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  1. yea, I read about it on the Wikia also got the info from some vids but thanks
  2. Sorry but the fracture mission is the reason why players go to Wiki for information. Where to find these mobs that drop the item we need? What happens when we do fill the coolant up?
  3. 2) Imo it's not. It doesnt hit many enemies even when they increased the chances. Also, it doesn't drop that many orbs (even with the right mod for it) Plus the orbs dont heal all that much (before the rework, it used to give better healing but it was a wave at the moment of kill instead of just picking it up when u need it) 1) tea
  4. Honestly I didn't know that WH being 90% will sometimes make me almost die... I wasnt taking that nerf seriously since it's only 10%..but gosh my health goes down so fast at high level missions
  5. It's because his design was inspired by the Nezha from the Chinese religion who had a "Universe Ring" around his body
  6. nnnn MTE but I am kinda glad it got a rework since I wanted one Honestly..I kinda dont likethat Fire Walker is Timer based now..but I guess it wont be much of a problem if the timer is longer than 15 secs normally.. Cant wait to play the Deluxe Skin! Good Job~!
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