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  1. Greetings fellow Tenno. TLDR; Get real-life skills from other Tenno while playing. Allowing Warframe to be a platform for fun aswell as learning. We have people from all over the world in WF now. Many educated people. Many young people without any education. Older people that want to learn new things but cannot be bothered going out and pay RL-money for a tutor. The idea is this: Someone that wants to learn f.ex a new language can hire a tutor ingame in WF. That person could do stuff ingame while communicating as a language tutor. This would allow reallife experience in cooperation in that foreign language, which is a proven method to learn a new language fast af. Making it possible for people to earn intellectual capital in a way that is fun and affordable. Even for people that couldnt afford a tutor otherwise. Other skills could be taught. Math using the way mods work (algebra kajiggers), economics using the way market works, politics using the way the community/DE talk to eachother - accept/adapt - change - revert - rebell. These were the simplest examples I could think of. Many many more possibilities. The point is that its fun to play WF and it's easier to absorb knowledge while having fun. This could be acklowledged and facilitated so all Tenno can have the oppurtunities to get moar skillz if they have plat to give, or moar plat if they have skillz to teach. Lets all lift eachother! We all lift together! Sincerely, Cryptonitor
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