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  1. HOW DO YOU REPORT : F6 (print screen if chat insulted) + clic Support desk on forum for SUBMIT TICKET then select "Report User or Hack". Ticket : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us EDIT : How to deal with or report chat spamming and other offenses! https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200287100-How-to-deal-with-or-report-chat-spamming-and-other-offenses-
  2. First, I hope you try killing Captain Vor and not Lech Krill to get the Cronus. Second, The drop chance is FIXED and the more you do it, the more you have one chance to find it Drop Chance is 5% ie 1/20, which mean you can except gaining one after 20 runs. If unlucky, you'll have to do it 4-5 times so 80-100 kills If RNG is against you ... It may take a hell numbers of attempt to get one Cronus Third, You can go to trading's chat to get one and it won't cost more than 5 plat cause it is not a rare one, just some people (like me) don't get it so often. I have 18 cronus and
  3. I confirm having the bug too ...
  4. RLanzinger

    Gear wheel bug.

    I confirm having the bug too ...
  5. GEAR LOADOUT WHEEL unusable TYPE: UI - GEAR WHEEL DESCRIPTION: I cannot add any items in my gear (<31 items). If I suppress one items, the slot disappear and I cannot add anything else. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: 100% In Arsenal menu (Orbiter, simulacrum and Dojo alike) EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to add up to 99 items in the Gear Wheel OBSERVED RESULT: In gear wheel, the slot for add items is not present anymore REPRODUCTION RATE: All the times, after restart warframe, even after doing a Download cache Verify and Op
  6. I'll need some infos to explain, a screen capture at least... Yes 160.000 credits unless you get a Universal Medallion (5%) instead of the 50.000 credits (95%) I've just redone one SOLO Laomedeia : Round 1 : 10,000 credits cache x3 Round 2 : 10,000 credits cache x6 Round 3 : 10,000 credits cache x11 Round 4 : 10,000 credits cache x16 =Total before after round 4 : +160,000 Credits and more than 3000 in credits drop Credits jump form 2,305,535 to 2,472,371 (2,305,535 + 160000 +3400 + 3436 = 2,472,371) ... everything is OK DROP TABLES ... Last Updat
  7. THE DECAPITATE CREW GUNNER TYPE: In-Game, Railjack, Art and animation Bug DESCRIPTION: Railjack crew's head missing in Gunner position (visible in tactical menu) and head of upper gunner is place on the Ship hull VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Every time with AI crew member EXPECTED RESULT: I should see the complete crew member body and head (like in Pilot seat) And outside the ship I see a body part. OBSERVED RESULT: I see the crew member body but not the head and nothing should go past the hull REPRODUCTION RATE: The vanish whenever a c
  8. Hi ! Greeting ... Danielle n' all the team too (Be Constructive step1) First, All My comment mainly link to My play : SOLO with Zephyr, Full Zetki MKIII Railjack and Tier 3 Railjack rewards ! The New Command Intrinsic The Command 1 to 7 are basically getting a crew + training them but I feel like having a crew members should not be optionnal. Piloting a Railjack should be with a crew from the start (QUEST) so instead of getting a crew member it should be : rank 1 : Neutral crew member (Neutral syndicate paid with credits) rank 3 : Enemi crew member (Enemi sy
  9. Cool, spare me do address a bug report ^^ ❤️❤️❤️
  10. My usual error, Specter from rescue .... 🙇‍♂️ But I prefer doing SPY (more stress); So I often do lot of spy for specter before realising I had done the wrong mission but It is still fine, I really like ***solo*** spy (Not Rhino Spy euh, I mean Coop Spy).
  11. Go to the Drop Tables and CRTL-F : -https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Drop_Tables -https://www.warframe.com/droptables Axio Harpi Granum's Nemesis Legendary (0.50%) Elite Axio Harpi Granum's Nemesis Ultra Rare (1.12%) Axio Basilisk Granum's Nemesis Legendary (0.67%) Elite Axio Basilisk Granum's Nemesis Ultra Rare (1.12%) Axio Weaver Granum's Nemesis Rare (2.01%) Like Protective Shots ... Marvellous 🙄 Thx for the Info 👍
  12. Hi ! Greeting ... Danielle n' all the team too (Be Constructive step1) First, All My comment mainly link to My play : SOLO with Zephyr, Full Zetki MKIII Railjack and Tier 3 Railjack rewards! The Plexus : Generally speaking, it is better and a lot more easier to search avionic, upgrade them and create a coherent build. Having 3 possible base config is a MUST and more relevant than the old one. I still miss some tiny thing : -I hope we will have a "Config to Chat" link for copy-paste the config or like with others upgrade menu -I wish to be able to see all three mod-ing
  13. BUG : INFINITE FORGE / OVERFORGE TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack's Forge change the maximum value of Revolite, Hull restore, Munitions and Dome charge. New Value are maintained in successive missions even after a drydock Pit-stop. I have attained at least 160 revolite / 12.000 Hull's health / 61 Ordonance Munitions / 20 Dome Charge... And the next video confirm I can go higher !!! VISUAL: Upgrading the value REPRODUCTION: 100%, just by using railjack in SOLO. Bug still continue from one mission to another and even when going t
  14. The problem is not the Fluctus itself nor its abilities but Having such powerfull weapons make some people distract by attacking the mobs .... So the Distraction is the problem (I just failed one because of one "Eternal Electric Hazard" aboard my railjack jus render My whole UI unreadable : Distraction = Time loss = mission failed). If you can keep your full concentration, you can use Fluctus well but not all players can ... that is the heavy weapons downside ! But I agree with you, The Fluctus Excali-Gun is surely the most usefull and powerfull weapon (My favorite one)
  15. Check Conclave too ... it's often conclave ^^
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