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  1. Looks like wisps third ability - breach surge, doesnt count the killing shot or maybe doesnt count if the weapon kills in one shot (tested with fulmin in shotgun mod against infected so it may be a bug).
  2. Looks like breach surge doesnt count the killing shot (tested with fulmin in shotgun mod so it may be a bug or maybe a feature). Also no crouch animation?
  3. Wisps second and fourth ability i liked but i was really hoping for some form of wukong flight that allows her to pass through walls(same rule as punch through, boundary walls cant be passed) that would also utilise her passive because right now only her second skill really does. Her third is interesting for interception while first one is lacklucster.
  4. stradavar prime doesnt change the firing mode (unless you made a level restriction?)
  5. About wisp, tangly bits should be optional because otherwise there will be too much clipping with syandanas.
  6. Ayatan Challenges - yeah, a hard pass on that (too much luck needed). Survival Challenges - I understand that its supposed to be a challenge but 60 minutes is a bit too long, maybe 40-50 because its more manageable and less about praying to nekros/hydroid RNG.(talking about kuva one there but 60 minutes is still too long, maybe have a normal challenge be 40 minutes and no life support be 30 minutes?). Friend / Clan Challenges - no complaints there. Perfect Animal Captures - maybe a bit less? (also the birds are a pain to capture). Complete 10 Syndicate missions - hmmm good for those that still need to get standing with syndicate but too much otherwise. Complete 8 Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon - same thing as syndicate missions. Complete 9 Invasion missions of any type - pretty close to the 2 above but at least the stuff you get is always useful. Kill or Capture an Eidolon Hydrolyst - not really new player friendly.
  7. also i hope that the skin will release in about 2 hours(or less).
  8. i agree but because its supposed to have warframe skin, kubrow skin(helminth?), claw weapon skin and syandana.
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