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  1. So ya ganna fix the elemental effects on melee weapons or wah
  2. I honestly think that Mid-combo slam attacks should be removed entirely, and the jump-then-slam mechanic could be refined further. With a new member on the list, the Two-Handed Nikana, the list of melee weapons with crappy comboes continue. And I won't lie, I don't like experimenting with stance mods. Mostly what interests me is the reach or angle of the attacks, and their speed. Many stances have comboes with high hit count, but end with a slam, or have one mid-combo. And i think this is just awful. These slams disorient the player with effects, and also ragdollize enemies which always does more harm than good. They become harder to target or fly the hell away, so the combo on them can no longer continue. The whole slamming mechanic just feels all messy. Speaking of messy, when we talk about the slam from air, the damage dealt to enemies shouldn't be this terribly low, or have this huge falloff. It pretty much diminishes the offensive capabilities of the slam attack and just makes it into a fast method of stylish falling. I'd be very happy to see these flaws tweaked in the upcoming phases!
  3. Not sure about you, Lotus, I suppose you plan to fix/tweak this in the near future, however allow me to mention it regardless. Melee with small weapons stil feels rather unresponsive. Attacking takes a tiny delay, however for some reason it is sometimes instantaneous. I'd also like to mention that the combo spots cannot be read, it is undeterminable where the combo ends/begins. This is a major issue in my honest opinion, as it eliminates the vibrant, fluid feel of a H&S... as if we wanted Warframe to become one.
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