hoping it sounds good. Even repeatedly using spin attack is often slower than what can be achieved with practice which renders Maiming Strike a crutch at best and a handicap at worst. Touching the ground can often just slow you down, doubly so if you're touching it long enough to spin. It's all about rhythm and decision-making based on the level geometry in front of you. If that Volt we spoke of earlier wasn't good at what he's doing he would get stuck on props, doorframes, and so on quite easily. Vectoring your jumps to achieve a different angle of approach changes when and where you can strike with a melee weapon.
  21. Then I'll elaborate: Anyone that can travel through a level faster than any other player AND their bullets has achieved some mastery of mechanics. I could use Volt or Gauss to obliterate a level so fast no one can keep up, but I can often do that without either of them. Public kuva flood mission? 70+% total damage dealt with a sword more often than not. In fact, I've had people comment when watching from my end that sometimes they can't visually process what's going on on-screen. This is not some superpower nor am I the best player in the game. It's just raw mechanics and anyone that puts in the practice and effort can achieve it. Honestly I had been considering putting together a full tutorial on how to play the game this way. The attitude toward melee around here is actually motivating me to start putting it together. There is a startling amount of people that have NO IDEA how fun it is.
  22. I don't really care what "most people" do. "Most people" don't know their ass from their elbow.
  23. This line right here betrays your complete lack of knowledge about melee. I run every mission I play with a Nikana Prime and I never even touch the E key. Do yourself a favor and go enable Melee with Fire Weapon Input. Until then don't talk about melee as if you know something about it.
  24. That Volt put more effort into their mechanical skills than you ever did.
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