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  1. Pretty much title. Her chaps look really great but I'd love to be able to toggle them on and off since her boots look so gorgeous and are being hidden by her chaps! I mean just look at these things! PLS DE!
  2. So I decided to purchase the Ki'Teer Atmos Oculus eye accessories from Baro this time around thinking that it would be a nice new look for my operator customization and the way they take energy effects is just dreadful for any customization that doesn't include a blue hue to it. The main part of the visor is uncolorable and it looks so out of place with any other customization that doesn't have blue in it. A simple solution to this could be to allow the main "blue" part of the visor to take energy colors along with the energy effects it already takes on, just have the main visor be a slightly darker shade than the particles that hover through it or just have the whole thing be bright since the particles that get colored have white specs through them, hence it wouldn't completely remove the digital effect! 😄
  3. My Fortuna Saryn loadout is prepped and ready to take out some corpus scum! Can't wait for the stream 🤗
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