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  1. I do. Ironically cloud walkers mobility is really good. Maybe try it before you knock it? Its easier to use than all 3 of those frames too and that's in its pre rework.
  2. So far this seems okay I need to see the stat boost to iron staff and know the potential range of the staff after mods. It really needs to be the farthest reaching melee imo or trash it. I still don't care for the clone because AI suck but I guess its better then what we had. As for the juicy bit. Defy changing is welcomed but I'm concerned again with range. With the increase to his channeled drain it's going to be very hard to spec him to be better then his previous incarnations that just outright ignored range entirely and this ability potentially being a room clearer is something to be seen so far... ehh it's an okay rework. I can actually call it a rework unlike the atrocities done to frames like Titania and nyx... hydroid. But this mostly comes down to those stats and I really hope you gave a better speed boost to CW because it needs to be faster than parkour or itll be a pointless healing tech. Also why doesnt it heal allies?
  3. Why did you even post this? This wasnt helpful or even decent criticism. You know who else has a companion? Khora. Smh toxic community.
  4. How very constructive. But that's your opinion so cool I guess just delete him.
  5. I would really love it if his fourth was akin to something like when Kisame fuses with his Samehada. Not that all frames need synergy but his abilities feel more like on the spot ideas and not a thoughtful process. Undertow is cool ish but boring the charge mechanic is wonky and always boring. Just let him turn into the Kraken and become an exalted melee with water guns/cannon shots.. his 1 would be fin if it wasnt a charge and his 2 would be fine if it was radial. His abilities could do other or better things in his kraken form the arguments could still work the same and it would be a bit more functional like a lead up to kraken form rather than constant synergy.
  6. Okay so DE please consider these changes as its apparent that nobody is really feeling these passovers. I'll keep them very small since it's a passover. Titania New Passive Innate Healing return on melee hits (honestly this could be anything thematic but make it work in razorwing) Spellbind Radial instead of targeted (you know because it can affect her) enemies are tethered (why you added that to lanturn but not this I really dont know) It would also be nice if spellbinded enemies floated toward lanturns but were latched to the ground so no increase in height. Tribute I understand why these should not be affected by mods as they are auras and not buffs like Octavia but I have 1 exception. Now a channel ability activation cost of 25 and a channel cost of 2.5 Killing targets in titania's affinity range will auto grant ___ arua for ___ duration Killing that type of enemy will add to the duration but not exceed ___ duration. Enemies within the aura radius will deal 25% less damage. Dust - Stays the same. Entangled - Increased range from 10 to 20/25 meters Thorns - reflects 50% of damage back while granting titania and companion(50% Damage reduction) this is the only aura that should be affected by mods and only power strength but not to exceed 90%. Fullmoon - enemies killed have a 50% chance to drop extra loot 100% chance to drop a health orb and a 25% chance to drop an energy orb. Tribute Is fine as is but you could add a the ability to shoot into it to increase its explosion damage. Razorwing Reduce the channeling cost from 5 to 2.5 Update the functionality to plains Archwing so we can interact with things, have our companions, have us count as being airborne, and increase the base movement speed by 100% to put us on par with parkour. Killing floating enemies will spawn razorflies up to a maximum of ___. Also not necessarily needed but would help greatly. Increase the ammo capacity on pixia from 60 to like 100. Diwata's stats It's a heavy "exaulted weapon" it should I'm have the best stats ingame minus attack speed. Crit chance from 20 to 35 Crit damage from 2.0 to 2.5 Status from 10 to 30 Although it would make more sense for a heavy blade made of razors literal razor to be slash based this wouldn't really be too much of a concern. I think this would make her far more usable without needing to reallocate stats the synergys would actually be there the support and survival would actually become a thing and with tribute as a channeled ability that can sustain itself and protect her it opens the possibly of not necessarily having to play with only 1 build.
  7. Nyx seems like she's getting some nice changes thank you. Titania Please do not release these changes. Titania's main issues were... and apparently still are. Her tribute buffs offer no real form of substantial boost to any of her gameplay outside of dust. Entangled Slowed melee targets don't affect a warframe that is not in reach of melee targets entangled should haved a range increased or changed because targets with guns do not come in range of this ability. But this is by fair the less worst buff available and isnt that big of a deal. Thorns However just doesnt make sense in anyway. Why would a warframes who's ability roster suggest it doesnt want to be hit. Who's low stats make her a one shot to just about everything (heck she use to one shot herself on walls). Why would she want or need an ability that promotes her taking damage? This really needs to be changed. And lastly for tribute Fullmoon The worst of the worst. An ability predicated on buffing companion damage. She cant use a companion while in Razorwing mode? The razorflies literally get killed by heavy units ground attacks. We needed a way to use our companions and a way to generate more drones to survive but we got literally nothing but a buff to lantern. Even her Razorwing needed massive functionality changes and that's not mentioning Diwata's extraordinary poor performance even after its buff. Lastly and strangely enough...lastly. Why didnt you add tethers to spellbind? Overall from us 10 titania mains it feels like the ball was dropped here.
  8. With the rework just getting released this is a moot point because it got reworked but not Health conversion made less since because it use to loose charges when you would take damage. Even to shields that weren't affected by shield but would have been affected by the DR making it so that by the time your health was hit you'd have lost all of your charges however they changed health conversion so that you only lose charges when you take health damage. However HC was only good because you could make halo have a pretty Tanky ehp. I haven't seen everything yet but it looks like the halo is no longer affected by armor... and it gets wrecked REALLY QUICKLY. Just waiting to see some stats. Before I give my final consensus.
  9. My 2 gripes with this that 1 his current damage absorb is really bad and from the sounds of things you guys are retaining the absorption cap but just allowing it to scale with power strength. My first gripe is that at higher levels the cap is going to happen after 1 shot so you'll be stuck in a cycle of perpetually activating the halo then is getting shot 1 and instantly fill then again and it getting instantly destroyed. Yes you gave it the burst but I can already see this becoming a losing battle between energy/health upkeep, and the ability to actually play. So my main question for his halo is does halo itself have 90%dr as well? If not can we remove the absorption cap? Hell instead just make it duration based and let the absorption become addictive damage to halos base. Issue 2 his highlighted new functionality with his chakrum is that it's a single target. Its going to be clunky and way too slow and to justify 1 enemy at a time the buff would have to be pretty absurd The orbs are a cute mechanic but since halo no longer blocks dmg health conversion builds are completely useless now. Which was really the only way to build halo for a longer run. And the mechanics between his spears and chakrum don't really sound like a bonus either. All you get is 1 extra mark. Imo the chakrum from what I'm hearing is a single target that's trying to become his kitsch primary focus but that's really slow and lackluster. If this is the case can you just make it so that when it hits an enemy that enemy does a radial burst that Mark's everything withing its range? And lastly marked enemies that get hit with spears just do a second marking burst? Honestly this rework seems iffy but I haven't seen it yet so I dont know but I think this will either sink or swim depending mainly on how well he can mark thislngs. Other than that I love everything so far
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