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  1. How about never? People will either complain about them not being rewarding enough or it will just introduce even more pointless power creep.
  2. This will not work for more than a month, 2 max. This will basically turn into 4-12 players getting all the unique weapons and cosmetics, community whining about that, DE removing unique weapons and cosmetics, community whining that it's not rewarding enough. Another possibility is that the variant weapons will not be meta and so only half of the community will do it for cosmetics, so the mode will be pretty much dead in about 2-3 weeks.(if they add meta weapons that will just be another power creep and trivialize the whole gamemode) And another one is the most long standing one
  3. It's impossible for there to be any sort of long term "endgame" content because it is pretty much a case of "how long will it take the community to trivialize it". Most looter shooters don't have infinite "endgame" because they have to release more stuff with more power or maybe some new debuff, etc. Basically artificially make the old best gear not the best now. And they have a lot less freedom with gear, in warframe any one weapon has the same stats no matter how many times you get it, it doesn't have randomised traits, basically it has the same stats for everyone but you have 8 slots
  4. Do you perhaps use Granum's nemesis or Worm's torment plexus mods? My AI gunners do the same when I use said mods and leave the pilot seat, the crewships just straight up disappear but count as destroyed and as far as i have seen this happens because crew receives a giant damage boost from somewhere(1-2 hits from zetki carcinnox MK3 is about half of crewships hp gone in veil) when you use the faction mods.
  5. Can somewhat debunk this since I am using E for interaction and F to exit and everything works as intended.
  6. TYPE: In-Game/AI crew DESCRIPTION: Decided to finally farm the sentient anomaly and went against grineer, first mission went normally and my plexus leveled up so I was able to place and upgrade the Worm's Torment plexus mod, next mission grineer crewships disappeared and Cy ticked them off as destroyed. After about 3 seconds all 6 crewships were destroyed without me using forward artillery or going inside the only thing I saw happen was my AI crew shooting at them and then they disappear. I don't know if I received any drops from them since I didn't see the telltale drop cloud. Correction
  7. Do you mean to say that you can only launch missions from Dojo? Cause you still have the railjack elevator in your orbiter.
  8. A small complaint, but it would be nice if we could see what competency the AI has in mission(to know who is a better gunner or a better pilot), also some symbol to show what role the crewmate was assigned.
  9. And you will have people in public matchmaking who just spam abilities until the RJ energy pool is dry(not calling out anyone, just somewhat bad experiences playing with newish friends, as in they spam tether 6 times in a row while they explode it straight away because they are still firing). And just having individual amount based on reactor is also not that great of an idea. (not everyone will have a maxed out railjack, so you get let's say 100 base energy which you then need to replenish. You can't use the forge since this is individual energy and the solution of getting energy from kills
  10. Orphix venom is pretty much scarlet spear.
  11. So we will have less "gift of the lotus" alerts then? Since if I recall correctly the most common case of them was right after devstreams.
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