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  1.  I'm getting so tired of the Damn grinding. And the resources that are like timed and only in certain areas at certain times is just annoying. I' find myself not even logging in daily anymore. Even that is to much effort at this point.

    I'll be back at some point but the grinf=d is just getting longer and longer.

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  2. So boring and pointless to be honest. I also think that all nodes should be unlocked at the start. No way do I have the time to go through the star chart again. Especially since I like many other cleared the star chart pre junctions when there were a lot more nodes to clear. A script should have been run during the update that sniffed this out and unlocked it 100%. But its just DE trying to get more hours played for the purpose of data statistics, 

     I also hate about 30-40% of the nodes in regular mode no way do I want to do this all over again. And as far as rewards go. Cosmetics to me are worthless so I also have no reason to farm anything.

  3. 5 minutes ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:

    read it, and your also forgetting how new and complicated these setups are and how they are not something already in game mechanically. these are using new/experimental hookups to our current game structure so yes some bugs will cary over and devs will hotfix both simultaneously, this is also inpart i think as devs are trying to dev for cross-save and maybe crossplay

     viewing on the speed of the updates now vs then 2014, there has been screaming demand for console updates to be pushed out fast, originally i think i waited 3 months for germesi skin update years ago, now we get them in week(s) so there is significantly reduced qa time available to push out the updates in question 

    But at the cost of not being as well polished. I mush rather wait for a more sound update versus rushing out something that is broken

  4. looks like more of the same to me. More grind with more pointless rewards. Sorry but over the past years the grind and garbage that is being put into all these new modes and the utter lack of effort to fix the totally broken stuff previously released will not make me want to play daily like I use to.

     I'll look back again in a few more moths to see if DE actually releases new fun and exciting content. For now Warframe is collecting dust yet again.

     Nice try but not nice enough mates

  5. 59 minutes ago, FlusteredFerret said:

    In that case, why are you even bringing this up?


    It's a legitimate question. why do people assume just because somebody asked a question about something they automatically want it. it's a valid question with a valid point why is it so exclusive and why doesn't de just release it. I understand it's mainly because people have spent tens of thousands of platinum for the stupid thing but still why is it still so rare.


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  6. 11 hours ago, Fire2box said:

    Easy fix: Primed Chamber is added to baro's rotation like all other primed mods


    But fire2box, what of existing ones? Their value is lost!

    Three words, Primed Primed Mods. Prime mods that have an addition Primed added to it's name. or ya know just make them into special peculiar mods.


    I'm hello primed chamber isn't a prime mod. SMH. 


  7. Some how end of June seems to be a good time. Reason being plauge star is coming the 12th. I don't think DE want a new event to be released during such time. 

     So depending on how long PS lasts it could well be near the end of June.

     So the bigger question is when will season 2 of nightwave start? 

       Looks like a HUGE mess if you as me. Sure and glad I'm not a DE DEV.

  8. 10 hours ago, Ver1dian said:

    I suppose the source of the information you base your statement on is "trust me bro"?

    I'm not casual and have often made less than 10 a week, when the alerts didn't match my schedule.

    The forum was filled with complaints about Nitain way before Nightwave was a thing.

    Suck it up, plan your progress and don't think someone cares about your tantrums.


    Oh...did we suddenly reduce the ammount of 28? Where did the 18 disappear?

    You sir are just a big do do bird. I could give 2 squirts about nitain or you for that matter.

     You're basically a I'm right and your wrong fanboy. 

     Sadly you drank so much kool-aid you're beyond fixing so I say good riddance to you and your trust me bro BS.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Fallen77 said:

    Yall for real ?

    What are you even crying about ? That the brand new map has not been designed to be a mindless lootcave ? What a surprise right...

    You could complain about the relic UI, but that would be a legitimate and helpfull claim, we can't have those around right ?

    How does the kool-aid taste mate. This game is about farming mostly. Don't act like it isn't. 

     Oh just because people don't see your point or you don't agree with theirs doesn't mean you can tell them to quit crying.

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  10. 27 minutes ago, Ver1dian said:

    1.  I doubt you actually care, seeing your profile

    2. DE did put up a two day alert for 10 Nitain, which is more than the weekly "dose"

    3. This is a new, until now, unnoticed issue

    Резултат с изображение за beat a dead horse

    How do everyone always need nitain, is my Kavat the only requiring only credits?

    You must be smoking funny cigarettes. Last I checked 28 nitain a week is greater than 10. 

     4 alerts a day times 7 days. In case you needed to know how I came up with 28

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