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  1. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7

    There is boss transmissions happening in non assassination missions, also grineer holograms are all over the void and derelict for over a month now, just figured id give you guys a heads up.
  2. wrong transmissions and holograms

    Yesterday I did an exterminate mission for Red Viel on eris and lotus pops up in a transmission saying stuff about how alad V is sick like on the mutalist alad v assassination but on an exterminate, then it went back to normal transmissiosn and halfway through the mission alad V starts talking like the assassination, also in the void and derelict there has been grineer door holograms on all the doors for over a month now.
  3. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Atlas' rumblers keep getting marked as if they are objectives whenever they spawn
  4. The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.1+

    If you use Atlas and cast his rumblers aka his 4th power during the event the game glitches and acts like they are objective markers, i am not sure if it does this in other maps but i figured id let you know
  5. Cloudflare Security Issues on Feb 23, 2017

    you know blizzard uses an authenticator program that syncs with a random number generator that makes a number code you use with your login that expires after 15 seconds , maybe you guys should consider making an app like that for phones or keychains that you can sync with your account that make the numbers like them
  6. Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    i really hope that it isnt too long before the rework gets released, im really bored
  7. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.5

    Yeah no kidding on the unplayability, ive checked my computer and internet for a god damn month and everythings working fine, its blatently obvious that there is several isolated incidents for random players that are horribly laggy to the point where its unplayable, i can say it is not effecting everyone but the people it DOES effect it makes the game unbreakable, it does things like extended freezing, sounds and voice acting get delayed then all the sounds catch up at once when the lag spike ends making a horribly loud sound of all of them at once, it also does things like kick party members, splitting game instances where im still in the game and so are my friends but its no longer the same game , it does things like having 5 players in a game then itel kick a random player so hard theyre game freezes to the point where my computer actaully locks up from the lag and i cant do anything untill the spike ends,and i know its not my pc because i can play the newest doom on ultra with zero lag, so i dont know what the hell the problem is but something needs fixed already
  8. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.5

    cool about you guys fix the insanely horrible lag spikes that have been effecting random players ever since nidus was released? such as this thread says
  9. It's equally frustrating for me and im a rank 22, it must only be happening to a small amount of people for almost no one to complain about it, it doesnt make it any less agrivating though
  10. the game likes to freeze all the time anymore, and most peopel are acting like it doesnt happen even though its really bad now
  11. [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    is this turning into a text based mosh pit?
  12. [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    theres a dark mode?
  13. [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    im not one for the cliche red and black, i prefer the final fantasy purple and black myself
  14. [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    thats the most original thing ive heard all week
  15. [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    I never really had problems downloading updates, i ususally get them done within 1-5 minutes no matter the size.