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  1. Everything that Chinaframe gets is a timed-exclusive so we'll still get it eventually, so I don't really understand why people are freaking out because as it is we still have way more content than they do. DE and Changyou are trying to keep the Chinese fanbase interested in Warframe by releasing familiar concepts to them Wukong, Nezha, Chinese themed weapons, ect.



    It's all fine that they're getting them as we still will get them; it's just a matter of when. IIRC we're getting Wukong after the Archer frame, I can't find exactly where I heard that from so take it with a grain of salt.


    Nezha looks pretty good too, I like his design also can't wait till we get their crossbow though :)

  2. I'm not sure how i'm suppose to go about this :P I wouldn't say i'm new to the forums or the game since i've lurked for almost on and off for two years I hopped from PC to PS4 when I had the chance and don't regret it!


    So i'm going to introduce myself, finally.



    I'm Yugureki! My friends call me Yugi most of the time though :)


    Nice to meet everyone :P


    Anyone is welcome to add me on PS4 and well PC as well (profile has my IGN) but I don't get on it often!



  3. Frankly I am just grateful that content is still being developed.





    But anyway It's not that big of a deal that Umbra gear are going to become a thing, even though Excalibur Umbra is confirmed pretty much I'm really hoping Mag out of all the Warframe is chosen to be a Umbra just because of her Prime Variants design it's not all that good looking and deserves some attention.

  4. After completing the new tutorial, I was back in my ship and using my super old Excalibro and his loadout.


    Should I start with a new account to really enjoy the 'New player experience' or do I not miss out on anything good?

    Keep it! I kept mine on PC from when I played the CBT and was happy to find I had the Lato Vandal.

    But since coming back to Warframe i've become a PS4 Tenno!


    Excalibur Umbra
    • Umbras are coming, starting with Excalibur
    • Umbra Prime is exclusive to China, but a practically identical Umbra will be released in the Global build
    • Steve hopes that Umbra becomes "a thing" and that there will be more coming
    • No other info regarding how Umbra will be available or whether it will be a skin or a frame

    I really hope Mag makes the Umbra list, hate to say it since she's my favorite frame but her Prime variant design is just not pleasing.

    Anyone else wish they would do a Augment mod for Pull that disarms enemies? Or at least for Bullet Attractor making it a single cast on a area instead of a single enemy?

    Also waaay more interested in Typhus than I am the Brawler frame. 

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