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  1. Damn that sydicate-teaser! Can I join all of the factions? I really really want to! Well, see you on sunday (my internet connection is not the best).
  2. trazard

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    The problem is not getting no beacons, but the wron ones
  3. trazard

    New Contest: A Voice In The Void

    I may have accidently edited the face of the lotus, sorry for that.
  4. trazard

    New: A Call For Comics Contest!

    Damn you forum admins (now my post is at place 9 instead of 7) and lack of talent! Now you won't get a happy comic!
  5. trazard

    Hotfix 11.5.1

    Am I the only one whose OCDsense is tingeling due to the fact that THERE WAS NO UPDATE 11.4?
  6. Hooray for catframes, damage 2.2 and most importantly Beards!
  7. trazard

    We've Picked Up Another Message..

    You still haven't mentioned how we can help the infested to take over the universe. That made me so angry, I recieved another message from them. If you wonder what the grineer writing means, it means "Sargas Ruk".
  8. trazard

    Incoming Response....

    Team infested! For worldpeace!
  9. trazard

    Pin The Grineer Contest!

    Then Let's nail some grineers! Btw: The miniballista is great! Edit: Do you know how hard it is to pin these guys to walls? The drop almost instantly! I was farming pictures for 40 minutes and the only thing got was this lame picture (and 2 Ballistic lvl ups (on MERCURY damn it!)): Went there again and I dare you to find a Grineer at a higher position! I stood 10 minutes in the reactorroom ttrying to get thhis shot.
  10. Pin the the grineer you say? So we will be nailing grineer at hammertime?
  11. trazard

    The Orokin Vaults Have Emerged!

    I found a few mods and I must say Nightmare mods > normal mods > corrupted mods The sometimes are worse than their non-corrupted counterparts! We were promised mods that offer great benefits for a certain price. Of the total 16 mods about 5 offer that(but those are great). Also: could you change the effects the keys have when you don't play in the derelicts? Constantly equipping and unequipping them is just annoying.
  12. Will ther be a fix for the defense-reward-system? (it got better but I'm tired of getting 100 Hellfires and not a single banshe helmet) How do you start a career as Game-desinger? Is there going to be a fourth fraction? (the corupted don't count) When can we expect to get Lore about the cool stuff? (Twin Queens, The Lotus, The Sentience) WHen I got a brilliant idea how to increase the awesomeness of Warframe, where's the place to post it? (I got plenty of them) Also: Can I haz Cat-Warframe?
  13. trazard

    New Video: Operation "arid Fear"

    Sound of gunfire comes through the night Killing and hatred, it's a terrible sight Reports come in of the heavy attack Message received, we're moving back Hek yes! The Knights who say Ni are ready to strike where they are needed!