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  1. Now I have been noticing this for a while but i thought it was just using extras on top from a bug but no, today i noticed my prisma grakta using toxin/radiation when i clearly had it set to heat/corrosive , now it is not the only weapon doing this either, something is wrong with the games engine that manages your elemental settings with the mods because almost every weapon i am using is using the incorrect elements even though its clearly not set to those elements, please do something about this it is screwing up my builds.
  2. man the update really f'ed up the graphics then
  3. I think the new update f'ed up more than just the hud
  4. The textures on the corpus tileset with the big gap in the center are messed up
  5. Atlas' rumblers keep getting marked as if they are objectives whenever they spawn
  6. I am not sure where to put this so I will say it here, when you use Atlas and cast his 4th aka his rumblers , the updated game navigation mistakes them for objective markers and they will flash like objectives and get marked like them too.
  7. If you use Atlas and cast his rumblers aka his 4th power during the event the game glitches and acts like they are objective markers, i am not sure if it does this in other maps but i figured id let you know
  8. you know blizzard uses an authenticator program that syncs with a random number generator that makes a number code you use with your login that expires after 15 seconds , maybe you guys should consider making an app like that for phones or keychains that you can sync with your account that make the numbers like them
  9. its going into the vault alright, theyve just been super busy again, sometimes it doesnt happen for up to a month after the new prime comes out, itel be volt and odonata prime so make sure to get them if you have not already
  10. You guys do realize if you get radiation proced your powers can nuke your friends right?
  11. the heck are you talking about? isnt his rework not in yet?
  12. because they can
  13. When a nul khomba hits Limbo while hes using his 4th it goes crazy itel continously turn off and on like..the power will shut off come back, and do that repeatedly like..itel make it go haywire instead of just disabling it, just figured id let you guys know, also, corruption makes his 4th not work at all itel shut off immidately during fissures untill you either get downed or walk in and otu of a nullifier field
  14. i really hope that it isnt too long before the rework gets released, im really bored
  15. well like..the game tells you what to do, you get a big pop up plus literally have to do the same thing to the kuva that you did to the kuva guaridans