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  1. No matter what I do, haveing the elemental effects enabled or not, melee weapons change this setting on their own. -While turned off: -Melee weapons display elemental effect sometimes in orbiter -Display elemental effect if switched back to rifle by aiming -Always have elemental effect on if the melee weapon is selected to not show while hostlered Other glitches include numerous melee weapons such as the Guandao not making trails on occasions. (Also still waiting for a mode to specify which element should be displayed on melee weapons in case of multiple elements.)
  2. Upon picking up ammo for my deployable archwing in a Profit Taker hunt, the pickup text appears in German despite the game being on English. I never knew what the hell I was picking up at first but then I realized what the text says xP
  3. Hi I've encountered a rather minor effect related issue when it comes to melee that bugs the living hell out of me. Upon changing the effect intensity in the Display menu, the melee elemental effects automatically turn on despite the elemental effects being off in the UI. I know it's basically negligible, however it's good to keep track of bugs so I'll just toss it here. Also as a side question, if a melee weapon uses 2 (or more) elements, would there be a way to determine which one to appear on the weapon itself?
  4. Not sure about you, Lotus, I suppose you plan to fix/tweak this in the near future, however allow me to mention it regardless. Melee with small weapons stil feels rather unresponsive. Attacking takes a tiny delay, however for some reason it is sometimes instantaneous. I'd also like to mention that the combo spots cannot be read, it is undeterminable where the combo ends/begins. This is a major issue in my honest opinion, as it eliminates the vibrant, fluid feel of a H&S... as if we wanted Warframe to become one.
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