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  1. Will something be done to ancients/scorpions hooks? they still transcend proteas 4 on rewind.
  2. Used proteas pistol(not even maxed, though i did add toxin damage), so no idea why you have problems with it.
  3. Also hooks from ancients and scorpions cross time and space and will drag you even after temporal anchor.
  4. A question about first ability, is the duration supposed to increase with level? It feels like it lasted longer, but max level its only 10 seconds.
  5. The event was awful, its a mobile defense that has dynamic time based on the amount of players in the other side. Something like what they have first shown(get a c4 charge to blow up shield projector on the planet while space tries to kill the ship boss inside the ship) looked interesting, while just longer mobile defense is awful.
  6. Most likely its regional pricing, some regions just have lower income/costs so if people want to sell stuff there they need to adjust prices accordingly. Like for example satisfactory on epic costs 26.99$ without taking into account region, while steam has regional pricing and satisfactory there costs around 10$ depending on region. (And yes this is just using the chance to diss epic)
  7. To anyone who says "its still june so its ok" they wanted to release it at the end of may and left early june as a buffer. Now i dont know about you but usually when they said something like that, it means that they are polishing the update and most of the update is done. As someone who knows about programming i know that even small problems can become hard to fix, but everytime in the past when a problem cropped up that delayed the release they posted about it. PS. PSO2 was a thing even before but only japanese servers and fan translation(though japanese servers are surprisingly stable)
  8. Also they still reply to some topics (including rebecca locking a topic) so its just about them not wanting to speak about the update.
  9. The problem is not about update not getting released. The problem is that official twitter started hyping the update up, the trailer was released, and then silence. Not even a small update like "looks like it wont be coming out this week", but they had the time to tweet about the situation in america.
  10. They stopped doing teaser pages for quite some time, also we had the trailer released earlier this week (its on the official youtube channel) and twitter doing teasers, so your argument is null. This is highly strange that they didnt even post anything about the situation considering staff replies to topics(not too long ago rebecca locked a topic).
  11. So, still no status update, which is strange. Maybe they cant launch the update cause of Playstation network problems?
  12. Railjack is solo friendly (though i have mk3 from before revisit) enemies are weaker and the only thing you really need is, as stated, intrinsics and forward artillery ammo. By shooting out all the crewship engines you disable it (though boarding pods still launch)and then just focus on fighters. Objectives are also fairly straight forward, leave your ship around 6k meters away from objective, fly to it, if you need to destroy something on outside you can exit through the airlock and shoot it from archwing.
  13. And here I am getting a second ephemera, first one was radiation from chakkhur lich, second one was from toxin lich created unintentionally after just getting rid of the old lich, because I still had the "press x to kill on slaves" mentality.
  14. Did they mention primary kitguns going with Deadlock protocol?
  15. Nullifiers are a thing, still not that interesting to fight.
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