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  1. Got a response from DE.. [DE]SCA (WARFRAME Support) May 4, 2021, 9:33 EDT Hey there Cryptonitor, No this would be a form of RMT, and is a violation of the EULA and ToS.
  2. If this is against the rules there is something very wrong with the rules. DE gets money so what is the problem? Money is money. If its not allowed you wont pay for that stuff, right? So allowing it makes DE more money. Really want a response from DE to confirm this! Also Im considering rules regarding getting somone to buy a primeaccess in return for ingame plat/items. Same thing, right? Just keeping the money flowing to DE needs to be sufficient reason why this must be allowed regardless. Regardless.
  3. Statement from a guy I tried trading with today: "We all have this bug all the time. Atleast 3 years." It occurs even without spawning in RJ when invited to dojo, although that is incredibly annoying too. Spent so much time waitng for people to get out of the RJ without leaving the dojo. Sometimes loosing the trade because they get so fff pissed off tey just log out or dont bother trading. Worst case were 2 players that seem to have ragequit and never played warframe again (between 1 and 2 years since last login). I've now had this bug 2 times. First time in a series of regular trades.
  4. Can you say when you had this bug at the very earliest? Has this issue been properly documented?
  5. I've now had this bug 2 times. First time in a series of regular trades. I stayed in dojo for a while trading, did a few successful trades np, then a MR14 wanted to buy a [Halikar Wraith] bp. Said he was MR-locked. -Tried again several times while in the same session. I invited, someoen else was already in dojo -Then we exited dojo and re-entered. Me inviting this time too but nobody else in dojo. -Third attempt he invited to his dojo. Same problem. Was 2 others in his dojo when I arrived. -Fourth attempt; I relogged and switched region from Europe to North America, then invited to my
  6. DE please get better microphones... You sound like Im getting the sound on a television from 1950. A proper soundcard and mic should be handed out to everyone doing homestreams. Since all DE should already have gamingrigs its not expensive to provide them with proper audioeq. Proper soundcards and high fidelity mics sorely needed.
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