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  1. If you don't mind me asking. What amps are you using? Cause since the change. The two amps I was using for taking down the shields have turned to dog S#&$.
  2. Im pretty sure its accidental. Surely if they were to change multiple amps and the damage reduction to the Eidalons on purpose, they would have made some mention in patch notes.
  3. Since the update. To my knowledge. Some Amps have stopped penetrating through limbs hitting multiple spots. Such as Klamora and Shraksun. Resulting in drastically less damage. Like through a volt shield with unairu wisp my klamora is taking around 4-6 full amp bars. While prior to update it was taking 1-2 As well as that. My damage to the limbs and body is way out of proportion. 2 shotting the hydrolist with my rubico with a oberon 200% radiation buff with no other sources of buff/damage.
  4. Just a heads up, pretty sure amps are bugged atm, Not sure how many but my Klamora Prism & Shraksun Scaffold are dealing nothing compared to what they were prior to update. My Klamora combined with Volts shield and Unairu Wisp was taking down the teralyst shield in 1-2 magazines. Now its taking around 6. Same with my Scaffold. Instead of chunking the shields with VS and Volt shield plus virtuous shadow. It now feels like a pee shooter. So don't completely rule something out if its not dealing much damage atm. Hopefully this gets fixed shortly.
  5. Might come off a bit more toxic than normal as just wasted like 50 minutes doing this stupid defense mission. Just did 40 rounds of defense, at around wave 37, Myself and the friend were split into two separate games.. Eg No wave 40 completed with a friend. Bunch of time wasted. As well as challenges such as survival without using life support? Its as though DE doesn't understand how much of a population in this world just want to watch the world burn. Such as waiting 55 minutes through a survival to activate the life support for the giggles. Personal Opinion, Completely remove any friend aspects to super long missions where network/ bugs/ or Trolls can cause nearly an hour of your time to be wasted. Or why not make it an accumulative "Survive 60 minutes worth of kuva survival with a friend or clan mate within a week" "Complete a total of 40 waves of defense within a week" Or even bump up the numbers a little if you did that change.
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