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  1. Thank you for everything you guys do, and everything you put up with. You guys make my life easier to live. ❤️❤️<3<3
  2. Oh yeah! I remember that was a thing you guys suggested could happen! I think it could be cool, but I doubt it’s too high of priority.. Perhaps when the new Railjack stuff comes out you can look into this? Oh, and maybe some skins for archwing.. I like nice and simple shapes... :3
  3. This is good and all, but personally I’d like to complain at how the Bonewidow Necramech can have their shield being held affect their mobility... When a necramech stops boosting, there’s this painfully long action-locking animation before you can start walking again. When the Bonewidow holds out their shield, they avoid this animation of putting their shield away and they get to continue walking like nothing happened. Can we have the animation that stops the necramech from moving after dashing be either nullified or shortened in duration at least? Including the Voidrig too?
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