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  1. They've sayd it, can't renember when, i think his % chance of spawn will just be as equal to them
  2. They will only be available on "the wolf of saturn six" so, you can't spend them on the Series II but the wolf series might come back imo (and i hope so)
  3. He will became an assassin just like the stalker, the G3 or The hunter
  4. Same here, i just come sometimes will going to simaris to take a quick look at what he's seeling and just meh away
  5. An high level index run gives 250k credits/match Without boost, the profit takers gives 250k per run, so, it is a high index run EDIT: 25k+25k+25k+25k+25k = 125k credits u moron me So yes, this gaves LESS credits than index for a longer run.
  6. Now this is what people wanted for the final phase: more than 6k vox solaris standing and a random mod ONLY. But why the dept bond? We are already at max rank with Solaris due to the "old mate" rank required. But hey, that's good, now i can only wait for an.. "adjustement" ? For the bounties reward.
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