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  1. Can we get a fix for night-wave (Or are we not supposed to prestige like wolf?),... I have got all the main stuff, and should be prestige 1 with 2,000 points extra (3,000 when todays daily is done) would like those credits to get the wisp helm,... I'm 5 short
  2. I have a big question for u devs,.. can we get a way out of survivals without messing over ur team. Me an my freinds end up trapping others in survivals cause(and we state this early on in game) we want to survive as long as possible an they try to leave after 5 mins,... any way they camp exit an force us out or they alt F4,... its not fair either way,... can we get an escape pod or somthing for peps wanting to leave early Also is there a chance at infested moa??? happy holidays all
  3. Nice update an all but why has every single one of my frames colors been reset... also the color favorite thing keeps reseting like usual leaving only black.... (only color still set to any of my frames) (edit) i started a mission and the frame colours have been restored... but seriously that colour fav thing is getting anoying
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