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  1. Possibly problem from server clock or something, since it seems that every timer are freaking up.
  2. Even at C rotation, you got 750 with booster on every 4 mins average (1150 kuva if smeeta buffs you, since the rotation rewards don't get booster bonus). You always get 800 every 3 mins, with booster, which become 1600 if you're lucky with your cat. Well, if you don't use booster, yes, it's a lot better (550 kuva every 4 mins vs 400 every 3 mins, both sitting at 130 kuva/min) but the killer here is the fact that cat buff doesn't effect rotation rewards. This is not counting that you have 5% chance to get a universal syndicate medal instead, which will reduce your kuva gain (down to 522.5 kuva average per rotation). tl;dr Even with Rotation C, Kuva disruption is worse than Kuva survival, unless you never use a booster or a smeeta.
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